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Jamaica Seeds – Cannabis Breeders

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shortlink here:  mnemonic here:

FYI – This is for your information.  This is a new breeder  (new to me anyway) I came across.  I do not have personal knowlege of their genetics or business rep.  Take the usual care.  That being said, I have enjoyed the Jamaican (generically speaking, not this breeder)  I have smoked in the past, if these folks have some real Jamaican genetics could be some nice fresh green genes.  Plus they have a pleasant mix of Panama, Colombian, Mexican, Afghan and Jamaican that maybe was the primordial soup for our beloved Humboldt Trainwreck.   It looks like they have autos in 1 and 5 packs & photoperiod regs in 5 packs  & photoperiod fems  in 1 and 5 packs.  A thoughtful selection for the small home grower.

Anyone have comments or experiences with this breeder and their gear?  We are all ears here at HighBoldtage.

Note I am not responsible for the fancy mouseovers I copied it from the breeders website in the interest of sharing information.  If they irritate you or enrage you, please skip them.  The breeders website is hosted at a free hosting site called  Their address is   This is not a knock on the breeder, who may just be a small entrepreneur starting out, and I am fine with that.

Contact us



Powerful and aromatic. Tremendous power of revegetation. Fast and exuberant. Medical Marijuana up 20% THC.

10,00 € Available

Emerald OG x Headband – California Breeders Association – Emerald Mountain Seeds

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as usual, fyi, not an endorsement, caveat emptor, buyer beware etc. etc.  I just found this on the net.  They might be total legit I don’t know.  I have heard of Emerald Mountain before I think they sell their seeds at Harborside in Oakland, or have in the past.  I don’t know if this is  good website for Emerald Mountain Seeds.  We will have to discern that.

Emerald OG x Headband


from the website:

“Hi, we are pleased to present a classic in our stable…the Emerald OG x Headband.  Ran all throughout the Emerald Triangle, many people have said that this is one of the best hash making strains they have seen, giving impressive results in return yields after processing.”

Emerald OG x Headband

Name – Emerald OG x Headband Genetics – (Emerald OG x Headband) x Emerald OG Indica / Sativa – 80/20 Harvest – 8 to 9 weeks / Mid Oct. Stature – Medium / Lanky

After developing our Emerald OG (f6) we crossed it with a Headband cut we got from a group of friends in Covelo, Mendocino CA.

Large terpine and crystal development.  Truly a wonderful smoke!  A HUGE producer outside, but beware of grey mold and pm as it comes quick and easy.

Great for nausea, pain and sleep disorders.

Everyone Chill – Sannie’s Freebees are Coming Back….

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Posted 08 February 2013 – 03:58 AM

“We are indeed out of freebees for the moment. We are making the new freebees but this can take around 7-8 weeks to finish.
It is very nice to give extra freebees with a order, but when the sales are going up there is more need for freebees, I am making them myself and we are getting freebees from our breeders. It is important we have several freebees to choose from but more important big stock that will help to have a good choice of freebees of longer time.
I was not in the possiblity to make new freebees but they are coming back, stronger as ever :showoff:
greetz sannie”

TGA / Subcool Seeds on Sale @

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I noticed that is selling TGA/Subcool strains for $75.00 US per 10 pack (They are $110 @ the Attitude) plus a special buy two 10 packs and you get a free five pack of Chernobyl or Plushberry.  This sale has been going on for a while, no telling how long it will last.   Fans of TGA Subcool will want to pay a visit, the rest of you can ignore.


Ace of Spades

Agent Orange

Cheese Quake


Dairy Queen

Deep Purple

Jack’s Cleaner II

Jack the Ripper

Jilly Bean


Pandora’s Box



Qrazy Train



Ripped Bubba


Space Dawg


The Flav

The Third Dimension

Time Wreck



Looks like TGA/subcool seeds are also available at Highgrade Seeds, another Canadian seedbank, for $85 US a pack, also quite a bit cheaper than Attitude.  Possibly because of being in Canada?

Legendary Breeder Reeferman Sighting

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The legendary Canadian breeder Reeferman, whose strains were slowly disappearing from the seedbanks over the last few years, has reappeared at a new seedbank, As always, this is FYI and not a review, I merely point out that this seedbank is there.  Since I have not done business with this seedbank I can’t give any advice.  Perhaps a few adventurous readers will try them and report back.  Most of the seeds offered are for $100 US or $150 US for a pack of seeds, but the packs are 20 seeds for regular and 10 seeds for femmed so the prices are not too high.

Reeferman has long been controversial, mostly because of a mispent racist youth, but he has long since professed a change in attitude and I myself believe that people can change, so it is at least possible the Reeferman has.  There is also some controversy over the quality of the seeds released over the last few years, but it is unclear what the problem was.  The seed business is pretty rough and tumble, in case you haven’t noticed.  Lots of competitiveness and trashing of competitors offerings.

Anyway Reeferman has in the past offered some genetics that are almost unobtainalbe elsewhere, especially some of the rarer sativa landraces like Panama Red.

If someone tries this seedbank please come back here and leave a comment.

Peyote Purple – Cannabiogen Seeds Limited Edition

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breeders description:

“Delicious and spectacular hybrid originated in US of stimulant and uplighting indica effect estimulante. It is harvested in 8-9 weeks. Sweet aromas to incence, earth with touches of mango, metalic and shampoo:Is a fantastic high quality resin producer. Its been developed several generations from an isolated purple pheno segregated from Bubba Kush. Due giving a few males in its offspring, line is offered as regular seeds, 10 seeds per pack but results tell about a very extremelly high average of females.”

Cannazon Breeder’s Market

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