Breeder : Connoisseur Genetics

Flowering Time : 9 – 11 Weeks

Environment : Indoor / Outdoor

Seeds Per Pack : 10

“well it has been many many years since rezdog from reservoir seeds released this strain and it has taken the wold by storm becoming an elite cuting only available if you kniow the right person

well now is your chance to get in on this cup winning strain. i have taken my cup winning cut and a original pack of sssdh and done an open pollination. i used 10 big cuts of my famous ojd cut and 6 new fems from the orginal pack and open pollinated 4 nice males

taste is sweet lemony fuelly haze,more on the haze side but definate sour d influence aswell in taste

potency is of the hook and will leave lightweights sweating and confused in a wreck”

One Response to “SSSDH”

  1. brother, does the holy herb help you with your conditions? Please elaborate. Cannabis, helps many people, most especially those who have been whacked by big pharma. I have a relative who has been banned from using cannabis, to treat his conditions (some sound like yours, really). The lack of understanding cannabis’s true applications in the medical arena is horrific. I am not a doctor, and I may be off base with you…
    Salutaions from sunny san diego (aka new berlin) BIG PEACE OUT TO YOU BRO!

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