Guawi – Ace Seeds

Guawi – Ace Seeds


Malawi x Tikal 4

The Malawi mother is the oldest and most poweful sativa clone that we keep
in our collection.

Its incredible production of huge trichomes, its
flower density and its devastating power, which knocks down the hardest and most nervous smoker, turns it into a cannabinoids bomb.

pollinating this Malawi mother with our incensey Tikal 4 line we have created Guawi, a vigorous, productive and powerful F1 sativa hybrid.

Guatemala contributes with its strong branched structure, large flowers and a shorter flowering time, improving as well the original African clone’s flavour.

Recommended to those breeders looking for a powerful and highly productive sativa. Excellent mould resistance.

Tall and branched sativa

At first, spicy and woody on the tongue spreading through the palate with floral and orange tones. Deep background of resins and oils.

Very powerful, long-lasting and therapeutic effect. Strong, dense and psychedelic high in the beginning, followed by a relaxing stage that leads to a physical and mental hibernation.

Preferable for outdoors and warm climates. It can be grown indoors with intense light and wide space.

Limited Edition Feminized 100% sativa
Flowering indoors: 11-12 weeks
Flowering outdoors: End of October/
Early November.
Yield/m2: High
Resistence against
spider mite: Medium
Resistence against
Powdery Mildew: Medium
Resistence against
botrytis: High
Resistence against
cold: Medium-High

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