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shortlink here:

As usual, this post is fyi (for your information) and due caution should be used.  I don’t know anything more about this business than that it just popped up on the internet.

This site appears to be quite a bit like, though the postings here are still thin.

It is hosted on a low cost web host and the contact info is non-existent.  Just saying.  These are negatives but typical of small start ups.

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Below is the description of the interesting website  I have posted this FYI, and this is not an endorsement or a warning.  Exercise caution as always.

About is a safe place for medical marijuana patients and clubs to post ads for their products being offered. Do NOT abuse use our services for any illegal activity or your posts will be deleted immediately.

Some sample posts:

Looking For A Plant Today. $Open Inland Empire 3 hours ago

Hello, I’m new to the growing scence. I currently have a few plants in flowering right now and have a open spot in my aeroponics system. I was looking to see if I can find a decently siz…

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We offer a full line of edibles and dried herbs avail. candy bars, lollipops, blueberry bran muffins, and potables. *call for prices and join our collective today ** we also offer grow an… $call ventura,santa barbara, and kern counties 3 hours ago


Purple Ice & Trainwreck

Good purple ice dense nugs great smoke…. stinky trainwreck thats sticky when u break it upp…. PICS ARE TRAINWRECK..NO PURP PICS YET leave me a an email w/ your contact info!… $purp 300/oz wreck 260/oz Santa Clara 3 hours ago


White Widow mother

As it stands right now I’m $100 short on the rent and I desperately need $100 to pay it as I’m already late, so I need to make a sacrifice and sell my lone baby. She’s about 4-5 weeks from h… $100 Fullerton Orange County 6 hours ago

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Got Clones ??!!!

Verified strains, a variety to choose from,OG Kush, Pre98 Bubba Kush,Sour diesel, L.A confidential and many more!! consistent and reliable. Our clones are big healthy, and bug free. No order… $10 Inland Empire all of Southern california 7 hours ago