Haze Brothers Diss Humboldt Pot……in 1980!

Marijuana is now the top cash crop in California, having recently pulled ahead of various fruits, nuts and swamis. This presents a lot of California farm folk with the unenviable chore of hyping their product across the land while doing their damndest to hide every illegal speck of the stuff.
Take the Haze brothers. For four years they’ve been captivating American potheads with what they brazenly declare to be the “finest pot grown anywhere on earth.”
Using seeds from their favorite imported smoke, the Haze brothers came out with “Purple Haze’ “Golden Haze” and a range of other colors four years ago, and have been breeding and crossbreeding subsequent generations of those botanical wonders. “The colors are a fluke,” says Haze. “We never know what color a crop will come out. One year its tannish brown, next year it’s greenish purple.”
Joe Haze says northern-California pot is upstaging his “brand,” and without justification. “The stuff they grow up there is mostly indica, but it’s harvested early to get it in before the frost,” he says. “in our county the flowers pump out resin until December, and Haze pot is from sativa seeds.”

From Grow American, #63, November 1980



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