The Prophet – GrindHouse Medical Seeds

Breeder : GrindHouse Medical Seeds
Flowering Time : 75 – 80 Days
Environment : Indoor/Outdoor
Seeds Per Pack : 10


A cutting-edge Bubba hybrid. This new Bubba will triple the output of the original pre’98 Bubba,  while giving it some serious head from the Tang Tang. Tha aroma and taste of tha Bubba has been retained for maximum enjoyment.

(Pre ’98 Bubba X Tang Tang)
Breeder : GrindHouse Medical Seeds Co.
Flowering Time : 75-80 days
Seeds per Pack : 10 +
Environment : Indoor/Outdoor

The ProphetThe Prophet


Pre ’98 Bubba Kush X Tang Tang

Tha infamous pre ’98 Bubba is used in one of our newest editions to tha GrindHouse catalog . Taking our sickest Tang Tang males , (most noted fer their superior qualities resembling their mothers’) and mating ’em to tha pre ’98 , we have effectively created tha newest elite . One that can stand up to tha hype of tha Chem’s , tha OG’s and other well known clone only’s , The Prophet will not disappoint . For those wanting an easier plant to grow , with a huge yield potential and high quality flowers , this is one to gratify tha time and effort .

Tha pre ’98 has been and will continue to be one of tha most sought after Kush lines in existence today . She carries a seriously deadly aroma of chocolate and coffee so rich , it coats yer mouth . A heavy incense bouquet is prominent from first draw to the final toke , giving this girl a startlingly exotic essence . Tha stone varies from individuals , some saying super potent to moderate potency . A very memorable toke , Bubba holds a place in tha GrindHouse catalog and believe it to be a worthy specimen fer use in crosses ….

Tha Tang Tang , coming from our Sonja line , is mostly sativa . Tha TT grows with exagerated node architecture , allowing fer plenty of light and air penetration . They often throw huge fox tailing colas , and though appear light , are quite hard and dense . They sport golden , tall standing trichs , complete with herbal aromas and super high quality head . A large percentage will turn color going from lush green/forest green to maroon , stripping tha calyx’ and covering tha undersides of leaves .

By combining tha ’98 Bubba with tha Tang Tangs , this cross yields much larger than either parent , is considerably more potent (thanks to tha TT) and still carries tha rich , thick aroma that folks love ’bout tha Bubba ! Expect an 80 day bloom to finish out these monsters ….. Though not a short finishing cycle , these gals will produce HUGE .

Not many of these will be available this first wave , however more are already in tha works …..


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