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shortlink here:

As usual, this post is fyi (for your information) and due caution should be used.  I don’t know anything more about this business than that it just popped up on the internet.

This site appears to be quite a bit like, though the postings here are still thin.

It is hosted on a low cost web host and the contact info is non-existent.  Just saying.  These are negatives but typical of small start ups.

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Apparently another barter site similar to, as always use discretion I know nothing about these sites except that they exist.  It looks like the site is connected to Good Karma Growers Collective in Lucerne California. or:

Another Medical Marijuana Marketplace – BudBay

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Now there is BudBay, which looks to be a clone of BudTrader,

It doesn’t have as many ads as BudTrader but of course it is newer.

As always I am posting these sites FYI and I don’t endorse them, and as always use caution.  I don’t have any idea who runs these sites and who posts on them.  BudTrader looks legit but there are also the possibilities of rip offs and law enforcement stings on these kinds of sites no matter how legit so be careful folks!

OK well looking around this morning I see one more site like this it is NugTrader,  I have listed all three in the links section down the right hand side under Marijuana Classifieds.