High CBD Medical Strain “Juanita la Lagrimosa”

From cannabiscultura.com with aid from Google translate:

“As said before, the Juanita’s Tear is a cross between Queen Mother and New York Diesel.

Lo comercializó en su día Reggae Seeds, pero hoy en día ya no la venden en semilla.

Commercialized it in their day Reggae Seeds, but today no longer sold in seed. NOTE: Seemingly still available.

Algunas de sus variedades son cruces de Juanita la Lagrimosa.

 Some varieties are crosses of Juanita tears.
El clon que va por ahí rodando, según tengo entendido viene de una selección que se hizo en la provincia de Girona y que según parece ganó algún premio por ahí (Reggae Seeds habla en sus cruces de ella como su campeona ).

 The clone is rolling around, as I have understood is a choice that was made in the province of Girona and apparently won a prize out there (Reggae Seeds spoke in their crosses her as their champion.)

Por último comentar que creo que el nombre de Lagrimosa es debido a la capa de resina que se le forma en floración, ya que parece que gotea….

Finally comment that I think the name of Tears is due to the resin layer is a flowering, since it seems that drips ….”



Very Special strain. Extremly high CBD levels make this the ideal strain for most medical uses. Citris/Hazy aromas with fruity hash tastes leaves you with a very “up” cerebral high.

10 feminized seeds

Genetics: Mexican/Afghani x Reina Madre  Sativa 75% / Indica 25%
Indoor: 60 / 65 days
Outdoor: 1 – 15 October
Indoor yield: 400 / 600 Gr/m²
Outdoor yield: 700 – 1000 Gr / plant


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  1. Looks tasty :D.

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