Kish (aka Shiskaberry) – Cash Crop Ken

Kish (Formerly Shishkaberry)                                             

kish very small



Afghani x Blueberry

Mostly Indica.

From original Spice of Life Seed Co. Kish (Shishkaberry) is a sweet berry tasting Indica that is light green with loads of resin.

“This has been the fastest budding plant I have ever worked with. It also has the most crystal of any plant that I have worked with and the hardest nugget buds. As a small plant it likes to grow with one huge cola. Grown in large pots it still yields well but is best in a high plant per light ratio. This last mother that I used for this particular batch of seed is by far the strongest, tastiest and most resinous I’ve ever seen!” – CCK.

Height: 5 feet
Flowering time: 42 days
Yield: High
Harvest Outdoor: mid September



Kish x Honey Pot Kush
Mostly Indica       Indoor/Outdoor

Light green plant, with a strong flavour and intense high.

Height: 8ft
Yield: 3/4lb. per 1000w light.
Flower: 6-7 weeks
Harvest outdoor: End of September

Veg clones for 7-10 days for Sea of Green.

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