– a new Budtrader?

shortlink here:

As usual, this post is fyi (for your information) and due caution should be used.  I don’t know anything more about this business than that it just popped up on the internet.

This site appears to be quite a bit like, though the postings here are still thin.

It is hosted on a low cost web host and the contact info is non-existent.  Just saying.  These are negatives but typical of small start ups.

2 Responses to “ – a new Budtrader?”

  1. I seen this at Hempfest in seattle last week. I must say I was impressed they had a cool shipping container to ship live clones. Way cool. you can see videos and more about this on I think there sight is similar to but these guys are more into getting people the genetics they want. live rooted plants at your doorstep. sounds great to me

  2. High quality Rick Simpson Oil available for collectives and patients. Made from organically grown plant material exactly the way Rick does it. Used the entire plant with 99.9% iso, no butane, carcinogens, residues or contaminants. Great as a sublingual, edible, vaporized, or just a good ol dab! I make this oil for a few patients with severe conditions and just need to get rid of the extra that they dont use, so this is truly medicinal quality oil Im offering. Prefer to work long-term with terminally ill, disabled, elderly, and veterans, or collectives that cater to those populations.

    Strains available:
    Platinum Bubba

    Pineapple Express call or text at (7862545698)

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