Marijuana Seed Banks – Cannabis Seed Banks – Hanf Seed Banks

shortlink here:

Hemp Depot (Canada):

Sannie’s Shop (Netherlands):

Castle Seeds (UK):

The Attitude (UK):

Gypsy Nirvana’s Seedboutique (UK):

HighGrade Seeds (Canada):

BC Seedking (Canada):

The Single Seed Centre (UK):

Peak Seeds BC (Canada):

Nirvana Seeds (Netherlands):

Cannapot Webshop (Austria):

Herbie’s Headshop (UK):

GreenLife Seeds (Canada):

Dr. Chronics  (Canada):

Guru Seeds (Canada):

Chu Majek (Spain):

Growshop Alien (Netherlands):

Vancouver Seed Company (Canada):

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (Netherlands):

Sensible Seeds (UK):

Marijuana Seeds . NL (Netherlands) :

Planet Skunk (Ireland) :

Kindseed (Canada):

BC Bud Depot (Canada):

Cannaseur (UK):

Vu-Du (Italy):

Speedy Seedz (UK):

Mandala Seeds  (Spain):

Vision of Hemp (Swiss):

Hanf & Hanf (Austria):

Hipersemillas  (Samenwahl)  (Spain):

Online Smartshop  (Netherlands) :

Azarius (Netherlands):

Maria Markt (Spain):

Seeds Central (UK):

Cannabis Bud Beans (UK):

Seed Madness (UK):

Shiva Seeds (UK):

World of Seeds (UK):

Aloha Seeds (Netherlands):

Potseeds (UK):

Simply Cannabis Seeds (UK) :

Instant Seeds (UK):

Everyone Does It (UK):

Cannabis Broker (UK):

Hopeful Grow (Canary Is. Spain):

CannaCollective (UK):

Sow Amazing Seeds (Canada):

London Seed   Centre (UK):

Feminized Seeds EU (UK):

Freedom of Seeds (Spain):

PureSativa (UK):

WeedWorld (UK):

Irie Vibes Seeds:

The Seed Dispensary (UK):

Hanfsaat (Austria):

Sea of Seeds (UK):

CannaCollective (UK):

The Seed Depot (UK):

The Original Sensible Seed Bank (Spain)

Great Canadian Seeds (Canada)

United Seedbanks (Austria?}

Vancouver Seedbank:

Gorilla Seeds (UK): (Czech Rep.):

updated apr. 26, 2013


7 Responses to “Marijuana Seed Banks – Cannabis Seed Banks – Hanf Seed Banks”

  1. this is a good site too have a look

  2. Tony Montana Says:

    Hey man, thanks for the great cannabis seeds bank list!

  3. Awesome article! thanks for the good read!

  4. Nirvana Seeds wurde zu einem der führenden Hersteller von Cannabissamen in den Niederlanden…

    ch lese häufig Ihr Blog und finde es immer sehr interessant. Dachte, es sei an der Zeit, ich lasse Sie wissen, halten Sie die großartige Arbeit…

  5. cannabis seeds for sale…

    Marijuana Seed Banks – Cannabis Seed Banks – Hanf Seed Banks « HighBoldtage…

  6. Don´t forget to include us in the list!

    The Weed Seeds Co.

  7. We are a Dutch-Catalan seedbank from near Barcelona, Spain.

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