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Sonoma Coma – Sativa Dom Hybrid – San Jose

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Sonoma Coma – Sativa Dom Hybrid – San Jose

Sonoma Coma strain review at:

Big Sur Holy Weed

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Big Sur Holy Weed is one of the legendary California strains, but not from the Emerald Triangle.  Big Sur Holy Weed comes from the coastal area of California just south of San Francisco and Monterey,  and north of SamLuis Obispo.  It is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Of course there is a back story to this strain just like with other legendary strains like Trainwreck or Chemdog.  Supposedly there was a monk named Perry living in the Big Sur area back in the 70s who developed this strain.  There are various versions of this story some involving a town called Gorda and an individual named Danbo.  Just google “monk named Perry.”

“now lets go to the book WEED by Jerry Kamstra 1974. this is fairly early report on BSHW. if you read the book you will believe the author really knows what he is talking about. he was down there buying the mexican weed in Zacatecas and elsewhere in Mexico. but he was a very early buyer and smuggler. go to the bottom paragraph of page 149.

“Zacatecas Purple is a variety of marijuana that grows in a particular high mountain valley in the state of Zacatecas. When cured the seeds from the colas have a distinctive purple hue. and the weed is exremely potent. especially if it is allowed to cure properly. in the late sixties a beatnik dealer planted a crop using some Zacatecas Purple seeds in the mountains of Big Sur. The resultant weed came to be known as Big Sur Holy Weed and holy it was too. “”

“heres an article from marihuana monthly feb 1976 (see picture) about zihuatenejo purple a famous strain that did the rounds in the 70’s. maybe simmilar to the zacatecas purple that rellikbuzz dug up. ive even heard the rumours of a band of buddhist monks that originally grew bshw near tasahara in the big sur mountains, giving it the name holy weed by the dealers of that time. ”

There seems to be general agreement that Big Sur Holy Weed is an old Mexican strain called Zacatecas Purple, which may be now extinct, but some stories have it orginally  crossed with an Afghan.   At any rate all reports of the effects of Big Sur Holy Weed suggest that in effect it is mostly sativa, psychedelic and trippy.  There are also reports that the TH Seeds hybrid called S.A.G.E. contains Big Sur Holy Weed as it’s sativa component, and Mazar – i – Sharif as it’s Afghan component.

So we have a legendary strain, apparently held by an individual “Danbo” who sold it to the breeder Reeferman.  According to Reeferman (in one of the threads below) he only germed 10 or so seeds so this line was undoubtedly bottlenecked a bit.  So Reeferman is one source of this legend.  Also known to hold it (though unknown if it is the same Danbo/Reeferman line) are the breeders hothouseflowers (hhf) and the Breeders Choice Organization (not the Sannies Breeders Choice, the Breeders Choice from Cannabis Eye) and perhaps the breeder British Hempire and the breeder Bodhi.  Bodhi’s story is below,  and I suppose the question will be is Bodhi’s line the real deal, a related line, or perhaps as some suggest a Durban-Afghan cross of some kind, unrelated to Big Sur Holy Weed though attractive on its own merits.

So where can you find Big Sur Holy Weed?  It is not clear that Reeferman is still in business, or whether or not he still has the mamas and papas or any remaining seed stock.  Remaining Reeferman seeds are disappearing from the seed banks that carry his gear.  Breeders Choice listed Big Sure Holy Weed and a BSHW x Haze cross on their site a couple of years ago, and they might still have some stock but it is not on their site.  The Bodhi version is still listed at the Attitude under limited releases but it has been sold out for months.  So Big Sur Holy Weed is very hard to find at the moment.  I do think that there are several breeders working to preserve the strain though so perhaps in 2012 we will see new presentations of it.  Short of that I guess you could buy some SAGE and breed some F2s, F3s and F4s and look for some purple sativa phenos.  You will never get the original strain back but you might find something similar.  Or maybe you could mount a strain hunter expedition to the high mountain valleys of Zacatecas, where this strain might still exist (but maybe doesn’t due to paraquat.)  Even better, you could mount an expedition to the hills of Santa Cruz and Big Sur California where the strain might still exist.  Also possible that you might find a clone even if you can’t find seeds.  As long as you are there you might as well score some Blue Dream seeds too, another legend from the Santa Cruz area.

A discussion on Grass City:

The center of the marijuana-growing industry in the United States is in northern California, especially Humboldt County, where growers use the latest scientific methods to produce first-quality crops. California marijuana is not only as good as most foreign varieties but far more likely to reach American consumers in a relatively fresh state, at or near peak potency. Among the best California varieties is one known as Big Sur Holy Weed, which was originally grown from seeds of Zacatecas Purple, a rare Mexican strain.[13]

13. California marijuana: William Carlson, “Marijuana Crops Revived California Town,” New York Times, 1l March 1979. See also John Dowdy, “Spice Valley, U.S.A.: Marijuana Moonshiners,” Atlantic Monthly, January 1979, pp.6-24.

A discussion with pix on THC Farmer:

2011 discussion on THC Farmer:

Another version of the monk named Perry story and another connection to Gorda:

A thread about Bodhi Seeds version with pix:

Smoke report and some nuggage:

A smoke report:


“This strain smelled so delicious! Although listed on the menu as an Indica, the buzz provided was definitely more Hybrid like and “old school.” If your youth years consisted of the 70’s or 80’s, be SURE to get your hands on your this one if you come across it. Big Sur Holy Weed just took me back in time.”

Strain description of the Bodhi Seeds line:

“these were a special gift to a well connected friend from an old grower in big sur, she gave them to me because she knew that i loved seeds, and would do them right. can i 100% verify this is the original undiluted or unhybridized big sur holy weed line from perry the monk, no can do, but what i can say is this is unique, oldschool, mind ablaze green fire time capsule weed from the big sur mountains.

the plants do great indoors and out and can get quite big. it has genetically purple phenos, pink pistilled phenos, indica dominant phenos, a less common sativa pheno, and loads of hybrid phenos, smells range from soggy bread to blueberry menthol, it seems to be a afghani mexican hybrid masterfully bred towards the sativa high and the indica frame. the true magic of this strain is the amazing sublime sativa high, a beautiful blast from the past.

this seed run was an open pollination of 4 males and 6 females, not alot, but enough to get the job done… a small population open pollination in a tent means your going to mostly the beans made from the first two males that opened…. the super quick sativa pheno male… and the fat indica dom male, initial reports are showing that the indica pheno is mostly represented… this line is called big sur holy bud to differentiate it from the big sur holy weed lines by hhf, danbo, and reeferman. everybody that has tried this line has fallin in love with it. im really happy to gift this back to the community.

Malberry Seeds – Landrace Genetics from Africa and Central Asia

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Malberry Seeds
Celebrating 33 years of business in October 2011.

Our seed strains go back 30 + years. Our seeds are 100% organic and lovingly harvested. We are on a mission to rediscover the Sativa. To us it is the Holy Grail. In the past there has been too much cross breeding and the true weed is becoming very rare. We support our patrons experimenting with cross breeding to enjoy the toke. We must plead caution ” Don’t loose the real deal”

Seeing that it is Malberry’s 33rd anniversary in October, the first 33 Preservation Packs sold will contain extra seeds.

Bhutanese Thimphu feminized

Indoor / outdoor
From the mountains of Bhutan for over a thousand years Bhutanese farmers have been using this strain as a aid to fatten their pigs. Has a seriously nice buzz to it. This is something you can smoke all day long and feel good for centuries. It has been known for its amazing medicinal properties.

Variety type Bhutan Thimphu feminized
Yield 750-1000g/m2
Height 1.2-3m
Grow Difficulty moderate
PH adjusted to slightly acidic
Genetics 100% Bhutanese Thimphu!
Ascetics tree Multi branch
Buds branched heavy
Flavor distinct Sweet & sour

Indoor flowering 10 weeks plus.

Bhutanese Thimphu

Mozambiquen Poison

Indoor / outdoor
From the Mozambique side of lake Malawi. This trancy strain is well known to have a psychoactive high for hours. Traditional healers pay biannual pilgrimage to this plant.

Genetics: 100% Mozambique Poison
Variety type: Sativa
Yield: 500 – 575g/m2
Height: 2 m plus
Grow difficulty: experience recommended
Ascetics: medium buds, multi branching.

Indoor flowering 10 to 12 weeks

Mozambiquen Poison

Nepali Rukum

Indoor / outdoor
Go back in time to Nepal to find one of the original strains of Sativas.
This is where it all started. Electric high.

Variety type Sativa
Yield 650-900g/m2
Grow 1.7-3m Indoor/ outdoor
Grow Difficulty easy
Genetics 100% Nepali Rukum
Ascetics Tree
Buds branched Heavy
Flavor Distinct Strong Herbal

Flowering 10 weeks plus

Indoor flowering 10 to 12 weeks

Nepali Rukum

The Preservation Pack

Please note, this pack does not incude the Feminized Bhutanese Thimphu.
8 unique land race strains, with your choice of 6 or 12 seeds of each Malberry strain. This is a great chance to add some land race gems to your collection.
This would also make a great gift for the budding botanist, and or those wanting to preserve these unique genetics.

For the breeder, these genetics are an invaluable tool for making quality hybrids.

Seeing that it is Malberry’s 33rd anniversary in October, the first 33 Preservation Packs sold will contain extra seeds.

Malberry seeds are also available from BCBudDepot: and Highgrade Seeds:

I found this tidbit about Malberry Seeds on the thcfarmer forum:

Malberry seeds


“hey Dudes- I have known Malberry for 20 years and my father another 20years before that it really is the real deal i keep coming back to the roots and nothing beats it … old man Malberry has been supplying vendors for ages and they supply the seed banks long before the internet so it doesn’t surprise me its not that well known – his daughter and partner in the last two years or so are now supplying seedbanks direct to try give a better deal for the real strains like we forgotten the roots – like my ol man says, we have never seen the real thing, with too much cross breeding and we smoke mutations and don’t know the harm it does to us lol -Malberry is not in it for the big bucks ( honest as anything you can imagine) and turn veggie matter into oil supplying cancer hospices around the world for free- so seed produced are from very pure strains only – fricken amazing stuff can toke the whole day and feel amazing buzz without been stoned out of your mind – genuinely happy feeling colorful stuff – enjoy your Mulanje gold its kickarse stuff! -~ I found Mary Jane Malberry on fb – peace hashb”

Here is the breeders site:

About us…

“We must be Amongst the First Commercial seed farmers and seed wholesalers out there. For many years we have been supplying the world top grade seeds! Our strains are classed as indigenous to their geographical locations around the world. It is our attempt to bring back finest quality of cannabis there is. We feel many have lost track what the real deal is.  It takes much dedication and time to achieve our aim. Getting back to the basics is like removing all the different colors in a mixed ball of play dough … well if you understand that then you know where we coming from! Our aim is to give you purest strains! We have a dedicated team at Malberry to make sure of that!

Opportunities ….
We do not sell by the seed the seed or seed by the gram it would take donkeys years to get rid our stock if we had to stop growing now. We provide you with a unique opportunity to make a viable business from selling our seeds. There are approximately 66 000 seeds in a kilogram of seed.  Buying in bulk lets you get them at a super affordable 2cents to 6cents per seed . You get to sell them for more than a dollar each … even if you sell 10% you making a healthy profit! You do the Math. ”

The Malberry Team

The Best Marijuana Discussions

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The Best Marijuana Discussions on the Internet, with keywords.

Yes, there are only a few here now, this is a work in progress.  Come back again.

“Question for Sam the Skunkman on Original Haze”

Sam the Skunkman, Haze, Original Haze, Oldtimer’s Haze, Haze Brothers, Shantibaba, Neville, Skunk #1, Columbian, Afghan, Thai, purple haze, durban poison, Flying Dutchman, Tom Hill, marijuana, medical marijuana, Santa Cruz, oaxaca, acapulco gold, punto rojo, roadkill skunk, RKS, Ace Seeds, Bangui Haze, Amnesia Haze, Seedsman, Sugar Haze.

What does OG mean?

  OG Kush, Original, Original Gangster, Ocean Grown, Chemdog, Bubba Kush, Ice-T, DNA Genetics

How To Boost the Female to Male Ratio in Seedlings

24-0, 18-6, 12-12, lighting, sex ratios, male-female ratio, nutes, seedlings

Tom Hill’s Germination Method:

germination, rapid rooters, pre soak, h2o2, hydrogen peroxide, seeds

Tom Hill’s Original Haze:

Tom Hill, Haze, Haze Bros., Old Timers Haze, OT1 Haze, thai, colombian, south indian, kerala, mexican, sativa, Sam the Skunkman, purple haze

African strains:

Deep Chunk Male

malawi gold, swazi redbeard, swazi roibard, ghana, congo, banghi, durban, africa, south africa, nigerian


panama red, panama purple, panama green, colombian red, colombian punto rojo, colombian highland purple, colombian gold, ace seeds, cannabiogen seeds, sativa, tropical sativa

High-Grade Seeds Purple Cindy Grow:

purple cindy, cinderella 99, cindy 99, c 99, oregon purple thai, chocolate thai, highland oaxacan, aerogarden, hydro, hydroponic

“After 200 grows here are my strain recommendations.”

Mandala, Barney’s Farm, TH Seeds, Attitude, Doc Chronic, Female Seeds, DNA Genetics, Cali Connection, Serious Seeds, bubblegummer, northern lights, cinderella 99, cindy 99, c 99, Greenhouse, Arjan’s Haze, Nevilles Haze, sage and sour, SAGE, hawaiian snow, kali mist, chronic, red dragon, watering with ice to make plants purple, seedboutique, medical seeds, white rhino, medicine man, romulan, the purps, blueberry, grape god, Next Generation Seeds, TGA Subcool, Third Dimension

Uncle Ben’s Topping Technique to Get 2 or 4 Main Colas

topping, trimming, FIMming, sativa, indica, auxin, hormones, soil, nodes, pinching, cloning, scrog, sog, lst, stretch

Haze Brothers Diss Humboldt Pot……in 1980!

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Marijuana is now the top cash crop in California, having recently pulled ahead of various fruits, nuts and swamis. This presents a lot of California farm folk with the unenviable chore of hyping their product across the land while doing their damndest to hide every illegal speck of the stuff.
Take the Haze brothers. For four years they’ve been captivating American potheads with what they brazenly declare to be the “finest pot grown anywhere on earth.”
Using seeds from their favorite imported smoke, the Haze brothers came out with “Purple Haze’ “Golden Haze” and a range of other colors four years ago, and have been breeding and crossbreeding subsequent generations of those botanical wonders. “The colors are a fluke,” says Haze. “We never know what color a crop will come out. One year its tannish brown, next year it’s greenish purple.”
Joe Haze says northern-California pot is upstaging his “brand,” and without justification. “The stuff they grow up there is mostly indica, but it’s harvested early to get it in before the frost,” he says. “in our county the flowers pump out resin until December, and Haze pot is from sativa seeds.”

From Grow American, #63, November 1980

Cranberry Haze – Breeder’s Choice

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Cranberry Haze

World renowned Colombian, Haze and pure Indica Genetics.

Colombian Gold/Purple Haze x Chitral #1

Very special quality of High

Gorgeous purple and pink specimen plants.

Sativa dominant, classic genetics

10 Seeds Per Pack.

Potent and with unique qualities of high.


Project #8 ”Cranberry Haze” is a origional line created from the finest specimins within the Colombian Gold , Purpe Haze and Chitrali # 1 genepools. A gorgeous, Spellbinding tropical Sativa for Indoor and Outdoor growers.

These lines are some of the founder strains of the modern Cannabis genepool, true Heirloom, Classic Cannabis plants. The Cranberry Haze was created from some of the most prized breeding plants in the Breeders Choice genetic libary. Parental plants where selected over three years of intensive testing of Male and Female combinations of our favourite plants and represent, what we feel to be the best of the qualities in these classic lines.

The quality of High of the is truly remarkable. A wonderful expression of how Haze dominant plants can be, delivering a very clear and totally ceilingless, happy high.�

In the Number 8 we have selected and used the very best of the Purple Haze males in the BCO collection, focusing especially upon the beutiful tastes delivered by the finest Purple Haze. Pure Purple hazes are extremely rare, they carry very high Brix sugar levels and unique aromatic compounds not found in other lines. The very best of these traits is carried over into the Cranberry Haze plants.

”Purple” phenotypes deliver exceptional tasting herbs. Deep grapey aromas will be found in the purple phenotypes along with a unmistakeable oily effect in the mouth on smoking. The taste leans towards fresh unsweetened Cranberry juice and tropical fruit to lemon on the inhale.

We believe this line to be one of the highest quality Sativa x Indica lines ever, with delightful tastes and incredible soaring, dreamy and happy Sativa high.

Marijuana Seed Banks – Cannabis Seed Banks – Hanf Seed Banks

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shortlink here:

Hemp Depot (Canada):

Sannie’s Shop (Netherlands):

Castle Seeds (UK):

The Attitude (UK):

Gypsy Nirvana’s Seedboutique (UK):

HighGrade Seeds (Canada):

BC Seedking (Canada):

The Single Seed Centre (UK):

Peak Seeds BC (Canada):

Nirvana Seeds (Netherlands):

Cannapot Webshop (Austria):

Herbie’s Headshop (UK):

GreenLife Seeds (Canada):

Dr. Chronics  (Canada):

Guru Seeds (Canada):

Chu Majek (Spain):

Growshop Alien (Netherlands):

Vancouver Seed Company (Canada):

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (Netherlands):

Sensible Seeds (UK):

Marijuana Seeds . NL (Netherlands) :

Planet Skunk (Ireland) :

Kindseed (Canada):

BC Bud Depot (Canada):

Cannaseur (UK):

Vu-Du (Italy):

Speedy Seedz (UK):

Mandala Seeds  (Spain):

Vision of Hemp (Swiss):

Hanf & Hanf (Austria):

Hipersemillas  (Samenwahl)  (Spain):

Online Smartshop  (Netherlands) :

Azarius (Netherlands):

Maria Markt (Spain):

Seeds Central (UK):

Cannabis Bud Beans (UK):

Seed Madness (UK):

Shiva Seeds (UK):

World of Seeds (UK):

Aloha Seeds (Netherlands):

Potseeds (UK):

Simply Cannabis Seeds (UK) :

Instant Seeds (UK):

Everyone Does It (UK):

Cannabis Broker (UK):

Hopeful Grow (Canary Is. Spain):

CannaCollective (UK):

Sow Amazing Seeds (Canada):

London Seed   Centre (UK):

Feminized Seeds EU (UK):

Freedom of Seeds (Spain):

PureSativa (UK):

WeedWorld (UK):

Irie Vibes Seeds:

The Seed Dispensary (UK):

Hanfsaat (Austria):

Sea of Seeds (UK):

CannaCollective (UK):

The Seed Depot (UK):

The Original Sensible Seed Bank (Spain)

Great Canadian Seeds (Canada)

United Seedbanks (Austria?}

Vancouver Seedbank:

Gorilla Seeds (UK): (Czech Rep.):

updated apr. 26, 2013

Hawaiian Red – 60/40 Sativa – Indica

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Hawaiian Red

Wild Rose – Sweet Seeds

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Wild Rose – Sweet Seeds


Hibridación de una variedad poco conocida en Europa, pero que en Canadá y Norteamerica fue muy bien acogida, la Rosetta Stone de “The Brothers Grimm” que aporta unos tonos frescos y cítricos originales. La otra parte es una HOG, de la que hereda una dulzura a golosina degominola muy característica y sabrosa.

Es una planta con estructura de híbrido índico-sativo muy apta para el cultivo en interiorque en las primeras semanas de floración puede pasar desapercibida, pero que desde la tercera-cuarta semana sorprende por el engorde explosivo de sus cogollos que pueden llegar a triplicar su tamaño.

Wild Rose en una planta de fácil cultivo ideal tanto para cultivadores nóveles como para conocedores del cannabis que seguro quedarán satisfechos.

Ficha técnica:
Indica / Sativa: 35-65%
THC: 15-20% CBD: 1,6% CBN: 0,5%
Producción en Interior: 400-550 gr/m2
Producción en Exterior: 350-550 gr/planta
Floración en Interior: 9 semanas
Cosecha en Exterior: mediados de Octubre.

Wild Rose 5 fem

[SW125fem] $49.26


This is a Hybrid of a little known variety in Europe but with a great following in Canada and North America, the Rosetta Stone of “The Brothers Grimm” gives the Wild Rose original fresh and citric touches. The another part is a HOG, giving it the sweetness of candy very characteristic and flavoursome. Wild Rose is a plant with an Indian/Sativa hybrid structure very well adapted for indoor cultivation. Wild Rose is an easy plant to cultivate both novices as well as the initiated in cannabis growing will surely be satisfied. 5 fem seeds / pack

Eureka’s New Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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Eureka’s New Medical Marijuana Dispensary

That’s the good news for us medical marijuana patients.  The Hummingbird Healing Center is close to St. Joseph’s Hospital and near the bus.

Thanks to the stupidity of the Eureka City Council and City Manager this dispensary will provide NO TAX REVENUE to our cash strapped city because it is located OUTSIDE the city limits.

Way to go.  Now maybe these idiots will come to their senses and allow reasonable medical marijuana in the city that is the capitol of the Emerald Triangle.  One can only hope for intelligence in government.  Of course I mean institutional stupidity.  Councilmember Linda Atkins brought this forth courageously a few months ago and I hope she revisits it now that the dank is out of the bag.

Here is a link to the website for the Hummingbird Healing Center:

2701 Harrison Ave

Eureka CA 95501