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Donna Huebsch Sentenced to Time Served for Shotgun Manslaughter

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By ALLIE HOSTLER, Two Rivers Tribune

On Wednesday, February 26, traveling judge, Richard Scheuler sentenced Burnt Ranch resident, Donna Huebsch to time served for the killing of 39-year-old Adrian Rael in August of 2012. Donna Huebsch./Trinity County booking photo Trinity County prosecutor, Mike Harper said that in the 16 months since the homicide, Huebsch had three attorneys working her case. After she hired the fourth, Arcata-based Russell Clanton, a statement she initially gave investigators, resurfaced and she was offered a two-year sentence if she agreed to plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter, a lesser charge than murder.

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Lost Coast Outpost August 2012

San Diego Style Fascism Comes to the Emerald Triangle

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via Red Headed Blackbelt (Kym Kemp):

Feds raid Northstone Organics medical marijuana dispensary in Mendocino.

more on this developing story as it comes…..

Northstone Organics website (down at the moment):

BREAKING NEWS: Federal agents raid Ukiah home

By TIFFANY REVELLE The Daily Journal
Updated: 10/13/2011 02:25:45 PM PDT

Responding to several reports that federal agents raided the medical marijuana cooperative Northstone Organics Thursday morning, the DEA confirmed it was conducting enforcement operations in Ukiah.

Raid response:

“As you can see below, the purported raid on Northstone Organics is being widely distributed on Twitter. The “Medical Cannabis Patient Compassionate Center” Axis of Love in San Francisco is calling for a demonstration tomorrow to protest the action.

LA Weekly:

Lost Coast Outpost (Humboldt, Eureka):

North Coast Journal (Humboldt, Eureka) :

Will Cannabis Price Go Up?

Santa Rosa Press-Democrat:

Northstone Organics owner discusses federal raid:

MendoNews :

Medical Cannabis Protesters Gather At City Hall In Wake Of Federal Raids (San Francisco):

Pot Grower’s Kids Live Healthier Says Canadian Study

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via toke of the town

“new study from Canada flies in the face of stereotypes regarding the offspring of marijuana-growing parents. Children from homes where cannabis is grown were healthy and drug-free, according to the study — in fact, healthier than other children….”

Cheapest Gas, Arcata, Eureka, Fortuna, Crescent City, Ukiah, Redding

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Regular, Arcata, Eureka, Fortuna, Loleta combined: or:,Eureka,Fortuna,Loleta&site=California&station=All%20Stations&tme_limit=36

Diesel, Arcata, Eureka, Fortuna, Loleta combined: or:,Eureka,Fortuna,Loleta,Arcata,Eureka,Fortuna,Loleta&site=California&station=All Stations&tme_limit=36

Arcata: or:

Eureka: or:

Fortuna: or:

Crescent City: or:

Ukiah: or:

Redding: or:

2nd biggest gas price jump in history c/o Red Headed Blackbelt:

highboldtage june 2008:


Emerald Triangle Banks Ordered to Spy on Customers

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from the Press Democrat:

Federal regulators are instructing North Coast banks to scrutinize their customers’ financial transactions for signs of money laundering and drug deals, the result of the region’s reputation for marijuana production.

Evidence of the policy emerged last month, when the largest bank in Mendocino County [Savings Bank of Mendocino County] notified shareholders that federal banking regulators were requiring it to closely watch its accounts because the North Coast had been designated a high-risk area for money laundering.

Is the IRS Targeting California Dispensaries?

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A disturbing report from Mother Jones:

2010 Emerald Triangle Harvest – Bountiful and Beautiful

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Yes I know back in August I was whining here a little bit about the apparent lack of herb here in Humboldt County but in the last month or so the 2010 outdoor harvest is coming in and I have been blessed with a few samples.  Although I am certainly on the periphery of the marijuana / cannabis scene here in Humboldt having only been here three years now from what I have heard this year’s harvest in Humboldt, Mendocino and Shasta will be one of the best in memory both in quantity and quality.   I can tell you that the samples I have tried (all outdoor from Humboldt, Mendocino and Shasta and some from Santa Cruz)  have been top shelf. 

It seems like the outdoor growers were blessed with almost perfect weather this year for one thing.  For another thing I have anectdotal reports that some farmers planted more plants than before in anticipation of lower prices.  It also seems that more people than ever are growing this year, no doubt due to economic pressures.  People in danger of losing their homes or their land and have no other income will turn to growing – either indoor or out- rather than be foreclosed.  Of course a percentage of these newbie growers will fail but some won’t.

It will be interesting to see if the market can absorb all of this bud.  I think that it can.  After all that 30 tons of marijuana that was intercepted south of San Diego last week was going somewhere.

Indoor Pot Grows Fueled by 25 Years of Government Eradication Efforts

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From the LA TIMES:,0,4660032,full.story

“In urban parts of Humboldt County, electrical use per household has leaped 50% since 1996, when voters approved the state’s medical-marijuana initiative, according to a study by the Schatz Energy Research Center at Humboldt State University.

In Arcata and unincorporated areas of the county, average electrical use rose 60% during that time — while California’s overall use remained virtually flat.”

“Across rural America, farm towns became ghost towns. But in the Triangle, pot supported communities of small farms, locally owned businesses and young people. “Marijuana saved the family farm,” said Gerald Myers, former chief of the Briceland Volunteer Fire Department in southern Humboldt.

Grower money funded clinics, hospices, pre-schools and volunteer fire departments, residents say.

Then in 1983 the state began its Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (CAMP), using helicopters to spot pot fields. Each summer, narcotics agents uprooted tens of thousands of plants. By the mid-1990s, the crackdown helped push the wholesale price of premium pot as high as $5,000 per pound.

Growers went indoors. Beyond simply hiding from police, they could now grow year-round.”

A Few Trees In the Emerald Triangle

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Follow this link to International Cannagraphic for more amazing pix like this sample: or

Eradication Team Reported In Laytonville/Willits Vicinity

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From the Emerald Triangle: