Alien Kush

Alien Kush


alien technology is a strain that came from a small village in Afghanistan via a USA solider, its a pure landrace strain and super frosty like “the white”, is a land race afghan line , don’t have a region or village name to go with it, it was a handful of beans brought back to the us . is all i can comment

Alien Dog

Alien Dog (alien technology x chemdog d)

Alien Dog is a meeting of authentic chemdog d x to a pure land race afghani hash plant named

Alien technology for the amazing amount of resin it produces. You will find smells ranging from

cherries , creams , fuel,terpentine and plain ole chemdog!!

4 Responses to “Alien Kush”

  1. versace Says:

    got it and love it

  2. Crombien211 Says:

    Oh boy do I have it! I have a beautiful female, leaning to the Alien Tech male used, and I have a male that is chemmy like the mommy used. AD F3….

  3. Shan Diego Says:

    The Alien Dog is the Shit! All my peeps are pullin a qp+ per plant with a 2 week veg. The smoke is divine, they have no problem offin the meds through the dispensaries. Truly awesome genetics, thank you again Obs. et al…

  4. Um, sorry… what were we talking about? Oh, the Alien weed. I mean, what is the myth? Does it really come from aliens? Do you really begin to see dejavu-ish flashes into the future because of it? I probably wouldn’t believe that shit if I wasn’t so stoned. But now, it really makes a lot of sense! And if our alien brothers wanted to contact us… well, why suppose that they would want to talk in a direct method. Maybe they would just begin with signs and messages planted in your unconsious.

    Words aren’t really the most accurate forms of communication.

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