Purple Trash

Purple Trash (Purple Wreck x Hashplant)


Purple Trash thread at icmag:

Says Purple Trash is a Mendocino grower’s creation and is Purple Kush x Trainwreck x Hashplant


Purple Trash @ skunkschool:


Indoor Grow/smoke report @ rollitup:



Bodhi Sativa has a photo of a beautiful Purple Trash nug:


4 Responses to “Purple Trash”

  1. were can I get this???

  2. Hi Zack,

    I don’t know, apparently it is being grown in Sohum and Mendocino.

    I smoked some of this last year, early 2009, we got three TW crosses from THC in Arcata. Durban Wreck was good, Kush wreck was heavy hitter but the third was called “Goodness Gracious” I think and it was Urkle x TW x California Hashplant and it was one of the best tasting buds I’ve ever smoked. The nugs were beautiful gold and green with hints of purple. To be fair it must have been grown outdoors by a master grower so it might not all be due to genetics in the sample I smoked.

    Maybe THC in Arcata can help find this.

    have a peaceful day,

  3. Best grow ever! Got a few cuts off my boy. High energy fastgoing, loved this strain! Just wish I still had that hook up! Best ever!

  4. The best!

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