Sweet OG, A Hug and A Nug

The other night I was out playing at a function and a beautiful young woman came up to me between songs and offered me a hug because she liked my singing.  Naturally I accepted the hug, being a man who likes women.  This being Humboldt the conversation got around to marijuana somehow and she gifted me with a nug of  what she called “Sweet OG”

Never having heard of this strain I was eager to try it and also to find out more about it.  From what I can tell this strain was developed in So Cal, perhaps in the San Diego area but is being grown in Santa Cruz as well.  Santa Cruz has many master growers and Santa Cruz marijuana is usually primo.

The nug she gave me was round and a little larger than a quarter in circumference.  It was kind of like taffy in consistency, you could squeeze it a bit but it stayed compressed.  The bud is somewhat sticky and a really nice dark green in color.  The smell to me is sweet skunky, with the emphasis on sweet, but my smeller is not as good as other people’s so I may be way off on this.  At any rate the smell is not overpowering but it smells like……well pot for sure.  I smoked a couple small bowls of this and it is smooth, great tasting, for me just a very pleasant generic sweet pot taste, kind of like old school Mexi weed but refined, like the best old Acapulco Gold or Colombian Gold.   Old School pleasure.

The high is predominately sativa like, with music sounding great, and cerebral and creative.  There are some milder body effects but this is not strong pain/sleep med, more for creative endeavors. 

Whoever grew this grew it to perfection.  It is great A+ marijuana.  Thank you and thanks also to the sweet young Traveler who gifted me.

So there is this company with roots in San Diego I believe called Riot Seeds and they have a strain called “Sweet OG” it is a cross of OG Kush x (Afghooey x Bodhi’s Double Purple Doja) and this might just be what I smoked. 

Riot’s Sweet OG Kush

Genetics: (Original OG Kush x Afgooey x Double Purple Doja)

Description: Our ORIGINAL OG Kush Mother (the very first version of OG Kush – a sativa resin monster, not a true kush oppositte common belief) crossed with a HEAVY pollen producing male from Bodhi’s Afgooey x Double Purple Doja Line. Expect a Fast Flowering, Sativa Dominant, POWERFUCKINGHOUSE! Our Original OG is often compared to Loompa’s Headband as well as Loompa’s Emperor Kush in both power, smell and appearance, so this crossed with the sweet smelling, large yielding, and resin heavy afgooey x double purple doja is sure to bring any sativa lover to their knees.

Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks


“Marijuana seeds of Riot Sweet OG Kush combines the best features of both parents – Riot ORIGINAL OG Kush mother (the very first version of OG Kush) and Bodhi’s Afgooey x Double Purple Doja father. On one hand, she shows the sativa resin production; on the other hand – fast flowering and HEAVY pollen indica development.

Like any other Riot marijuana seeds, Sweet OG Kush is suitable for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. Mostly sativa, they are yet take just 8-10 weeks of flowering to produces marijuana with strong uplifting high to bring any sativa lover to their knees. Limited price while being tested.”


4 Responses to “Sweet OG, A Hug and A Nug”

  1. Weed is bad for you, one can never be sure what some hum-dum sprayed on it to avoid the hassle of coastal mites and mold. Anyone who grows in the land of the hum-dum that claims they don’t have mites is telling a lie about spraying chem on their plants. Humboldt is not good for growing clean weed, only chem garbage that kills fish in streams.

  2. Hi BF,

    What do you use on your plants to control the spider mites? There are some eco-safe solutions I think. Someone even suggested the use of one of those electronic pest repellers, they said those work just fine.

    have a peacerful day,

  3. A little squirt of Dawn dish soap, water, and lots of persistence. And
    sometimes a little alcohol.

  4. grow outside at high altitude, dep before late july to avoid mold and over-growing market crashers

    make sure to not pay taxes and when possible take a dump on the steps of government buildings, this helps keep mites off plants.

    also, don’t smoke weed from humboldt, it’s all junk that can’t be grown without a plantation posture of latinos working for beans and getting ripped off by a dumbfuck in a toyota w/ a 707 sticker

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