Oriental Express – Billy Goat Seeds

Oriental Express is one of the genetic components of the Casey Jones strain, the other being East Coast Sour Diesel (ECSD).


“this is my flag ship of all the crosses. Started back in 2002, she has made it through some rough times, but back after all the hardship. She’s a winner no matter what. OE is a cross of the famous e-32 Trainwreck cut as the mother and a nice pure Thai father. Making for a creepy high that will keep you going for a good while. Most of the pheno are a spicy smelling and taste, but the coco flavor does pop up from time to time. As well as the citrus pheno, IE Trainwreck. This girl is one to keep many smoker’s happy for a long time. This cross is at F2 generations and heading towards maybe a F5 IBL. Growers will be more then happy with this cross. Expect average to good yields with a flower time from 60-70 days. It all depends on the phenol that is run.

PHOTO BY: Ms.Grat3ful, Head Seeds

E-32 Trainwreck x Pure Thai
Flower time: 60-70 days
Generations: F2, heading to F5 status.
Yield: average to good”

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