Another Medical Marijuana Marketplace – BudBay

Now there is BudBay, which looks to be a clone of BudTrader,

It doesn’t have as many ads as BudTrader but of course it is newer.

As always I am posting these sites FYI and I don’t endorse them, and as always use caution.  I don’t have any idea who runs these sites and who posts on them.  BudTrader looks legit but there are also the possibilities of rip offs and law enforcement stings on these kinds of sites no matter how legit so be careful folks!

OK well looking around this morning I see one more site like this it is NugTrader,  I have listed all three in the links section down the right hand side under Marijuana Classifieds.

10 Responses to “Another Medical Marijuana Marketplace – BudBay”

  1. Good advice.

    They’re fun to look at – pot porn – going prices – information,

    but be careful.

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  4. Shweet! Thanks for mentioning BudBay and for the link. I started the site in August 2009. It feels empowering that there are similar sites in the mix. BudBay and other sites happen to be using the same classifieds script and that is why the layouts are similar. I’m working on adding new sections and resources, and refining the design. I added HighBoltage to the Links page today.

    Peace and Pumpkins,

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  6. I got swindled out a deal worth a lot of money. amazingly i got it all back…….. Looooooooooooong story. Like a fuckn movie.

  7. johnathan reid Says:

    i only used that is a legit site since i have used them since day one for almost three years now and everything working smooth..
    hoped it help anyone out there looking for a place to see cannabis ads.

  8. Yeah budbay Has worked for me for four years now i buy my clones for my outdoor grow. has been a good experience. Sacramento. NorCal.

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  10. Hey guys, check out this online collective, Its like budtrader but this one actually verifies you and all people logged on are patients.

    Just a cool place to work cooperatively


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