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Cheapest Gas, Arcata, Eureka, Fortuna, Crescent City, Ukiah, Redding

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Regular, Arcata, Eureka, Fortuna, Loleta combined: or:,Eureka,Fortuna,Loleta&site=California&station=All%20Stations&tme_limit=36

Diesel, Arcata, Eureka, Fortuna, Loleta combined: or:,Eureka,Fortuna,Loleta,Arcata,Eureka,Fortuna,Loleta&site=California&station=All Stations&tme_limit=36

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2nd biggest gas price jump in history c/o Red Headed Blackbelt:

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Diesel truckers at cancer risk from exhaust

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Diesel truckers at cancer risk from exhaust

Jane Kay, Chronicle Environment Writer

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

(12-08) 20:55 PST — Trucking company workers who have been regularly exposed to diesel exhaust from vehicles on highways, city streets and loading docks have a higher risk of lung cancer than other workers, according to a new national study.

The study, based on 31,135 worker records, found that drivers who do short-haul pickups and deliveries, including loading and unloading containers at ports and working at freight-delivery companies, had the highest rate of deaths and disease.

Dockworkers were also at a higher risk, according to the report by researchers at UC Berkeley and Harvard.

U.S. highway fund crushed by cutback in driving

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U.S. highway fund crushed by cutback in driving

As drivers cut back on gas, The Department of Transportation says its Highway Trust Fund will be depleted and needs an $8 billion emergency infusion.

NEW YORK ( — An unprecedented decline in driving will deplete the federal Highway Trust Fund by the end of September prompting the government to ask Congress for an $8 billion emergency infusion Friday.

Gasoline sales are crucial to maintaining the nation’s highway infrastructure. About 90% of the fund’s total revenues comes from taxes on motor fuels, according to a July report from the Congressional Budget Office.

Without the additional money, the Department of Transportation will not be able to fully reimburse states for their highway investments. Already in September, department officials are projecting getting $4.4 billion in state requests but collecting only $2.7 billion in revenues.

How Will Drilling Help If Refineries Are Cutting Back?

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Oil Rises $2.99 on Bigger-Than-Expected Gasoline Supply Decline

By Mark Shenk

Aug. 13 (Bloomberg) — Crude oil futures rose more than $2 a barrel after a U.S. Energy Department report showed a bigger- than-forecast decline in inventories of gasoline as refiners shut units and imports fell.

Gasoline supplies dropped 6.39 million barrels to 202.8 million barrels last week, the biggest decline since October 2002 when Hurricane Lili and Tropical Storm Isidore disrupted output along the Gulf of Mexico. Stockpiles were forecast to decrease 2.15 million barrels, according to a Bloomberg News survey.

“Refiners are cutting runs and imports plunged because demand is so weak,” said Michael Lynch, president of Strategic Energy & Economic Research in Winchester, Massachusetts. “Refiners weren’t making money so it made sense to shut units.”

Fuel Rationing in Tijuana?

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Shrinking fuel supplies causing mad scramble

Public bus service may be halted today
By Omar Millán González
UNION-TRIBUNEJune 19, 2008

TIJUANA – Truck and bus drivers experienced a day of chaos in Tijuana yesterday, as they chased a dwindling supply of diesel fuel. Today was shaping up to be even worse.

For weeks, drivers from the United States have snapped up Mexican diesel, which is selling for about 50 percent less than in California.

That has resulted in a shortage of the fuel, and gas stations nearest the border crossings started halting or limiting sales last weekend.

By yesterday, diesel had started to run out at outlying stations


Long lines of trucks and buses, their drivers desperate to buy diesel, formed at those stations still selling the fuel.

Public transportation officials announced that if they could not refuel their buses they would halt service today, a decision that affects at least 750,000 daily riders.

Mexicoach, which previously bought diesel in Tijuana, was now buying it in San Diego, paying significantly more. González said the company had no choice but to raise its fares as well.

Dozens of cargo trucks were stranded along roads south and east of Tijuana after their drivers could not find diesel.


Local officials with Pemex, the national oil monopoly, have refused to comment about the crisis for days. But in Mexico City, its director, Jesús Reyes Heroles, denied yesterday that there was a fuel shortage on the border, the news agency Notimex reported.


Mexican government subsidies keep the fuel price lower than in the United States. A gallon of regular unleaded gas (87 octane) sells for $2.54, premium (91 octane) for $3.19 and diesel for $2.20.

Rationing of diesel began Friday


Korean container port reels as trucker strike enters fifth day

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Korean container port reels as trucker strike enters fifth day

Busan Port, which accounts for 80 percent of the country’s container cargo, was virtually paralysed yesterday as a strike over skyrocketing fuel costs by the Korean Transport Workers’ Union (KTWU) entered its fifth day, following the breakdown of talks with the government.

‘Don’t waste a drop’ London Drivers Warned

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Petrol: ‘Don’t waste a drop’, drivers warned as four-day fuel strike starts to hit the pumps

Last updated at 13:30pm on 13.06.08



Shell garage

Run-dry: A Shell petrol station in central London is already out of fuel on the first day of the tanker driver strike

Motorists were warned not to ‘waste a drop of fuel’ today as petrol stations began to run dry after tanker drivers started a four-day strike.

Hundreds of union members seeking a pay rise from Shell picketed petrol terminals as many others also turned back from refineries in solidarity.

The Shell drivers have refused an improved pay offer of 7.3 per cent backdated to January, which would take average earnings to more than £39,000.