Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a wonderful marijuana strain, great tasting berry undertones with a hazy top, and a nice buzz that is mostly sativa in effect.  I don’t have any proof but I do believe based upon some reading that the strain originated from that great cannabis community centered around Santa Cruz.  Props to the great growers there!

It is purportedly a cross of Blueberry and Haze, with some stories going so far as to specify a “Santa Cruz haze” while other stories specifying “DJ Shorts Blueberry” x “Mr. Nice Super Silver Haze.”  It is possible of course that both stories are accurate, as it is certainly possible (likely) that there are multiple cuts of Blue Dream circulating around California.  At this time Blue Dream is a clone-only strain though there are seed versions starting to appear on the market. 

I found these Blue Dream seeds on the net, though I can’t comment on quality as I don’t know:

From a collective in Garden Grove (Orange County in SoCal):


and Riot Seeds has a version: or:

Homegrown Fantaseeds won a cup with Blue Haze in 2003 or so and it is still available.  It may be similar in effect to Blue Dream:

And British Columbia Seed Co. has “Blaze”, another Blueberry x Haze cross:

Blaze – British Columbia Seed Co.

a fifty page blue dream discussion:

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