Lemon Stomper – Gage Green Seeds

Lemon Stomper

[Elite’s Lemon Thai x Elite’s Chemdawg-Sour Diesel aka Snowman]

  • Lemon Stomper Garden
  • Lemon Stomper Flower
  • Lemon Stomper Close Up
from the breeder:
“A robust and mind altering and psychoactive offering straight from our lovely Lemon Thai mother. Growers should receive excellent yields with the addition of “Snowman”, our Chemdawg-Sour Diesel father. He is adding weight to all his offspring strains and packing on the frost like its winter time. The combination of our hard hitting “Snowman” with our aromatic Lemon Thai will bring out phenos with characteristics that no one has ever seen before! Look for that lemony sugar plant that will surely satisfy any craving.”
Genetic Facts
Sativa Dominant
9 – 10 Weeks
High to Very High Yields


One Response to “Lemon Stomper – Gage Green Seeds”

  1. Gage Green has the dankest genetics out there. So many keepers in each pack, I am top-shelf all the way with the Gage Green Genetics.

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