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Blogging the 2014 Humboldt County California Elections

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Humboldt County Supervisor District 4

Humboldt County Supervisor District 5

Eureka City Council Ward 1

Eureka City Council Ward 3

Humboldt County District Attorney

Eureka Mayor


Cannabis Initiative Activist Harrassed by Shasta County Deputy – VIDEO

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This incident reportedly occurred in Palo Cedro California Shasta County at the Holiday Market Shopping Center.

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Here’s an account of the incident:

Being discussed here:

and here:

screen capture from beginning of video:


Interview with Aaron Anderson

Exclusive interview with the victim who states he was assaulted by a Shasta County Sheriff deputy (see the incident video: ) while he was legally petitioning for signatures of registered voters to end the ban of growing MMJ. After the incident the victim then went to the home of the man whom he started registering at the tim…e and finished the registration. Is this the sheriff way of trying to stop the referendum?
California Cannabis Coalition along with the patients of Shasta County is fighting the grow ban imposed by the county supervisors. We have started a referendum to end the grow ban. Please stop by your local store and sign the petition. If we reverse this ban it will make the 6th reversal of marijuana bans in California cities and counties that we have completed successfully using the referendums. We the people can make a difference!

Oarfish and Earthquakes

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A series of serpent-like sea creatures have recently been found washed up on California beaches, leading some scientists to speculate that an ancient myth about the fish portending earthquakes could be true.

In recent weeks several oarfish, rarely seen giants of the deep that can grow up to 50-feet long, have been found along the southern California coast

more from googlenewes–Pf6-MdQO6cMl9fD96sM&q=oar+fish&lr=English&hl=en

Anchor Audio AN-Mini 30 Watt Battery Powered Speaker

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So this summer I have been trying to step up my game out in the street music scene here.

I started the summer with a Zoom A3 pedal, been great, I use it both in my street rig and my club rig.  I started with a Roland Microcube and I pushed the hell out of it.   It’s 2.5 watts and proud of it.   It really is a remarkable product and though I am about to retire mine I think I will keep it.  It has been a good friend.

The Anchor Audio AN-MINI

I ordered this online on last Thursday, it arrived Monday afternoon.   I have used it twice out in Clarke Plaza for 3 and a half hours each  session.

All I can say is WOW.

I got mine online direct from the manufacturer Anchor Audio in Carlsbad California.

It is available from B & H Photo and Adorama as well, but I suspect they drop ship it from the manufacturer, just a guess.

I paid $183 plus California sales tax.

When you look around for these you will see some scary prices, these are available in some expensive packages/bundles with wireless  mics etc etc.  but the basic 30 watt powered speaker is $183 from the manufacturer.

It comes in basic black, or clear, or red plastic (choices).   It is a plastic case, it is not luggage tough built like a Roland Microcube, I will have to be gentle with it.  I may build a roll cage for it out of some pvc pipe and some foam.

But at a price less than half of a Roland KC 33 or AC 110 (or is it the other way around?) or less than half the cost of a 50 watt Crate Limo (50 watts but 28 pounds)   I can deal with it.   It weighs 3 pounds with batteries and it is half the size of the Roland Microcube I have been using.

What you get is a plain jane powered speaker, runs on 10 AA batteries (I use rechargeables)  they are in a tray so they are easy to change, it has one 1/4 in mic input, a 3.5 mm line in and a line out, I think,   I just use the quarter inch mic input.

I use my Zoom A3 as a preamp/mixer with my guitar and vocal mic running into the Zoom, and the zoom running into the mic input of the Anchor Audio AN-MINI.  I set the Anchor Audio AN-MINI at noon (halfway or 5)  and I haven’t had to push the Zoom A3 past 3.  I am filling the plaza with clear, undistorted musical sound.   🙂  Oh and one set of rechargeables easily lasted the 3 and one half hours, the sound was just as strong at the end.   Beyond that I can’t say, I use NiMH and recharge them every day.

There is a cool factor here too.   It is very tiny sitting on top of the mic stand but it puts out amazing sound, especially with the Zoom A3 preamp.   I use a little slap back echo and some compression and it goes a long way towards making my sound quality on the guitar and vocals.  The extra sustain is wonderful since I am a solo performer the sustain and reverb helps fill a few voids if you know what I mean.  One person can only cover so much ground, or fill so much musical space.

At less than half the cost of an equivalent Roland or Crate Limo this is an awesome choice (so far, depending on durablilty) for the street musician.  No effects here, that’s part of the cost of these guitar amps, and the luggage is not robust.   And to be honest about it, the quality of the effects on the Zoom are far superior to the built in effects on the amps.  The Roland effects are fine for what they are, but the delays and reverbs and choruses on the Zoom are pristine.  Bottom line  it seems like the battery amp power is there.  I think it will work quite well with out the Zoom too, I will try it with the Morely ABY switch (my back up “mixer”) one of these days in place of the Zoom.   but right now I am so happy with the Zoom I am going to use it every chance I get.

UPDATE Today (sat sept 14) I set up and did a sidewalk fundraiser in front of the Humboldt County Library.   I was facing the parking lot with my back to the library, and the parking lot is the size at least of a football field.  People standing at the back of the lot were applauding me.   A guy working in his yard across the street was applauding me.   After an hour and a half the library lady asked me to quit and I did.   She said it was too loud.  My little speaker wasn’t even aimed in their direction.  🙂

2nd update:   Well I got my Crate Limo and I am currently using that so the AN mini is now in reserve.   After using it for a few days I started using it like I was using the Roland Microcube –  and that is facing tilted upwards towards a stone inner corner, using the masonry as a big horn, and shooting  the sound in the air.   It works pretty good.  Using the stone corners of these old buildings in Eureka really boosts the bass response of these little amps, as there is a lot of natural bass resonance outside, you just need the horn to instigate it.   One thing I will say about Old Town Eureka, there are several really lovely outdoor acoustic venues, if you look for them.

have a peaceful day,


Stroll the Eureka Boardwalk for Herbal Freedom, April 20, 2013

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Bring your sign (Safe Access? Norml? DIY?)  or I will provide one of several designs.  I will not be smoking please do not offer me any, I am not asking for civil disobedience, just peaceful exercise of 1st Amendment Rights.  There is a municipal ordinance in effect against smoking on the boardwalk, but its legality may be in question since it is possible that the city council never got the approval of the Coastal Commission to enact that change.  This is not the time to challenge that ordinance.   There are vacant lots adjacent to the boardwalk that are relics of the city’s failed and fraudulent redevelopment agency.  Maybe people who need to smoke tobacco can smoke there but I am not a lawyer.  I myself was blessed with the strength to quit my tobacco addiction in April of 2008, five years ago.  🙂  I struggled with nicotine addiction for most of my adult life.  I started nicotine at age 18, before marijuana and long before alcohol, which I started at age 21.  I never would have considered smoking marijuana if I hadn’t smoked tobacco first.
And in retrospect, I think that I was relatively blessed that my experience with these things came relatively late in my teens rather than earlier.
Yes I feel better and I sing better since I quit tobacco.  Let me say one more thing.  Cannabis helped me quit tobacco.  It is harm reduction if nothing else.  If you really care about the peoples health it is time to legalize.
At 420 we will stroll for freedom together, back and forth up and down the boardwalk for an hour or so with our signs, making new friends and organizing for victory.
The people lead, the politicians follow.
I understand that there are people here who grow for a living and fear that legalization may reduce the return on their labor.  I do not want to trivialize that fear and I don’t.  I want to hear from people in that situation maybe we can reach some understanding.  Maybe there is some route to prosperity after legalization, no doubt it won’t be perfect, there will be change.
have a peaceful day,
After 42 Years of Failure, California Lt. Governor Newsom Calls for Legalizing Marijuana

By Phillip Smith on April 15, 2013

SACRAMENTO, CA — At the California Democratic Party convention in Sacramento Saturday, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom called for marijuana legalization and described the war on drugs as “an abject failure.”
“After 42 years of failure, I think it’s time we concede that if we continue to do what we’ve done, we’ll continue to get what we’ve got. I think you and we deserve better. It’s about standing up on principle, having the courage of our convictions, about saying publicly all too often what we say privately.”
~!!~  please forward  ~!!~

UPDATE:  When I attended the Eureka City Council “Visioning” session last friday I engaged Mayor Frank Jager in conversation during a break.  It may interest you to know that our Mayor is a proponent of full legalization of marijuana.   In fact he is welcome to grab a legalize it sign and come stand next to me on 420 on the boardwalk.   Mostly the Mayor and I disagree on mostly everythng but on this we see eye to eye.

have a peaceful day, Bill

mnemonic here:


I’m going to make 10 or 15  full color posters of this nice Don’t Tread On Me flag above and I will give them away free to the first people who show up and want one.


I have about 20 of these nice black and white “Freedom” posters too, for the signless.  They will be free to anyone who is pro-cannabis.


If Safe Access is your issue I have a few signs for you too!  Just meet me after 330 at the foot of F St.  First come first serve!  Come down and represent!

leafrespectbw2The Respect Our Rights poster is most likely the one I will carry.  But then I am a radical, I actually believe that cannabis users have civil rights, constitutional rights and human rights that extend back in time before any government.  I have a few of these to share as well.


Some of us will want to remember our sisters and brothers who have been cruelly and wrongfully imprisoned over the Herb in neoslavery in for profit corporate prisons.  Yes we can share a couple of these too.



Want to Grow the Economy?  So do we, and we have  a few signs.

On Saturday April 20 I am going to go to the Eureka Boardwalk with a sign at about 3:30 in the afternoon and I hope that five or six of you nice people join me to demonstrate for herbal rights and herbal freedom.   Commencing @4:20 pm we will stroll the boardwalk between F and B sts, with our signs.   I am only asking for a few people to come out and represent, I am not trying to compete with or harsh anyones buzz.   I am not asking for civil disobedience.   This will be for Eureka residents who want to represent for Medical Marijuana Rights, general herbal rights, Full Legalization of Cannabis, those who represent for the spiritual use of cannabis, or those who want to legalize industrial hemp, for anyone who is pro-cannabis but whose civil rights are not being respected.    Lets be a big tent.  This will be for Eureka residents who want to represent but have trouble getting to other venues, but of course it is open to anyone who lives outside Eureka who is pro-cannabis.

We will meet around 3:30 at the foot of F St.  At 420 we will start strolling peacefully up and down the boardwalk with our signs, for about an hour.   Let’s have fun, lets meet new friends, let’s organize.  I welcome other diverse community organizations to come to the boardwalk and table!  I want to meet people who want to get some dispensaries in Eureka, lets get it done.

Would be nice to have a drum circle or two, just saying.

This does not have to be a big thing, but it is an important thing.

I am just thinking about this and it is evolving.  I welcome your input.

Is there anyone who can design a flier for me?  Something readable quarter page (4.24 in x 5.5 in)

I will play a few songs too between 3:30 and 4:20, including of course “Free the Weed.”

How about a few poetry slammers and a few more street musicians?  It’s a Big Boardwalk.

email me

I will be there.  I just need five or six people.

Thank you everyone!

have a peaceful day,


Free 420 Flags and Posters – Share!

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Free Colorado:


Free Washington:


Freedom Leaf:


Grow the Economy:


Safe Access:


Free All Pot Prisoners NOW




Have a Heart Rally for Homecare Workers: Tuesday 12:30 Courthouse – WEAR RED

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the following came via Redwood Progressive [ ] email letter :

The California United Homecare Workers (CUHW) union will be holding a rally on Tuesday and we need your help to make it a success. Please join us as we continue our fight to improve the lives of those who keep our seniors and people with disabilities healthy at home. Here are the details:

What: Rally for Homecare Justice – Wear red to show that you “have a heart” for homecare.


[edit the graphic is mine, not part of original ]

Where: Humboldt County Courthouse, 825 Fifth Street, Eureka

When: Tuesday, February 5 at 12:30 pm

Why: Negotiations with the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, acting as the Humboldt County In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Public Authority, have dragged on for over a year as the Supervisors have refused to offer a single penny to the lowest paid caregivers in California. After the workers put forward a Settlement Proposal last December, the Board of Supervisors unilaterally ended negotiations and refused to consider the proposal.

We will be joined at the rally by allies from local non-profits, other unions, the disability rights community, and senior advocates, among others. We hope you will be able to join us too. Following the rally, community supporters are invited to attend a reception at the union’s office, located at 314 L Street, Eureka.

For more information: or  (707) 382-7270.

— To contact the Supervisors:

Rex Bohn   <> 476-2391

Estelle Fennell  <> 476-2392

Mark Lovelace <> 476-2393

Virginia Bass <> 476-2394

Ryan Sundberg <> 476-2395

Poll:  Do Humboldt County’s IHSS Workers Deserve A Raise?

or take it at polldaddy: