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Colorado Prison Director Tom Clements Assassinated in Monument Colorado Home

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Colorado Prison Director Tom Clements Assassinated in Monument Colorado Home

Verbena Teaches on Houseless Issues in Humboldt – Radical Rap – KMUD

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Verbena Teaches on Houseless Issues in Humboldt  – Radical Rap – KMUD

Fascist Anti-Marijuana Crackdown in Santa Rosa – PERSONAL GARDENS RAIDED

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Dozens of combat-clad police officers, deputies and federal agents swarmed a southwest Santa Rosa neighborhood Wednesday morning in the region’s largest-ever operation against residential marijuana gardens.

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“A team of 150 law enforcement officers raided 32 homes on Moorland Avenue, Eddy Drive, Barbara Drive and Neville Way, immediately south of the Corby Auto Mall.

Following the initial raid, officers carrying search warrants went into yards and confiscated a large amount of marijuana plants. Residents, many of them handcuffed, sat in front yards and watched as the pot was piled in great heaps.

The raids began about 9 a.m. when FBI agents in full military gear ordered residents to leave their homes, then rushed into the residences, most of them modest multi-plex units. The neighborhood was punctuated by the sounds of exploding flash grenades at several homes.

The FBI assault team, its large military-type truck and a big-wheeled SWAT vehicle had left the neighborhood, but people still sat handcuffed in their front yards, as a woman who asked not to be identified surveyed the scene from the hood of a parked car.

As pot piles grew in the street, groups of neighbors gathered to watch. Several called the officers’ tactics “overkill” and questioned the value of ripping out the gardens.

“It’s a big bunch of crap,” said one neighbor Lora Wilson. “How much taxpayer money did we just waste doing this?”

The staging ground for the operation was the parking lot of the Santa Rosa’s Veterans Memorial Building. At about 9 a.m., a long line of FBI and sheriff’s SUVs, trucks, patrol cars and large assault vehicles snaked out of the parking lot and onto Highway 12, then southbound 101.

Onlookers said an FBI team dressed in fatigues and helmets and carrying an assortment of battering rams, shields, ladders and weapons first entered a residence on Moorland Avenue at Barbara Drive.

That team then moved to several homes on Barbara Drive. Soon, handcuffed and guarded residents sat in front yards up and down Barbara Drive and the adjoining streets.”

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BREAKING NEWS: Dick Cheney Named to Head Romney’s VP Selection Team!

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ha ha ha ha yes its a joke.

Egypt? Iran? Syria? No………..

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Just behind the protest over the #Anaheim PD wall. There seems to be a military unit staging. #PoliceState #APDRiot


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more #anaheim cops in camo, planning to get the rest of the crowd


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Anaheim Protests Livestream, Video Stream Sunday July 29, 2012

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update 12 noon livestreamer sky adams banned from Livestream!’

Demos planned for noon @ Disneyland and Anaheim PD

I will add more streams as I find them. or or

and or or or

also monitor #anaheim on twitter:!/search/realtime/%23Anaheim or

Was Manuel Diaz a Homeless Man?

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this story linked below strongly implies it.   What the fuck is wrong with Orange County?

“Flores, who operates the grocery truck that sells vegetables, chips, and cleaning supplies, spoke fondly of Diaz and said she treated him like her son.

Residents said the neighborhood took care of him and offered him food. He would play with the neighborhood children and would take naps on their stairs. Flores fed him when he was hungry and offered him essentials, such as shampoo, from her truck. When asked if Diaz had family, Flores said his mother would pick him up from the neighborhood on Fridays.”

“That day, as Flores said they were eating at about 1 p.m., Diaz, who was known as “Stomper,” told her he needed to clean up. He walked across to an apartment complex where Diaz was apparently going to wash himself with a hose. Flores also said she saw Diaz speaking to a friend before the shooting. Within three minutes of Diaz leaving the truck, Flores said he was shot.”

Free Speech Vigilers “NOT GUILTY” in Historic Humboldt First Amendment Case! Jury Nullification!

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Humboldt Jury Finds Candlelight Vigilers “Not Guilty” in Courthouse Curfew Trial

Victory for First Amendment Rights & Free Speech Vigilers: “The Constitution is the law of the land.”

Contact: Peter Camacho, Amanda Tierney, Kimberly Starr: (707) 442-7465,

EUREKA, CA – On March 30th, three participants in a “Candlelight Vigil for the First Amendment” were arrested on the Humboldt County courthouse steps, peacefully asserting Constitutional rights in the face of a repressive ‘urgency ordinance’, passed three days earlier, that seeks to criminalize everyday activity in front of the courthouse such as sharing food, setting down a bag, or holding a protest between 9:30pm and 6:00am.  The courthouse has been Humboldt County’s historic forum for free speech activity for over 50 years. “They violated the ordinance but the Constitution gave them a right to be there. The Constitution is the law of the land,” said Juror #7.

The trial of the three candlelight vigilers, Peter Camacho, Kimberly Starr, and Amanda Tierney, was the first test of the courthouse curfew. It may also have been the last if the Board acts on their June 18 vote to remove the curfew portion of the ordinance. Supervisors Virginia Bass, Mark Lovelace, and Ryan Sundberg voted for the curfew to be rescinded in the interest of preserving the public’s right to hold night-time vigils and gatherings. The Board plans, however, to expand repressive prohibitions to public space surrounding over 120 county facilities.

The jury in the vigil case was indeliberations for six days. Arguments during trial largely centered around the question—does the county legislature have the authority to trump First Amendment Constitutional rights?

“We hold strongly to the firmly planted belief that no government body can trump the Constitution. The Board of Supervisors tread where no government in the U.S. should go,” said pro per defendant Kimberly Starr in closing arguments. “This courthouse is a visible, central, and most reasonable and traditional place for protest activity in Humboldt.”

“It is ‘as American as apple pie’  to believe that it is every citizen’s right to utilize this traditional public forum for such a simple, peaceful exercise of the First Amendment,” added attorney, Casey Russo. Mr. Russo of the Public Defender’s Office represented Mr. Camacho, who was arbitrarily held for six days in jail for the candlelight vigil arrest.

Mr. Russo described the three vigilers as “concerned Americans who are brave enough to put themselves out there and exercise their First Amendment rights.”

The jury viewed a video of the vigil from the night of the arrest; it showed a calm, peaceful, and principled gathering.  The trial however had a pronounced intensity as community members rooted for justice, a decision in favor of the defendants and in favor of basic civil rights.

Humboldt Deputy District Attorney, Jackie Pizzo, attempted to discredit the vigilers’ defense and assertion of their Constitutional rights by pointing out that they are not attorneys nor do they hold doctorates in Constitutional law.

Countering the prosecution’s attempts to discredit them and criminalize the simple act of sitting on the courthouse steps, the vigilers made strong statements during their testimonies and closings:

“The U.S. Constitution and the California Constitution were not created for study by academics or for mysterious reference by attorneys or to be a complex subject matter for historians. The rights of the people and safeguards from over bearing government are laid out in the Bill of Rights.   These things are for common people to use, to assert, to protect themselves with.”

The unanimous verdict from the jury reinforces the popular sentiment that the curfew is an unlawful abridgment of the people’s right to assemble and speak. “We believed they had the right to be there and we believed they thought they could be there,” a juror told the victorious demonstrators and their supporters after the verdict.

In closing, the day before ‘Independence Day’, Amanda Tierney, representing herself, urged the jury to “say ‘yes’ to the elixir that should always fuel our democracy…the freedom to express our opinions and engage each other in a social dialogue. ”

Community members have been enacting nightly “Candlelight Vigils for the First Amendment” in front of the Humboldt County courthouse for over three months, in opposition to the passage of the controversial ordinance.

Historic Humboldt Free Speech Case Goes to Jury

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On March 30th,three participants in a “Candlelight Vigil for the FirstAmendment” were arrested on the Humboldt County courthouse steps, asserting Constitutional rights in the face of a recently passed“urgency ordinance” that seeks to criminalize every day activity such as sharing food, setting down a bag, or holding a protest between 9:30 pm and 6:00 am.

The courthouse has historically  been the county’sforum for free speech activity in Humboldt County for over 50 years.  The trial of the 3 candlelight vigilers, Peter Camacho, Kimberly Starr, and Amanda Tierney,is the first test of the courthouse curfew, and the jury has been in half-day deliberations since Tuesday.

There have been patient supporters in the courtroom and hallway, and we are super grateful for their presence! 

We will inform you as to the decision(s) coming from the jury when we hear them!

Candlelight vigils every night on the courthouse steps since March 27, 2012 continue.  9:30pm to about 11:30pm.

rights- “Use ’em or lose ’em”


Death of Democracy in Eureka, Day 84

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this letter to the editor from Robin Donald of Fortuna was published in the Eureka Times-Standard on June 19, 2012:

On June 7 of this year I was arrested forchallenging the Curfew provision of the Humboldt Urgency Ordinance. Why did Ido this? I could tell you that I did it because of moral and ethical concernsto protect the California and United States Constitutions guarantees of FreeSpeech and Assembly. Which would be true. Instead I will tell you somethingelse.

 At the February 4, 2012 “Take Back the Courthouse Rally” in opposition to Occupy Eureka, I had this conversation with one of its supporters, Eureka City Council Member Mike Newman. I told Mike that, regarding the “mess”which some people found to be so upsetting, I had been in many houses whichwere far messier. In regard to the behavior of mentally ill street people, Itold him that my father, a successful businessman, was an alcoholic who beat my mother. She died from health complications after one of his beatings. Mike’sresponse was that “at least these things were done privately, inside.”

 I didn’t find his comment to be particularly callous.  He was quite right.   The defining distinction between the culture of houseless people and the rest of us is that houseless people do their drinking, drugging and fighting in the plain view of all,   in the street;   the rest of us, so-called “upstanding citizens” conduct our dysfunctional behavior within the confines of our houses,  in private,  in secret.

 Now I ask you to consider the case of Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.   Neither the Office of the President, theCongress, nor the Military is denying that any of the horrific murders, the tortures,  the official coverups,  nor the diplomatic blackmail revealed in the released documents are false.   Behind the stated concerns that publicizing these documents has or will endanger National Security is one fear. I believe it is the same fear that motivated Mike Newman to say what he did.

 It is the fear that when the façade of what passes for normal – whether in the domestic realm or the public and international realm – is stripped away and the dysfunctional element of our culture is put out on the street with no walls for it to hide behind, then the moral and ethical claim about the superior way of life known as the American Dream with the U.S. as the Land of the Free and the Bulwark of Democracy will be seen forwhat it is:  self-serving hypocrisy.

 Many people will not like the words I have just written. I did not write them to curry favor with anybody.   I wrote them because I could.   Because existing alongside the criminal and murderous hypocrisy and greed of some of our Government bodies and Business institutions,   there also lives a community of people and a historical tradition which values human and civil rights.   Some of these rights are codified in the U.S. Constitution andits Bill of Rights.

 Predominant amongst these Rights is the 1stAmendment which says in its entirety: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;   or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press;   or the right of the people to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

 The same night I was arrested challenging the Urgency Ordinance, two U.S. Veterans were also arrested.   One was a Veteran ofthe Korean War, the other a Veteran of the Vietnam War.   Their participation in the Military earns them the right to be called Veterans. But also arrested that night were three women.   Given the lengthy and ongoing second class status of women in the United States; given the current attack on women’s rights emanating from the Republican Party;   and given the horrific reality of domestic violence against women,  of which my mother was a victim, I consider these womento also be Veterans.

 Yes, I wrote these words because my freedom of expression is guaranteed, not only in the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution,  but also by the State of California Constitution.  These documents also guarantee my standing on the Humboldt County Courthouse at any time, day or night.   The unconstitutional Urgency Ordinance must be rescinded.