Chocolate Rain (DNA Chocolope X DJ Shorts Cocoa Kush)

Breeders description:

A intense chocolate F1 cross from Dna Chocolope and Cocoa Kush from Dj short,the combination of two of my favorite smokes.
The selected Chocolope is a sweet bitter chocolate thai sativa with little stretch. Very easy to grow and heavy yield in 9 to 10 weeks.
This lady won multiple cups and awards with her 100% chocolate taste.
The Cocoa Kush from Dj Shorts is a structurally Kush hybrid between a female Blueberry Sativa crossed with a the original Blueberry male.
Cocoa Kush has a very complex and hard to describe taste, a bar of dark bitter chocolate with some sour cream could fit the taste.
The most darkest and exciting aroma i have ever met.

Chocolate Rain

The combination of these masterworks is a perfekt bitter sweet chocolate harmony, Chocolate Rain.
Medium sized Sativa/Kush hybrid that everybody can grow.
Flowering around 10 weeks.
Every system and medium is suitable.
Let it rain chocolate

Again i chose a special freebie to acompagnie this cross.
Chem vs True Blueberry.
Allready known treasures of this planet that dont need much words of explanation.

With these seeds you will get 5 chemdawg X true blueberry freebees

Product Information
Type: Mostly Indica
Flowering time 9-10 weeks
Harvest up to 500 gram/m2(indoor)
Taste: Bitter chocolate/sour cream
Effect: ballanced stoned
flowers crtistal covered buds
THC: Percentage up to 20%

 Contents 10 seeds

Chocolate Rain Grow Journal, Phenos etc.

4 Responses to “Chocolate Rain (DNA Chocolope X DJ Shorts Cocoa Kush)”

  1. Sweet post.

    I never had ganja that tasted like chocolate.
    I’ll bet it’s popular with the ladies!

  2. Yeah if you google you will find some smoke reports on Chocolope it seems like a pretty good strain. The HPRC has Cocoa Kush sometimes but I’ve never tried it yet.

    If I ever find myself in a room with some Chocolate Rain, or Chocolope, or Cocoa Kush and a lady I will happily test your theory LOL.

    have a peaceful day,

  3. woodbutcher Says:

    Im coo coo for cocoa kush

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