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Congratulations to the People of Colorado and Washington!

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Fascist Anti-Marijuana Crackdown in Santa Rosa – PERSONAL GARDENS RAIDED

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Dozens of combat-clad police officers, deputies and federal agents swarmed a southwest Santa Rosa neighborhood Wednesday morning in the region’s largest-ever operation against residential marijuana gardens.

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“A team of 150 law enforcement officers raided 32 homes on Moorland Avenue, Eddy Drive, Barbara Drive and Neville Way, immediately south of the Corby Auto Mall.

Following the initial raid, officers carrying search warrants went into yards and confiscated a large amount of marijuana plants. Residents, many of them handcuffed, sat in front yards and watched as the pot was piled in great heaps.

The raids began about 9 a.m. when FBI agents in full military gear ordered residents to leave their homes, then rushed into the residences, most of them modest multi-plex units. The neighborhood was punctuated by the sounds of exploding flash grenades at several homes.

The FBI assault team, its large military-type truck and a big-wheeled SWAT vehicle had left the neighborhood, but people still sat handcuffed in their front yards, as a woman who asked not to be identified surveyed the scene from the hood of a parked car.

As pot piles grew in the street, groups of neighbors gathered to watch. Several called the officers’ tactics “overkill” and questioned the value of ripping out the gardens.

“It’s a big bunch of crap,” said one neighbor Lora Wilson. “How much taxpayer money did we just waste doing this?”

The staging ground for the operation was the parking lot of the Santa Rosa’s Veterans Memorial Building. At about 9 a.m., a long line of FBI and sheriff’s SUVs, trucks, patrol cars and large assault vehicles snaked out of the parking lot and onto Highway 12, then southbound 101.

Onlookers said an FBI team dressed in fatigues and helmets and carrying an assortment of battering rams, shields, ladders and weapons first entered a residence on Moorland Avenue at Barbara Drive.

That team then moved to several homes on Barbara Drive. Soon, handcuffed and guarded residents sat in front yards up and down Barbara Drive and the adjoining streets.”

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In Your Face Fascism in Oakland

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>video: the people begin to react to the fascist DEA raid on Oaksterdam University, April 2, 2012.



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Oaksterdam University Raided by Federal Thugs

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OAKLAND — Federal agents swooped in Monday morning to search  Oakland’s Oaksterdam University in Oakland, the  state’s first cannabis industry training school.
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Don’t Tread On Me!

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Should California pursue, through peaceful and democratic means, independence from the United States?

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Arcata Medical Marijuana Dispensary Closes Due to DOJ Letter

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Safe Access:

“Humboldt Medical Supply is PERMANENTLY CLOSED.

The US Justice Department and US Attorney, Melinda Haag, have determined that our business is located within the prohibited 1000 ft distance from a children’s playground, the Arcata Crabs Ball Park.

Regretfully, we have no plans to reopen.
NO files, information or records were seized or viewed.””

 “Over 100 catastrophically ill patients who received their cannabis for FREE are now left with no truly compassionate source of meds. My heart is so heavy. . .

HMS was first officially permitted collective cultivation in the emerald triangle.

DOJ/USAO considering the Arcata Crabs Baseball Park as a children’s playground is unjust.
It’s open 2-3 months a year when the Crabs summer collegiate baseball team plays, and they serve beer.”

Kevin L. Hoover

Eye Editor

“ARCATA – Arcata’s Humboldt Medical Supply (HMS) cannabis center closed yesterday following receipt of a warning letter from U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag.

The letter, apparently sent in early December, was sent to HMS’s landlord, Danco Group and the bank which hold the loan for financing the property….”

via Arcata Eye


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Should California pursue, through peaceful and democratic means, independence from the United States?

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POLL: Should California pursue, through peaceful and democratic means, independence from the United States?

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Should California pursue, through peaceful and democratic means, independence from the United States?

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San Diego Style Fascism Comes to the Emerald Triangle

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via Red Headed Blackbelt (Kym Kemp):

Feds raid Northstone Organics medical marijuana dispensary in Mendocino.

more on this developing story as it comes…..

Northstone Organics website (down at the moment):

BREAKING NEWS: Federal agents raid Ukiah home

By TIFFANY REVELLE The Daily Journal
Updated: 10/13/2011 02:25:45 PM PDT

Responding to several reports that federal agents raided the medical marijuana cooperative Northstone Organics Thursday morning, the DEA confirmed it was conducting enforcement operations in Ukiah.

Raid response:

“As you can see below, the purported raid on Northstone Organics is being widely distributed on Twitter. The “Medical Cannabis Patient Compassionate Center” Axis of Love in San Francisco is calling for a demonstration tomorrow to protest the action.

LA Weekly:

Lost Coast Outpost (Humboldt, Eureka):

North Coast Journal (Humboldt, Eureka) :

Will Cannabis Price Go Up?

Santa Rosa Press-Democrat:

Northstone Organics owner discusses federal raid:

MendoNews :

Medical Cannabis Protesters Gather At City Hall In Wake Of Federal Raids (San Francisco):

Ludicrous Pro Drug War Propaganda

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I can’t believe that the kind of land piracy described in this article is a big problem in California.  Maybe this happens on private land sometimes but it can’t be widespread.  Just think this guy had 300 acres, 80 head of bison, a supposedly illegal marijuana crop that covered one third of his land and he didn’t have a clue. 


When I see something like this, whether it is a large outdoor grow out in the sticks or a grow house in Arcata or Eureka, I think sharecropper.  Deniability, baby.  The folks described in this article could be innocent victims of course, but I think there are lots of landowners who grow by proxy with sharecroppers.

This propaganda  is designed to gin up support for the police/prison/industrial war on drugs complex.  It originated on a site called

have a peaceful day,


“Nearly one-third of [Lake County Supervisor] Brown’s land was covered with the crop. The teams eradicated nearly 5,000 plants that day. A couple of days later, Brown discovered 2,500 more. Brown, who also works as a bail bondsman, acted on his instinct to go after whoever planted the illegal crop.”