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4/20 Is On Easter Sunday This Year! Stroll The Boardwalk for Herbal Freedom!

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We gather in the afternoon around 3 pm or so at the foot of F st. on the Eureka Boardwalk.

At 4:20 we will stroll the Boardwalk between F and C Streets for Herbal Freedom.

Bring your signs or we will have some.  Bring some green cloth streamers.

This will be a big tent pro cannabis rally for all users of the herb cannabis and other herbs.

We honor all four uses of cannabis – spiritual, industrial, medicinal and recreational.
Below you will find some banners you can print and some information and pics from last years Stroll for Herbal Freedom.
have a peaceful day,

Organize a 420 Event in Your Town!


420 Walk for Herbal Freedom, Eureka Boardwalk, 2013

4/20/2014 Is Easter Sunday!

One idea we found effective last year was to tear some two or three foot bright green cloth streamers out of bolt end cloth, and tied them to fences, posts and trees.   They flutter nicely in the breeze.  I collected ours for re use this year.

Herbal Rights, Medicinal Rights, Constituti​onal Rights, Human Rights, the Commons of Humanity

The War on Cannabis is Unconstitutional, Your Constitutional Right to Cannabis

You and I have a Constitutional Right to grow, to possess, and to consume cannabis sativa and its variants.

Really you do.

I have pointed out to people in debates for years that it says right in the Constitution that you have a right to grow, possess, and yes! smoke cannabis sativa if you so choose. These people (some of them are well meaning but just ignorant) challenge me to point out the words in the Constitution that guarantee me the right to use cannabis sativa.

I tell them it is right there, right next to the words that guarantee them the right to manufacture, possess and consume alcohol. It’s right there, can’t you see it? Of course you can.

Because when the Constitution was ratified and the Bill of Rights was ratified the cultivation and processing and yes! the smoking of India hemp (cannabis sativa and its cultivars) was perfectly legal in the newborn United States of America. As a matter of fact, so was the production and use of alcohol. That is why a century later that miserable exercise in prohibition against alcohol required a Constitutional Amendment to outlaw alcohol. It would require a Constitutional Amendment to outlaw hemp as well. This has never happened.

It is time for the government to give up the war on hemp and move on. The War on Cannabis is Unconstitutional!

This fraudulent “war” has no moral basis.

We the People have the Constitutional Right to use cannabis in any one of its four uses: spiritual, medicinal, recreational and nutritional-industrial.

have a peaceful day,


As a human being I claim the right to use cannabis.  Its a plant.

My right to use plants is held by humanity in general as part of our commons and in perpetuity and my right preceded any state or local laws, any national laws, any Bill of Rights, any Constitution, any Declaration of Independence, any Magna Carta, any King Arthur, or any imaginary being that might want to take it from me.

I claim the right to chew the coca leaf and to make opium pod tea or to grow and use the nicotine bush, or to use the bark of the willow tree or the ancient herb Vervain.

I reserve the right to consume plant products to enhance my own personal spiritual advancement.

This is simple.

have a peaceful day,


and a link to last years event:

Here are a few free posters for you, u-print-em.  I like to print out a few of each to give participants a choice of printed signs, and I have a few markers and blanks for people who need to express their own thoughts.    Print these 11 x 17 on recycle card stock in b x w and they are pretty effective, and still look grass rootsy.















Stroll the Eureka Boardwalk for Herbal Freedom, April 20, 2013

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Bring your sign (Safe Access? Norml? DIY?)  or I will provide one of several designs.  I will not be smoking please do not offer me any, I am not asking for civil disobedience, just peaceful exercise of 1st Amendment Rights.  There is a municipal ordinance in effect against smoking on the boardwalk, but its legality may be in question since it is possible that the city council never got the approval of the Coastal Commission to enact that change.  This is not the time to challenge that ordinance.   There are vacant lots adjacent to the boardwalk that are relics of the city’s failed and fraudulent redevelopment agency.  Maybe people who need to smoke tobacco can smoke there but I am not a lawyer.  I myself was blessed with the strength to quit my tobacco addiction in April of 2008, five years ago.  🙂  I struggled with nicotine addiction for most of my adult life.  I started nicotine at age 18, before marijuana and long before alcohol, which I started at age 21.  I never would have considered smoking marijuana if I hadn’t smoked tobacco first.
And in retrospect, I think that I was relatively blessed that my experience with these things came relatively late in my teens rather than earlier.
Yes I feel better and I sing better since I quit tobacco.  Let me say one more thing.  Cannabis helped me quit tobacco.  It is harm reduction if nothing else.  If you really care about the peoples health it is time to legalize.
At 420 we will stroll for freedom together, back and forth up and down the boardwalk for an hour or so with our signs, making new friends and organizing for victory.
The people lead, the politicians follow.
I understand that there are people here who grow for a living and fear that legalization may reduce the return on their labor.  I do not want to trivialize that fear and I don’t.  I want to hear from people in that situation maybe we can reach some understanding.  Maybe there is some route to prosperity after legalization, no doubt it won’t be perfect, there will be change.
have a peaceful day,
After 42 Years of Failure, California Lt. Governor Newsom Calls for Legalizing Marijuana

By Phillip Smith on April 15, 2013

SACRAMENTO, CA — At the California Democratic Party convention in Sacramento Saturday, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom called for marijuana legalization and described the war on drugs as “an abject failure.”
“After 42 years of failure, I think it’s time we concede that if we continue to do what we’ve done, we’ll continue to get what we’ve got. I think you and we deserve better. It’s about standing up on principle, having the courage of our convictions, about saying publicly all too often what we say privately.”
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UPDATE:  When I attended the Eureka City Council “Visioning” session last friday I engaged Mayor Frank Jager in conversation during a break.  It may interest you to know that our Mayor is a proponent of full legalization of marijuana.   In fact he is welcome to grab a legalize it sign and come stand next to me on 420 on the boardwalk.   Mostly the Mayor and I disagree on mostly everythng but on this we see eye to eye.

have a peaceful day, Bill

mnemonic here:


I’m going to make 10 or 15  full color posters of this nice Don’t Tread On Me flag above and I will give them away free to the first people who show up and want one.


I have about 20 of these nice black and white “Freedom” posters too, for the signless.  They will be free to anyone who is pro-cannabis.


If Safe Access is your issue I have a few signs for you too!  Just meet me after 330 at the foot of F St.  First come first serve!  Come down and represent!

leafrespectbw2The Respect Our Rights poster is most likely the one I will carry.  But then I am a radical, I actually believe that cannabis users have civil rights, constitutional rights and human rights that extend back in time before any government.  I have a few of these to share as well.


Some of us will want to remember our sisters and brothers who have been cruelly and wrongfully imprisoned over the Herb in neoslavery in for profit corporate prisons.  Yes we can share a couple of these too.



Want to Grow the Economy?  So do we, and we have  a few signs.

On Saturday April 20 I am going to go to the Eureka Boardwalk with a sign at about 3:30 in the afternoon and I hope that five or six of you nice people join me to demonstrate for herbal rights and herbal freedom.   Commencing @4:20 pm we will stroll the boardwalk between F and B sts, with our signs.   I am only asking for a few people to come out and represent, I am not trying to compete with or harsh anyones buzz.   I am not asking for civil disobedience.   This will be for Eureka residents who want to represent for Medical Marijuana Rights, general herbal rights, Full Legalization of Cannabis, those who represent for the spiritual use of cannabis, or those who want to legalize industrial hemp, for anyone who is pro-cannabis but whose civil rights are not being respected.    Lets be a big tent.  This will be for Eureka residents who want to represent but have trouble getting to other venues, but of course it is open to anyone who lives outside Eureka who is pro-cannabis.

We will meet around 3:30 at the foot of F St.  At 420 we will start strolling peacefully up and down the boardwalk with our signs, for about an hour.   Let’s have fun, lets meet new friends, let’s organize.  I welcome other diverse community organizations to come to the boardwalk and table!  I want to meet people who want to get some dispensaries in Eureka, lets get it done.

Would be nice to have a drum circle or two, just saying.

This does not have to be a big thing, but it is an important thing.

I am just thinking about this and it is evolving.  I welcome your input.

Is there anyone who can design a flier for me?  Something readable quarter page (4.24 in x 5.5 in)

I will play a few songs too between 3:30 and 4:20, including of course “Free the Weed.”

How about a few poetry slammers and a few more street musicians?  It’s a Big Boardwalk.

email me

I will be there.  I just need five or six people.

Thank you everyone!

have a peaceful day,


Demand Your Rights to Safe Access in Eureka – Deregulate Marijuana – Let the Dispensary Ban Sunset

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The “emergency” ban on medical marijuana dispensaries is about to sunset in early November.  Call every member of the city council and DEMAND that the ban on dispensaries be allowed to sunset, and thereafter that medical marijuana dispensaries be allowed to be licensed in the city like any other legal business without discrimination.
The city council in Los Angeles was FORCED to rescind its ban on dispensaries just this week  because the people down there got ORGANIZED AND GATHERED 40,000 SIGNATURES TO RESCIND THE BAN.
Stand up for your rights!
Besides allowing legal and safe access to needed medicine, deregulation of the medical marijuana business here in Eureka will quickly fill half a dozen empty storefronts and industrial buildings and will provide good employment for 50 or 60 people.
Call every city council person – they all represent you – and demand that they do the right thing for mmj patients and the economic health of Eureka!
Remind them that if they do nothing – and let the dispensary ban sunset – that the Feds can do nothing to them.  They cannot be prosecuted by the Feds for something they haven’t done.
Remind them that they cannot discriminate against legal dispensary businesses – to do so is to invite expensive antidiscrimination lawsuits that WILL  BE LOST just like so many recent lawsuits against the city!
When you contact your city council person be civil, but be firm!
Marian Brady (707) 441-4169
Linda Atkins (707) 441-4168
Mike Newman (707) 441-4170
Melinda Ciarabellini  (707)  441-4167
Lance Madsen (707) 441-4171
have a peaceful day,
please forward
link here:  or

Pot Market Crashing? SacBee Thinks So

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via Sacramento Bee:

ARCATA – The pot market is crashing in California’s legendary Emerald Triangle.

The closure of hundreds of marijuana dispensaries across California and a federal crackdown on licensing programs for medical pot cultivation are leaving growers in the North Coast redwoods with harvested stashes many can’t sell.

Read more here:

Tahoe Medical Marijuana Dispensary Bombed on Eve of 4/20

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via SacBee:

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. —     Police are investigating after an improvised explosive device was thrown through the window of a South Lake Tahoe marijuana dispensary [Patient to Patient Collective] on the eve of a marijuana holiday.

Read more here:
“Erika Triglia, manager at the dispensary, said the device was a PVC pipe containing sulfur and a fuse. The suspect targeted the room where the collective typically keeps maturing marijuana plants, Triglia said. The incident was an attempt to kill the plants by clouding the room with excessive amounts of sulfur, Triglia said.”
“According to Friday’s statement, the Douglas County Bomb Squad removed the device from the building, rendered it safe and booked it into evidence for processing.
Triglia said the device was removed by her husband, Matt Triglia, who operates the collective. She questioned the need for the bomb squad’s robot, as well as police overtime in the response to the incident.”

Will Arcata Poop and Pee on This Year’s 420 Celebration?

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Last year the Arcata PD and the other assorted LE in the area spread very stinky manure all over Redwood Park in an attempted buzz kill.  This was real as opposed to the phony ‘poop and pee’ on the US Bank in Eureka during last fall’s Occupy encampment.

Will they do this again this year?  Maybe we should be prepared to move the celebration somewhere else, like maybe the Arcata Plaza or someplace else?

Redding Council Recall Targets Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opponents

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An outspoken Redding medical marijuana patient and advocate presented three City Council members with recall notices Tuesday night.

Rob McDonald, 50, presented council members Francie Sullivan, Rick Bosetti and Patrick Jones with the notices during the meeting’s public comment period.

“Tonight I do something that isn’t easy for me,” McDonald said before announcing and presenting the notices.  “Four weeks ago you basically listened to a group of people who basically wanted to violate another group of people’s rights and you closed down the dispensaries.”

Protect Your Safe Access to the Healing Herb!

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from Hummingbird Healing Center

Request for Help.

On Dec 13th, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors will meet and decide on your right to grow.  The
Hum Co MMJ Ordinance right now will limit you to 5 x 10 sq ft with 1200 watts total per residence!!
It will possibly include a ‘Special Permit’ process that allows expansion to 10 x 10.  We don’t know yet
what the permitting process will involve.  Please let the B of S know that 5 x 10 will not work for you,
and why.  How are your Dispensaries supposed to provide for your needs if no one can grow enough to
meet their own needs or to share? 
Most of the Board of Supervisors know nothing about growing or what your medical needs are.
Please let them know.
They also don’t know how many 215 patients are in Humboldt County.
Virginia Bass-476-2394
Clif Clendenen  476-2392
Jimmy Smith  476-2391
Mark Lovelace  476-2393
Ryan Sundberg  476-2395


In our recent newsletter we introduced you to HPDA-Humboldt Patient Dispensary Alliance.
We have been working with a wonderful group of folks representing the following local dispensaries:
Hummingbird Healing Center-HHC, Humboldt Medical Supply-HMS, Humboldt Patient Resource Center
HPRC, The Humboldt County Collective-THCC.
And also the following Dispensaries that are waiting for their Conditional Use Permit:
The Treehouse Collective-TTC, Humboldt Health and Wellness-HHW.  Others are also working for your
Rights here in Humboldt County and Patients have also gotten involved.


San Diego Style Fascism Comes to the Emerald Triangle

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via Red Headed Blackbelt (Kym Kemp):

Feds raid Northstone Organics medical marijuana dispensary in Mendocino.

more on this developing story as it comes…..

Northstone Organics website (down at the moment):

BREAKING NEWS: Federal agents raid Ukiah home

By TIFFANY REVELLE The Daily Journal
Updated: 10/13/2011 02:25:45 PM PDT

Responding to several reports that federal agents raided the medical marijuana cooperative Northstone Organics Thursday morning, the DEA confirmed it was conducting enforcement operations in Ukiah.

Raid response:

“As you can see below, the purported raid on Northstone Organics is being widely distributed on Twitter. The “Medical Cannabis Patient Compassionate Center” Axis of Love in San Francisco is calling for a demonstration tomorrow to protest the action.

LA Weekly:

Lost Coast Outpost (Humboldt, Eureka):

North Coast Journal (Humboldt, Eureka) :

Will Cannabis Price Go Up?

Santa Rosa Press-Democrat:

Northstone Organics owner discusses federal raid:

MendoNews :

Medical Cannabis Protesters Gather At City Hall In Wake Of Federal Raids (San Francisco):

List of 420 Events/Parties/Festivals/Gatherings Near You!

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420 Arcata California
where: hsu redwoods national park
what: tokin drum circles, happiness and fun!
when: 4-20-2011
who: you
why: education and happiness will be permitted

via 420 Magazine: