Mata Hari – Polycross from Basic Seeds Co.

Known for her hypnotic and entrancing powers, we dubbed this strain Mata Hari after the well known seductive female double spy ‘Mata Hari’. This femme fatale is an Indica dominant poly cross between several quality strains like Red Dawn, Calizahr, Alpine Rocket and Purpurea Ticinensis.

Plants tend to grow quite large with a wide body and she will need some bamboo sticks to help support her weight. Mata Hari’s leaves have a tendency to turn red and purple in autumn under the influence of low temperature. Next to the colourful foliage display, her fat lumpy buds will show u an array of purple and red tones near harvest. The fragrance she spreads ranges from spicy sweet to sour, not causing a great security concern during flowering.
When grown, dried and cured properly, she will smoke soft with a rounded spicy, and sometimes slightly bitter tactile experience when smoked in a pipe. The high is deep and balanced when harvested medium/early, later harvest will send her down to a more couchlock stone reasonably quickly.

Mata Hari is a robust cultivar that will give a good quality crop, even in the Frisian & Dutch climatic conditions. But do keep an eye on here during her final days before harvest because her fat buds can be affected by grey mold. In regard to this, growers should be even more careful with (supplemental) nitrogen applications during bloom since she will ‘blow-up’ more then some other strains like Ierdbei will do. Keep these facts in mind and u will be surprised in a very pleasant manner!

One Response to “Mata Hari – Polycross from Basic Seeds Co.”

  1. This is interesting but it doesn’t seem to bear much resemblance to the plants mentioned. This says it’s a ‘poly cross’ but not how far removed. Still, worth a go.

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