Lance Madsen’s Dying Declaration Spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E For Eureka Klown Kowncil


Not just incompetent, but criminal?

via Times Standard:

Madsen states in the affidavit that he repeatedly questioned Day-Wilson about where she got the memo until she named Councilwoman Melinda Ciarabellini.

Madsen writes in the affidavit that he later met with Ciarabellini, and that the councilwoman told him that she didn’t know how the memo had been distributed among city staff. Madsen states Ciarabellini said she had given a copy to Day-Wilson over concern that the memo might spark litigation by those named in the document.

When contacted by the Times-Standard, Ciarabellini declined to comment.

Madsen’s affidavit also recounts his conversation with then-Community Development Director Rob Wall about the email, which is also referred to as a “hit list.” Madsen’s affidavit states that Wall told the councilman that Day-Wilson provided both him and Personnel Director Gary Bird a copy of the memo at a meeting, and that Wall was later approached by Day-Wilson and asked to say he read the document after seeing a copy on her desk while waiting for her. Wall refused to comply, the affidavit said.

The declaration and an accompanying six-page investigative report, both of which Madsen apparently made a top priority during the last months of his battle with lung disease, were delivered by certified mail to the city on June 5 by Daniel Cooper, Madsen’s probate attorney. Together, the documents shed new light on an apparently toxic environment in city hall and a rift on the city council. And they raise serious questions about Day-Wilson’s honesty, ethics and job performance.

“Mr. Madsen requested that I provide this information to the city council after his death so that its present members would follow through on the investigation his declining health prevented him from completing,” reads a cover letter to the city from Cooper. “Mr. Madsen’s request also directed that I allow his family ‘private time’ to grieve and adjust to his passing before this affidavit was delivered to the city council.”
Madsen, who resigned his post with the council in December due to his prolonged battle with lung disease, was in hospice care when he signed the affidavit on March 6. He died April 5.

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