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Offshore Wind Power for Humboldt County. Pie in the Sky or Pie?

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The University of Maine and partners  including Iberdrola SA (IBE) and  Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co. plan to launch the first U.S.  offshore wind turbine today in a pilot project that will help design a $96  million, 12-megawatt floating power system.

The 65-foot (20 meter) tower and  blades will be towed to a site off the coast of Castine, about 35 miles south of  Bangor, Maine, and is expected to be connected to the Central Maine Power Co.  grid on June 2, Elizabeth Viselli, a university spokeswoman, said today in an  interview. The VolturnUS system has 20 kilowatts of capacity and is  one-eighth the scale of turbines that are expected to be deployed in 2016, she  said.

VolturnUS is one of two floating offshore wind projects that Maine is  planning with funding from the Energy Department to supply as much as 24  megawatts of capacity in 2016. Their goal is to reduce the cost of offshore wind  to 10 cents per kilowatt-hour by 2020.

Statoil ASA  (STL), Norway’s state-controlled oil company, in January received approval  from the Maine Public Utilities Commission to build a $120 million offshore wind  farm. The deepwater demonstration facility in the Gulf of Maine will use four,  3-megawatt floating turbines.

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I published this in 2008.   Pie in the sky, or pie?  I think much more real, and local, than any container port.

Humboldt Empowerment Project

GOAL:  Electrical energy self sufficiency (independence) for Humboldt County using a renewable source within five years.

MEANS:  A wind turbine farm placed in a ten mile square at sea twenty miles offshore on floating barge platforms with the electricity collected onshore in one or more stations..  On 500′ centers this will comprise +/- 11,100 turbines.

ECONOMIC NOTES:  Turbines and barges to be assembled locally in Humboldt County.  This project should result in 500 or more local good paying jobs for welders, assemblers and mariners.  If production starts in one year, we need to produce 10 barges per day to complete the project in 5 years.

ENGINEERING NOTES:  Barges should be plug and play, towed out to sea for production and towed to port for maintenance.  Barges, power transmission and anchors should be engineered to survive a 10,000 year tsunami. 

ENVIRONMENTAL NOTES:  Possible effect on seabirds.  Possible effect on fish and marine mammals.  Wind power production at this scale may alter global wind patterns.  Possible conflict with marine shipping routes and fishing zones.

BENEFITS:  Bountiful electric supply for Humboldt produced locally with a small carbon load, a boost to the local economy through cheaper power and good jobs, and a power plant that is very secure against disaster or attack.  Humboldt County will be a world pioneer in wind power energy production.

Kinetic Sculpture Race – 2014 – VIDEO

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pix by James Decker more of this fun day in Humboldt County:


Mad River Rounders @ Siren Song Tavern for Chris Kerrigan!

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Mad River Rounders, Gunsafe

Kerrigan for Supervisor Campaign presents:

Mad River Rounders and Gunsafe

Wednesday May 21
7:00-10:00 PM
Siren Song Tavern, 325 2nd St, Eureka

Suggested donation is sliding scale $5-$20

  • $5
  • Phone: 442-8778
  • Email:
  • Web site

It’s Time for Eureka to Pay Reparations to Indigenous Peoples

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It’s Time for Eureka to Pay Reparations to Indigenous Peoples

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The Eureka City Council has just shamed itself with a retraction of a mild apology to the Wiyot People for the Indian Island Massacre.

We will deal with these racist cowards at the ballot box in November.

In the meantime, it is time for the people of Eureka to bring forth an initiative to pay the Wiyot People reparations for the crimes that have been committed against them and in partial recompense for lands that have been stolen from them.

I propose as a starting point for talks the sum of one million dollars per year to be paid directly to the local Native Peoples.

Let’s get together soon and draft a simple initiative to do this and gather our signatures.  It is the right thing to do.

I know Linda Atkins personally and she is no racist so I assume she was buffaloed by some Hobson’s choice presented on short notice.  But she can speak to that.

contact me at

have a peaceful day,


Fair Wage Cafe Saturday March 22, FREE FOOD, FREE MUSIC

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FAIR WAGE CAFE, SATURDAY March 22nd @ the Labor Temple, Noon to 5pm

The Fair Wage Folks invite you to bring family and friends for fabulous live music all day, games for kids, coffee, tea, juice, lunch and snacks.  Everything is Free!

fair wage cafe_March22,2014

Music from Sarah Torres, Mad River Rounders, Bill Holmes, and Papa Paul.  Comedy from Nando Molina.  Amazing poetry.  Words from Board of Supes Candidate, Chris Kerrigan, and local Union Member of the Year, Bill Burns.

Come for a short time or all day. Relax. Enjoy. Get active to raise the minimum wage. Help build strong community!

You or your organization are welcome to set up informational tables.  Tables provided.

The Fair Wage Cafe is brought to you by the folks who wrote the Eureka Fair Wage Act (on the 2014 ballot as the Minimum Wage Ordinance).  The Cafe is a family-friendly space.
Please share the FACEBOOK EVENT:

HERE’s the flier!
For more information call (707) 442-7465, email or check out
See you there!The Fair Wage Folks

Blogging the 2014 Humboldt County California Elections

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Humboldt County Supervisor District 4

Humboldt County Supervisor District 5

Eureka City Council Ward 1

Eureka City Council Ward 3

Humboldt County District Attorney

Eureka Mayor

Chris Kerrigan Pursues Dual Strategy – Mayor AND 4th District Supervisor!

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Kerrigan confirmed today that he has filed paperwork that allows him to raise money for a race against 4th District Supervisor Virginia Bass. He has also cited his intention to run against Eureka Mayor Frank Jager.

”I am considering running for supes,” Kerrigan said. “At this time, I’m not ready to make a final decision on that.”

According to the Humboldt County Elections Office, Kerrigan has filed a candidate intention statement. He has not declared his candidacy or paid the filing fee. The deadline is March 7. Bass has formally announced she is running for reelection.

County Registrar of Voters Carolyn Crnich said Kerrigan could potentially run for both races because they are on two different ballots.

”The mayor’s race isn’t until November,” Crnich said. “The primary supervisors’ race will be on the June ballot. If he was to run for supervisor and not win, he could run for mayor of Eureka.”