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Mosca Negra Machacar (Trainwreck x Cindy Cross)

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Mosca Negra Machacar

MACHACAR IS a new cross of the Famous Arcata Trainwreck cut and our Pineapple C99 male. A very fast Thai Sativa “Trainwreck” should be improved by the c99 male. The dearly departed Dr Jay of the medical forum described the Arcata Trainwreck as “mentholated dead whale dipped in lemon flavored gasoline”. The c99 male will add a bit of fruitiness to the funky flavor. Yields will be medium Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Regular Seeds  Flowering Time: 8 – 9 Weeks Enviroment: indoor, outdoor Autoflower: No Seeds Per Pack: 10

Casey Jones – Connoisseur Genetics

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With the creator of the sought after Casey Jones strain, Head Seeds, H3ad Seeds, or Grateful H3ad seemingly disappeared for a while and not releasing any more seeds, this company has come forth with a version they call Grateful Casey Jones.  According to the breeders it is the truecannabis cut of Casey Jones from Amsterdam self pollinated to create feminized S1 seeds.

Some of the places below are out of stock, I don’t know if they have sold out already or they have not yet received their initial stock. 

Connoisseur Genetics also has several Casey Jones crosses, look for them in the seed banks along with this Casey Jones.  These include Chemmy Jones,  NYC Jones and Sour Hazy Jones.

Casey Jones is a cross of Orient Express (Arcata Trainwreck x Thai) and East Coast Sour Diesel (ECSD) with the Orient Express via Billy Goat Seeds.

from the breeder: 

“Here we have reversed the Truecannabliss cut of Head Seeds Casey Jones, now widely available on the Amsterdam coffee shop scene and we used it to pollinate itself. Casey Jones is a true elite strain in seed form and we are extremely grateful to Head Seeds for bringing it to the world. The spectrums of flavour we hope to represent with these S1s are a meaty/earthy funk with sweet fruity diesel undertones. We give all credit to grateful Head Seeds as all we did was remake his already outstanding work into fem seed Expect monster yields.”

Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks

Environment: Indoor/Outdoor

Yield – Huge 

Available in 5 cannabis feminized seeds

Sea of Seeds:



Canna Collective (UK):



Sensible Seeds:

more info:

Dazey Jones – Devils Harvest Seed Co.

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The breeders description:

“World-famous Trainwreck is lovingly mixed with the classic Sour Diesel and finished off with a healthy dose of Thai in this high-yielding variety. Dense resinous flowers are accompanied by little foliage, leaving more ventilation to protect against mould and mildew. Commercial producers as well as connoisseurs will appreciate the complex layering of flavours and trainload of crystal-covered colas. Dazy Jones flowers in just eight to nine weeks and responds well to sea of green cultivation; a greenhouse is recommended for outdoor growers battling short flowering seasons. ”

My Favorite Flavors of 2010

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Here are my favorite flavors of 2010.  All were grown outdoors organically in the Emerald Triangle.  There is fine marijuana grown everywhere, here I am just sharing a bit of the Emerald Triangle with you.  All of the strains below are dank but the rankings are not for potency which may vary but only for taste, which of course is subjective and personal.

1.  Blue Dream 

 I think I have found a new favorite flavor.  This mostly clone-only strain originated in Santa Cruz and is a cross of blueberry and haze.  There is a nice hint of fruity berryness and the exquisite flavor of the haze is evident.  Nice get up and go energetic buzz, but not as good for pain as straight blueberry.

2.  Skunk #1  Well this is the first time I have ever smoked any skunk strain and I really liked the flavor.  The buzz was good but not as enjoyable for me as a more sativa plant might give.  One of my favorite flavors last year was Pot of Gold, and since it is a skunk cross that might explain its great taste. 

3.  Purple Urkel   This Emerald Triangle legendary strain sure tastes good.  It is my understanding that it is in fact a nice fanciful name for Purple Skunk, (Skunk #1 x Purple #1) which explains to me its great flavor.

4.  Blueberry  Well I tried some blueberry for the first time this year.  I know, it is probably the most popular strain at the dispensaries in Arcata, I have been in line at those places and overheard the enthusiastic endorsements of the strain.  But I am still new to marijuana after skipping 25 years or so and I figured what the hell all pot tastes the same more or less.  Anyway I was in the late lamented Hummingbird Health in Myrtletown and they had some nice blueberry so I tried it.  Then I tried a bit from HPRC in Arcata.  Finally this month I was gifted a half an ounce from a grower here in the Triangle. (She must like my singing because I”m not getting any better looking.  Ha!)   Blueberry tastes wonderful, I guess some cuts are more fragrant than others, and some are more blue than others, but whichever cut this is  is a fine tasting strain.  Blueberry also seems to be very good at pain control.

5.  Red Dragon.   This is a strain, apparently from Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam.  The taste is complex, interesting, maybe even challenging.  It doesn’t quite taste like anything else, maybe the novelty is the attraction.  

My favorite is still good old Arcata Trainwreck, but I don’t toke it for the flavor.

have a peaceful day,


Mother Chucker’s Medical Cannabis Seed Co. – California

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This is posted FYI as I know nothing about them except what is on their website.  As always exercise due diligence.  I notice that they have lots of interesting arcata e-32 trainwreck crosses.  I don’t think I’ve ever met a trainwreck cross that I haven’t liked, though some are more “wrecky” than others.  According to the site, these seeds are available at some dispensaries around the state of California.

The following is from the website:

“Based in Southern California, Mother Chucker’s Seeds has been supplying Cannabis growers worldwide with quality medicinal cannabis seeds for MMJ patients and caregivers.

Currently, we offer 8 stabilized strains for your growing pleasure. Please peruse our catalog online and see what we have to offer.

New strains are in always in development, watch to see new releases here on our website.

If you are interested in obtaining Mother Chucker’s seeds, please contact one of our authorized collectives in California.

Thank you!!

Mother Chucker

 In accordance and compliance with CA Prop 215, CA SB 420 and H+S Code #11362.5
For Medical Use Only

Here are a couple of their strains:

Blue Hawaii
(Blue Dream x Elvis) F1 Blue Dream and Elvis are two elite strains that literally have cult followings in the cannabis world. The combination of these genetics has produced a strain that provides a strong head and body high. The trichrome production is very strong and the flower makes great material for concentrates. The plant grows well indoor and outdoor and does well in SOG or SCROG systems too. If you FIM or Top be prepared to provide extra support for the branches. They will get very heavy as the buds grow.

Sugar Magnolia
(OG Bubba x Trainwreck) F1 This is Mother Chucker’s personal OGxBubba cross bred with the e-32 Arcata descendant to create a flat out bomber of an indica. This is a strong flavorful smoke with a mellow high that will lock you on the couch so make sure the remote and munchies are close. The kind of weed that will have you believe that Jerry Lives!

Oriental Express – Billy Goat Seeds

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Oriental Express is one of the genetic components of the Casey Jones strain, the other being East Coast Sour Diesel (ECSD).

“this is my flag ship of all the crosses. Started back in 2002, she has made it through some rough times, but back after all the hardship. She’s a winner no matter what. OE is a cross of the famous e-32 Trainwreck cut as the mother and a nice pure Thai father. Making for a creepy high that will keep you going for a good while. Most of the pheno are a spicy smelling and taste, but the coco flavor does pop up from time to time. As well as the citrus pheno, IE Trainwreck. This girl is one to keep many smoker’s happy for a long time. This cross is at F2 generations and heading towards maybe a F5 IBL. Growers will be more then happy with this cross. Expect average to good yields with a flower time from 60-70 days. It all depends on the phenol that is run.

PHOTO BY: Ms.Grat3ful, Head Seeds

E-32 Trainwreck x Pure Thai
Flower time: 60-70 days
Generations: F2, heading to F5 status.
Yield: average to good”

District Attorney FAIL in Los Angeles FUNNY SHIT

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LA Dist. Atty Trutanich and some cops tried to fear monger Prop 19 by demonstrating the effects of “drugged driving” on a couple of stoned journalists at a CHP training course.

Below is an excerpt of this  funny post of one of the participants.  The full article is here:,0,493202.column or

“A few hits later, I suggested to Tilden that we roll a vehicle, come out holding our necks, sue everyone and retire, but that was the dope talking. Tilden had forgotten his rolling papers, so I gave him my Bob Marley wrappers and Officer Leffert expertly rolled a fat one for him.

“What are you, Rastafarian?” Tilden asked the officer. “Look at the size of that blunt.”

One of us, after several strong hits on a second joint, was now giggling like a high school sophomore, and it wasn’t Tilden or the cops. I believe Train Wreck may be from the sativa rather than indica species of pot.”

Purple Trash

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Purple Trash (Purple Wreck x Hashplant)

Purple Trash thread at icmag:

Says Purple Trash is a Mendocino grower’s creation and is Purple Kush x Trainwreck x Hashplant

Purple Trash @ skunkschool:

Indoor Grow/smoke report @ rollitup:


Bodhi Sativa has a photo of a beautiful Purple Trash nug:

MK Ultrawreck, New Designer Trainwreck Cross from TH Seeds

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It’s a cross of G-13 and OG Kush, crossed to Arcata Trainwreck.  Should be pretty dank but you never know til you grow.

Head Seeds – Arcata Trainwreck Bx

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“The next generation of me trainwreck replication project, this back cross shows a high number of plants which are very similar to the Arcata Trainwreck  in structure, flavor, aroma, and high. The mother is, of course, the one and only Arcata Trainwreck, a plant renown for her particular high and flavor, and the fathers were selected from my first backcross.

Expect Lime scented flowers with an undertone of skunk, and a high that comes on quickly and hits hard,
with a strong cerebral component and a moderate stoniness to the body. ”