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Amid mounting concern over Iran’s nuclear program and violence elsewhere in the region, U.S. Central Command quietly dispatched a Marine fighter jet squadron from San Diego to an undisclosed country in the Middle East, U-T San Diego has learned.

The deployment follows threats by the U.S. and Israel of military strikes if needed to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

At the same time, the conflict in Syria is threatening to drag Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan into war, Iraq is beset by renewed violence, and terrorist groups hoping to capitalize on political upheaval in the region covet Syria’s chemical weapons and Libyan arms.


Jovan Jackson’s Conviction Overturned in San Diego – Dispensaries Have the Right to Operate

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A big win for ASA in San Diego

Joe Elford

California’s 4th District Court of Appeal overturned the conviction of San Diego medical cannabis provider Jovan Jackson today. The decision in People v. Jackson recognizes the right of medical cannabis dispensaries to exist and provide medicine to patient-members.  The decision further clarifies that members can participate in the association though financial contributions (sales) alone. This is an important milestone, because until now, some law enforcement and law makers all have refused to acknowledge that patients can organize cooperative and collective associations that sell medical marijuana. Today’s decision may have far-reaching implications for local and state implementation and regulation of medical marijuana.


Jovan Jackson was first arrested for providing medical cannabis in the City of San Diego in 2008. He was prosecuted for cannabis possession and sales and acquitted by the jury. San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, a steadfast opponent of medical cannabis, retried him on the same charges in 2009. In that case, Superior Court Judge Howard Shore denied Mr. Jackson the right to use California’s medical cannabis laws as a defense in court. Judge Shore referred to medical cannabis as “dope” and called state medical cannabis laws a “sham” during the trial.

Americans for Safe Access (ASA) took Mr. Jackson’s appeal last year, because we knew this case was important for the future of safe access in California. Medical cannabis opponents have argued steadfastly that every member of a patients’ association must physically participate in the cultivation of plants and that no member can buy medicine. ASA disagreed, and this was just the case to settle the issue. Relying heavily on People v. Colvin, a prior appellate decision in the California’s 2nd District, the court ruled that

“Jackson was only required to produce evidence which would create a reasonable doubt as to whether the defense provided by the [Medical Marijuana Program Act] had been established… the collective or cooperative association required by the act need not include active participation by all members in the cultivation process but may be limited to financial support by way of marijuana purchases from the organization. Thus, contrary to the trial court’s ruling, the large membership of Jackson’s collective, very few of whom participated in the actual cultivation process, did not, as a matter of law, prevent Jackson from presenting an MMPA defense.”

The California Attorney General may decide to appeal the Jackson decision, and ASA will be ready to fight this case all the way to the state Supreme Court. Regardless of what comes next in court, patients should hope lawmakers are listening to court today. California votes called on state officials to “to implement a plan to provide for the safe and affordable distribution of marijuana” when they approved Proposition 215 in 1996. State lawmakers tried to further clarify the issue when the adopted the Medical Marijuana Program Act in 2003. That bill explicitly allowed collective and cooperative associations and provided for reimbursements for medicine.  It is past time for prosecutors like Ms. Dumanis, local law makers, and state representatives to stop stall and start regulating.

Treatment Resistant Bacterial DNA Found in Tijuana River Estuary

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Fears of gene pollution grow in TJ River

Los Angeles : CA : USA                     | May 03, 2012 at  6:32 PM PDT
Source: San Diego Union-Tribune
                It’s the kind of scenario that might evolve in Hollywood: A college professor detects drug-resistance genes collecting in local wetlands, where they survive for weeks and are spread far and wide by seabirds. But the discovery of extra-hardy DNA flourishing on the edge of San Diego isn’t science fiction.
The discovery of extra-hardy DNA flourishing on the edge of San Diego isn’t science fiction  It’s the result of research by David Cummings, a microbiologist at Point Loma Nazarene University.
In the sewage-laced sediment of the Tijuana River Valley, Cummings and his students have uncovered an array of genes that help their bacteria hosts survive.

Dangerous Bacteria Found In Tijuana River Estuary

Discovery Made At Time Of Recent Sewage Spill

POSTED: 5:44 pm PDT April 27, 2012
UPDATED: 5:47 pm PDT April 27, 2012
SAN DIEGO — Researchers have found bacteria in the Tijuana River Estuary that could be hard to treat if someone is infected with the bacteria.
The discovery was made around the same time a computer malfunction at a Tijuana sewage treatment plant dumped 2.5 million gallons of sewage into the Tijuana River. That river crosses north into the United States and dumps into the Pacific Ocean. The spill forced the closure of beaches from Border Field State Park to Coronado.
“The most likely explanation for the presence of drug-resistance genes in the Tijuana watershed is that they are riding downstream in feces, then collecting in the muck. Over time, bacteria in the intestinal tracks of people, cows and other mammals that are treated with antibiotics can develop immunity to classes of commonly used drugs and pass through the body intact. Bacteria also have an unusual ability to swap DNA, meaning they are virtually impossible to control outside a laboratory.

Cummings’s concern is fueled by the fact that birds, waves and other vectors can pick up the bacteria and spread it to other spots where more people can come into contact with them. There’s no evidence that’s happened with drug-resistance genes locally. However, a 2010 study on gulls in Sweden concluded that bacteria of wild animals — with or without antibiotic-resistance traits — are a potential source of human infection.”

Iraqi Woman Beaten to Death in El Cajon California

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update apr 4 “SAN DIEGO — Details in search warrants obtained by 10News’ media partner U-T San Diego appear to suggest the death of an Iraqi woman in her El Cajon home last month may not have been a hate crime.”

update via the Daily Beast :

“But what isn’t being widely reported is that even before Alawadi’s death, San Diego-area Muslims were experiencing a notable increase in discrimination, bullying, and physical assaults, according to the local Council on America-Islamic Relations, or CAIR-San Diego.

In the first quarter of 2012, the number of hostile incidents against Muslims in and around San Diego was nearly equal to the total number of incidents in 2011, according to Hanif Mohebi, director of CAIR-San Diego.”

via the Sacramento Bee:

“EL CAJON, Calif. — A woman from Iraq who was found beaten next to a threatening note saying “go back to your country” has died, and police are investigating the possibility of a hate crime.

The daughter, Fatima Al Himidi,told KUSI-TV her mother had been beaten on the head repeatedly with a tire iron, and that the note said “go back to your country, you terrorist.”

A family friend, Sura Alzaidy, told UT San Diego ( that the attack apparently occurred after the father took the younger children to school. Alzaidy told the newspaper the family is from Iraq, and that Alawadi is a “respectful modest muhajiba,” meaning she wears the traditional hijab, a head scarf.

Read more here:
more from google news:
discussion on democratic underground:
via detroit free press she was a U.S. citizen and  the daughter of a Shiite cleric:
 via democraticunderground:
One Million Hijabs for Shaima Alawadi ‎#MillionHijabMarch: What a beautiful initiative! Wake Forest and Salem students wearing hoodies and hijabs. #Hoodiesandhijabs

One Million Hijabs for Shaima Alawadi

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#MillionHijabMarch | 1437 Sisters now joined in solidarity with #ShaimaAlAwadi pls join & Brothers pls RT!




Students from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill gather to show solidarity. (picture taken at the steps of Wilson Library on March, 29th.)

San Diego Tea Party Spokesman Busted on Kidnapping and Rape Allegations

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bizarre update 3/26:  victim says in court that police arrested the wrong man!

update:  suspect claims it was consensual:

Another strange story from West Arizona:

via nbc san diego:  “Police arrested a prominent local political activist in connection to a recent Fiesta Island sex assault on Thursday.

Michael Kobulnicky, the public relations spokesperson for the San Diego Tea Party, was arrested Thursday afternoon in front of his home, according to Lt. Anastasia Smith with the San Diego Police Department.

Michael Kobulnicky was booked into San Diego Central Jail on numerous felony charges, including kidnapping, sexual assault and sex with a foreign object.”

more from google news:

daily kos:

democratic underground:

bio from the Conservative Party USA:

Michael J. Kobulnicky
Michael J. Kobulnicky, MBA grew up in sunny San Diego, CA and graduated from National University with a Masters Degree in Business Administration. He taught for the Val Verde Unified School District at the 2nd and 3rd grade levels. One of the grades was “GATE” level and he also coached track, basketball and softball for 4th and 5th grade students for two years. Michael has been in management for over 14 years and had managed a budget of over $1.2 million. He also has managed up to 42 workers with a large organization. Currently Michael is on the faculty at California Miramar University.Mr. Kobulnicky is married and has five sons. He loves to read all different types of books, especially books relating to the Constitution and our Founding Fathers. He is a Christian too. Michael cherishes our Constitution and values the sacred freedoms we have unlike all other countries! His passion is to educate youth and adults concerning the Constitution and other issues and to motivate people to take action and protect our Constitution and country.Being a Republican all his life, Michael recently realized that the Republican Party and especially the Democratic Party are not going to be the solution to protect our liberties under the U.S. Constitution and to look out for the interest of American citizens! Now Michael is currently serving as Regional Director, Southern California for the Conservative Party (California).Conservative Party USA

San Diego Tea  Party Patriots:

Michael Kobulnicky



San Diego, CAUSA 92196
Hometown: San Diego

Member since:

August 2, 2011

Has attended:

6 Meetups


Hi, my name is Michael Kobulnicky. I really want to be involved in politics. I have a Masters in business and have taught elementary, college and at the university levels. I also have extensive supervisory/mgt experience and owned two businesses.

What brought you to the Tea Party??

I want to help build this group and the National Tea Party.

Do you have any special skills you feel could help us?

My skills are the following: strong written and verbal skills, management and supervisory experience, budget and expenses, public speaking, teaching experience and passionate about saving our country.

What Michael Kobulnicky is saying about this Meetup Group

So far, I believe there are a lot of people interested in making positive changes in government.

San Diego Tea Party announcement:

“Our New Spokesman Michael Kobulnicky Stays in studio with Rick Amato for 1 hour”

Mexican Marines Board, Detain US Charter Boat

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The charter diving boat Horizon from San Diego was anchored in Mexican waters in the Coronado Islands, and operating without a dive permit according to the Mexican naval commander.  The boat was detained for 2 hours and then kicked out of Mexican waters.

update: from the comments on the story, some of which are predictably racist but others are quite informative, including several people who were on the boat:

“10news needs to make sure their facts are correct when running an article like this. I was a passenger on board the dive boat on this day, and there were no children amongst the passengers that day. The Mexican Military did board with their weapons, but to say they were hostile is unfair. They did their job, although they did thake their time, then they left. ”

“I was also on the boat, there were no children and the mexican military was not “hostile.” This story needs to be corrected.”

UPDATE:  Apparently this issue has been ongoing since last summer:

Let Them Drink Sewage….ummm…Wastewater

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Seriously if you live in parts of SoCal this is in the works for you.  Drink up.

And by the way keep watering your lawns and golf courses.

I will bet you that property values will just soar in these areas that are watered this way when the news gets out.  Any takers?

Even better the water customers get to pay 5% more for the improvement that the wastewater will give their hydration experience.

Now lots of these folks down in Orange County and San Diego County are the kind of folks who believe that water flouridation is a commie plot foisted upon us by a complicit government.  But since there has been no uprising yet over this issue the same folks seem to be just fine with eating shit as long as it is government processed.  Do you see the irony?

By the way I am opposed to flouridation myself, because I don’t like the idea of medicating our water supply on principle.  Give us pure water please.

“Using this technology, Orange County Water District produces 70 million gallons of drinking water a day that is injected into the groundwater basin and delivered to thousands of homes and businesses every day.”

Now if you want to know what I really think about this idea is I think it is outrageously stupid.  Technology advances, to be sure, and the technology may well be adequate right now to produce potable water from wastewater.  But what happens fifteen or twenty years down the line when the water district is squeezed, equipment starts wearing out, maintenance is cut back, corners are cut on decontamination?  One bad accident and the aquifer (our common water supply) is contaminated for a long time.  This is a more serious issue than a bridge falling down, it could have bad outcomes for millions.  This is an extreme measure that may someday be necessary but in an era when we still have golf courses and lawns there is no reason to even consider this.  At a cost of $200 million dollars for this one project alone it sure smells like a boondoggle, not like cool, cool, water.

have a peaceful day,



This altered structure is extremely stable and accumulates in infected tissue, causing tissue damage and cell death.[7] This structural stability means that prions are resistant to denaturation by chemical and physical agents, making disposal and containment of these particles difficult.

Current research suggests that the primary method of infection in animals is through ingestion. It is thought that prions may be deposited in the environment through the remains of dead animals and via urine, saliva, and other body fluids. They may then linger in the soil by binding to clay and other minerals.[53]

A University of Californian research team, led by Nobel prize winner Stanley Prusiner, has proven that infection can occur from prions in manure.[citation needed] And since manure is present in many areas surrounding water reservoirs, as well as used on many crop fields, it raises the possibility of widespread transmission.

Infectious particles possessing nucleic acid are dependent upon it to direct their continued replication. Prions, however, are infectious by their effect on normal versions of the protein. Sterilizing prions therefore involves the denaturation of the protein to a state where the molecule is no longer able to induce the abnormal folding of normal proteins. Prions are generally quite resistant to proteases, heat, radiation, and formalin treatments,[54] although their infectivity can be reduced by such treatments. Effective prion decontamination relies upon protein hydrolysis or reduction or destruction of protein tertiary structure. Examples include bleach, caustic soda, and strong acidic detergents such as LpH.[55] 134°C (274°F) for 18 minutes in a pressurized steam autoclave may not be enough to deactivate the agent of disease.[56][57] Ozone sterilization is currently being studied as a potential method for prion denature and deactivation.[58] Renaturation of a completely denatured prion to infectious status has not yet been achieved, however partially denatured prions can be renatured to an infective status under certain artificial conditions.[59]

Persistence of Pathogenic Prion Protein during Simulated Wastewater Treatment Process

Prions Are Not Degraded By Conventional Sewage Treatment Processes


East County Residents Speak Out Against Proposed El Monte Valley Water Reclamation Project

“It is the sand mining component of the project that had many residents of the El Monte Valley up in arms. Barnes said that in order to facilitate the transporting of about 12 million tons of sand into and out of the valley, about 500 haul trucks will be on the road each day (250 in and 250 out) over the course of eight years.”