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A 2nd Cannabis Legalization Initiative Filed in California

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(ED. the below is from, this is the 2nd cannabis legalization initiative being circulated.)


I’m excited to announce, shortly after 4:20pm last Friday, 10-11-13, we filed the Marijuana Control, Legalization and Revenue Act of 2014. The proponents of this new initiative are John Lee, Dege Coutee, Bob Bowerman, and Dave Hodges (myself).

For the last year we have been reaching out to thousands of people with a grassroots, “open source” document to legalize cannabis in California. This is the first project of Americans for Policy Reform (AFPR), a new 501c4 dedicated to legislative reform. AFPR gathered information from people within the California Medical Marijuana movement and others from all walks of life.

This is a breakthrough change for Californians and a serious issue for most. By using a public open source document, we were given great insight into what the real issues were and how to solve them. The Marijuana Control, Legalization and Revenue Act of 2014 leaves no details out. It not only legalizes cannabis, but it also shows how it will be governed in an acceptable way that the majority of Californians can endorse. In addition, the Act is in compliance with new guidelines from the US Attorney General office.

This initiative measure grants to Californians the freedom to use, grow, transport and sell cannabis subject to reasonable regulation and taxation in a manner similar to alcohol. The measure will:

* Comply with the Attorney General guidelines

* Prevent the distribution of marijuana to minors

* Prevent the growing of marijuana on public lands

* Prevent the profits from the sale of marijuana from going to criminal enterprises, gangs and cartels

* Prevent the violence and the use of firearms in the cultivation and distribution of marijuana

* Prevent “drugged driving” and other adverse public health consequences associated with marijuana use

* Clarify California’s medical marijuana laws

* Generate millions of dollars in new revenue for California

* Save law enforcement millions of dollars and provide them time to fight real crime

* Separate legitimate cannabis businesses from drug dealers

With this filing, we start the final stages toward ending cannabis prohibition in California.

Attached is the language we filed. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions.

Best regards,

Dave Hodges

A2C2 – the All American Cannabis Club

SJCBC – the San Jose Cannabis Buyers Collective

AFPR – Americans for Policy Reform


Poll: Calif. voters back marijuana legalization

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Poll: Calif. voters back marijuana legalization

SAN FRANCISCO —A poll released Wednesday has promising news for marijuana users who hope California will join the two other states that have voted to legalize recreational use of the drug. [note KCRA needs to stop referring to the Herb as “drugs”]A Field Poll found that a solid majority of those surveyed this month – 54 percent – support allowing weed to be sold and taxed like alcohol.

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Members of Congress To Introduce Federal Measure To Legalize Cannabis, Regulate Sales

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by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director
February 5, 2013

Members of Congress will introduce historic legislation on Tuesday to permit for the regulated production and retail sales of cannabis to adults in states that have legalized its consumption.

Representative Jared Polis, (D-CO) is sponsoring legislation that seeks to regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol.

Separate legislation to be introduced by Rep. Earl Bluemenauer (D-OR) seeks to establish a federal tax structure for retail cannabis production and sales.

Congratulations to the People of Colorado and Washington!

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11 Enemies of Marijuana Legalization

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11 Enemies of Marijuana Legalization

From President Obama to NYC Mayor Bloomberg, the authorities are still bent on keeping pot illegal.

October 18, 2012  |

“In 1990, Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl Gates told a Senate committee that people who smoked pot occasionally “ought to be taken out and shot.” That kind of fanaticism, which dominated the debate on drugs 20 years ago, seems to have faded. Today’s politicians are more likely to dismiss cannabis concerns as “not serious” than to rail against the demons of dope—but the powers that be are still bent on keeping pot illegal. U.S. cops bust an average of almost 100 people every hour for pot, and an array of think tanks and nonprofit groups continues to pump out prohibitionist propaganda.

Here are 11 of the worst—the most powerful and the most vehement.

1. DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart

A holdover from the Bush administration, Leonhart was formally appointed to head the Drug Enforcement Administration by Barack Obama in 2010. The antiprohibitionist movement strongly opposed her, citing the DEA’s raids on medical-marijuana growers in California—including one on a 69-year-old woman who had been the first grower to register with the Mendocino County Sheriff.

As the DEA’s acting director in January 2009, she overruled a DEA administrative-law judge’s recommendation and denied the University of Massachusetts a license to cultivate marijuana for FDA-approved research. “This single act has blocked privately funded medical marijuana research in this country,” NORML head Allen St. Pierre said in July 2010.

Leonhart often carries hardline views to absurd extremes. In 2011, asked about the drug-cartel carnage in Mexico, she told the Washington Post that “It may seem contradictory, but the unfortunate level of violence is a sign of success in the fight against drugs,” because the cartels were fighting each other “like caged animals.” In June 2012, asked by Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) if crack, heroin and methamphetamine were worse for your health than marijuana, she repeatedly answered, “I believe all illegal drugs are bad.” Asked if opioid painkillers like OxyContin were more addictive than marijuana, she answered, “All illegal drugs in Schedule I are addictive.””

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High School Students Speak Truth to Power in Fascist Northern Nevada

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“A Northern Nevada school principal is defending the suspensions of 12 students for posting pro-marijuana signs on campus, saying it caused a disruption for classmates and staff.

Carson Valley Middle School Principal Robert Been said the signs, including ones reading “Legalize Weed” and “Free the Weed,” violated a policy requiring all signs to be approved by staff before being displayed.
The group hung nearly 30 signs at the Gardnerville school, about 50 miles south of Reno, after three classmates were taken into custody on suspicion of smoking marijuana next to campus on Nov. 9.”

Arnold Can Decriminalize Marijuana With a Stroke of His Pen!

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California Legislature Passes Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

“Just hours before the state’s legislative session ended Tuesday, the California Assembly voted to approve SB 1449, Sen. Mark Leno’s bill to fully decriminalize simple marijuana possession. The bill passed the Senate in June and now goes to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s desk.”

Yes On 19

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I have been an advocate and activist for an end to marijuana prohibition for a few years now, but I have been kind of luke warm on Prop 19 so far.  However with the wack job religious nut jobs coming out of the closet and beginning their attacks, and with the cowardice of some (mainly) Democratic elected officials (and thank you to the many rank and file Democrats who support legalization)  it has become important to me to publicly endorse the success of this initiative.

It is not perfect and may indeed lead to even more police involvement in our lives than at present.  We will see how that works out.  At any rate Prop 19 is neither the beginning nor will it be the end of the struggle of the people to enjoy the four uses of this wonderful plant:  spiritual, medicinal, recreational and industrial.

The most important thing about Proposition 19 is that it says to the Federal Government “Marijuana is legal.”  That is a statement that the Feds must either accept or not.  We will see how that works out, too.  California could make it as an independent country, no problem.

have a  peaceful day,


Anti Gay Marraige Group Is Opposed to Prop 19 – What a Shock!

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SACRAMENTO – The fight to legalize marijuana is about to take on a political heavy hitter., the people who backed Prop 8 and opposed Gay Marriage, is about to launch

The site will be up and running by Wednesday, but a public service is set to launch on YouTube sometime Monday.,0,4247797.story

The Right Way to Legalization

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I am not sure how I am going to vote on Proposition 19, the California initiative that purports to legalize the possession of small amounts of cannabis for adults.  Of course I am pro-legalization.   I am a radical who believes that the Constitution already guarantees us the use of this plant under several clauses including the first, the fourth, the fifth and the 10th amendments, and also as a natural human right that no government can take from us.

As for Prop 19 I am not sure, sometimes I suspect that it is an attempt by some established interests to corner the market legally, which will not be such a good thing.  People (perhaps even more than now) will still be thrown in jail over cannabis related “crime.”  I am leaning towards “yes” at the moment because I feel that a yes will be at least an incremental step towards full legalization.  However I do admit that that argument failed me when the Democrats used it to push through  their awful health care “reform.”

Anyway I am not decided yet on 19, I will let you know when I do.

But I do need to point out that there is a way to legalize cannabis the right way.  The right way would be to simply eliminate every instance in the California Penal Code that criminalizes the use, possession, or cultivation of marijuana cannabis.

Simple.  Clean. Done.

The easiest way to fix it is by eliminating a few laws not passing some more.

have a peaceful day,