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National Health Emergency!

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We need a national health corps of doctors, about 100,000 of them.

We can train new young doctors in 18 months in government classrooms and then deploy them to every county in America for five years of service after which they can move to private practice.

We are in a national health emergency.

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Let’s just call it RomnOBamaCare and move on.

Romney can’t be a serious Republican candidate they will never nominate a Mormon.  Get real.

Free Dental & Health Clinic in Sacramento Turns Away Hundreds

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — By 4 a.m., hundreds of people were turned away from the free health clinic at Cal Expo.

The free clinic runs through Monday, but they only have enough volunteers to treat 500 people a day.

Five Labor Reforms, Five Million New Jobs!

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The following labor reforms will create milliions of jobs!

1.  NO ONE may work more than 40 hours per week, unless it is a truly emergency situation.   This will create a MILLION NEW JOBS.

2.  EVERYONE may start enjoying non-mandatory retirement benefits at age 55.  This will create a MILLION NEW JOBS.

3.  EVERYONE will get 6 weeks paid vacation every year.    This will create a MILLION NEW JOBS.

4.  EVERYONE will receive very low cost health care .  This will create a MILLION NEW JOBS.

5.  EVERYONE will have access to free public education from kindergarten  to post-graduate level.  This will create a MILLION NEW JOBS.

Five Labor Reforms, Five Million New Jobs!

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Assassination Attempt on Democratic Congresswoman in Tucson Arizona

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update:  Congresswoman Giffords expected to recover – hospital.

update:  reports that Giffords is still alive, some death reports retracted.  the situation is unclear @1150 am pst.

Multiple (six reported)  fatalities at district rally for Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, gunman in custody.

She is married to Navy Capt. Mark Kelly, a NASA astronaut who is scheduled to lead a space shuttle mission to the International Space Station.

more: or:

Huffington Post:

cnn live blog:

More Idiocy From Nevada Governor Gibbons – Republican

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Gov. Gibbons appoints Sue Lowden to Board of Medical Examiners

Updated: Dec 14, 2010 4:31 PM PST

Carson City – Governor Jim Gibbons has appointed Sue Lowden to the Nevada Board of Medical Examiners.

Now during this year’s Senatorial campaign (Ms. Lowden was running as a Republican in the primaries) Ms. Lowden became well known for her remarks suggesting that people should use the barter system to get health care, perhaps exchanging a chicken or a car wash for medical  services.  Now of course for the next three years she will be a state regulator of the health care system in Nevada.  More proof that Gibbons is an idiot.  Here is the wikipedia article:

On October 1, 2009, Lowden announced her bid for the republican nomination for US Senate.[11] Her main opponents in the Republican primary were businessman Danny Tarkanian and former State Assemblywoman Sharron Angle. Had Lowden won the republican primary, she would have run against U.S. Senator Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader. She earned endorsements from Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity,[12] Jeri Thompson, the Susan B. Anthony List,[13] and former Nevada Governor Robert List.[14]

Politico named Lowden’s campaign one of “the worst” of 2010 stating “if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wins reellection in Nevada, it will likely be thanks to those 14 words spoken by Republican challenger Sue Lowden”, referring to Lowden’s statement regarding “bringing a chicken to a doctor.” Politico also cited controversy over Lowden’s use of a campaign supporter’s RV, and “an inept response to a question about the Civil Rights Act” as reasons.[15]

Tarkanian was her closest primary opponent in two surveys conducted as of April 2010,[16] but polling after Lowden’s infamous suggestion that people use the barter system to lower their health care costs showed Angle moving to first place.[17] In general election polling, she once held the largest lead against Reid in aggregate polling conducted as of April 2010.[18] But later May polls showed Lowden losing to Harry Reid by 5 percentage points (42-37).[19] In primary election polling, Lowden held an even greater lead of 18 points over her closest primary opponent in two independent surveys conducted April 2010.[16] Her numbers then declined by more than 20 points.[17]

Using data from a poll conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc.. the Las Vegas Review-Journal on May 28, 2010 stated that “Republican Sue Lowden has the best chance of defeating U.S. Sen. Harry Reid”.[20] The poll predicted that Lowden would win 42 percent of the vote over Reid’s 39 percent with a margin of error “plus or minus 4 percentage points.”[20][21]

Sharron Angle went on to defeat Lowden by a margin of 13.98%.[22]

[edit] Discussion of Harry Reid assassination attempt

On Heidi Harris’s talk radio show in October, 2009, a 1981 incident was mentioned to Lowden during the interview.[23] There had been an attempt on Harry Reid’s life; the police report of the incident said an electrical device found in the Reid family car was linked to the fuel tank in an apparent attempt to ignite the fuel.[24] At the time, Reid was chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission and Lowden was a news reporter. When asked, Lowden said she didn’t recall the 1981 bomb scare story and questioned if it was true. She later denied reports that she had laughed about the question.[25]

[edit] Using barter to pay for health care

At a candidate forum in Mesquite, Nevada, on April 6, 2010, Lowden criticized the recently-passed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and described her preferred system for financing medical care. While discussing her preference of consumer-focused reforms and her support of Health savings accounts paired with a High-deductible health plan, Lowden suggested that patients could pay cash and barter with their doctors for payment in order to reduce costs.[26]

On April 16, Lowden affirmed her view that barter would be a viable way to pay for health care. Speaking on the TV program Nevada Newsmakers, she said “before we all started having health care, in the olden days, our grandparents, they would bring a chicken to the doctor, they would say I’ll paint your house, they would do… that’s the old days of what people would do to get health care with their doctors. Doctors are very sympathetic people. I’m not backing down from that system.”[27]

Lowden’s comments became the subject of jokes.[28] However, on April 22, Katherine Hobson of The Wall Street Journal pointed out that in 2009, the American Medical Association’s newspaper had referred to barter as a “creative way to collect from patients during difficult economic times”, and that Kaiser Health News had said health care was becoming the “service in most demand” according to people running local barter exchanges.[29]

Her is Ms. Lowden herself with her health care solution:

Two Relatively Painless Steps Towards Socialized Health Care

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The 14% Solution

The first step is for the Federal Government to hire 100,000 doctors to provide free health care for the people of the United States.  A hundred thousand doctors is about a seventh (14%) of the doctors in the United States, and the remaining six sevenths would be free to practice medicine in the manners they choose to.

The upside to being a government doctor would be of course that you would get a check in the mail every week for your labors and you would not have to submit any paperwork on your patients other than normal medical records.  You could concentrate on caring for your patients.  The government would handle the malpractice insurance for you.  Your office space would be leased for you by the government.  You could earn extra pay by serving in remote areas like Humboldt County.

Let’s say you make a $100.000 net or $1900 and change every week net and all you have to do is care for your patients, with no worries, a month or six weeks of vacation a year etc. and just normal benefits that would go with any decent job.  I think more than a few Docs would go for this kind of deal, even if the pay had to be adjusted upward a bit.  We could scatter our government doctors out over the United States by county per capita.  That means that Humboldt County would have 42 (free) government doctors that you could go visit for (free).  Do you get this, amigo?  Humboldt County would also have 42 doctors who presumably enjoyed their profession above the mere call of money, and yet were financially secure within our community.

On the downside for a doctor, since you would be working for the government and the government would be covering your malpractice exposure, if you proved to be incompetent you would be fired.  It would be unlike the current situation where the Medical Board takes care of its own.

Now a hundred thousand doctors times $100 thousand a year is a cool $10,000,000,000  a year that the government will have to finance.  Since that is a fraction of what the federal government spends on the War on Drugs amongst other foolishness, what is stopping us from hiring some doctors?

The second step is to manufacture more doctors.  The United States is severely understaffed in doctors compared to the rest of the world (Russia has almost twice as many doctors per capita, for example) and our Federal government should immediately promote the education of 20% more doctors per year, and award 100% scholarships to all continuing medical students and also offer 100% scholarships to all licensed nurses who wish to return to school and become doctors until this imbalance is addressed.

Now this again might cost a few billion $ a year.  But just think of the savings down the road, once people have actually reaped the benefits of preventative care with a doctor that cares about them.

The need for primary care physicians is critical in the United States where we are now what is called a “4th World Economy”

Let us follow the two steps above and restore compassion to our society.

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Five Million Adult Californians Want Help With a Mental Issue

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Almost 5 million California adults say they could use help with a mental or emotional problem, according to a survey released Wednesday by researchers at UCLA. About 1 million of them meet the criteria for “serious psychological distress.”,0,2495137.story?track=rss

Possible Free Vision Care for Houseless Poor in Humboldt

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Do you need EYE/VISION care? And You’re Houseless in Humboldt?
July 12, 2010 by peopleproject
There are some local eye doctors are willing to give free vision care to houseless folks who have a need for it. We are trying to determine how much need there is. The idea is that the eye doctors would get a space for a day, set up their equipment, get eyeglasses donated, and work on between 50 and 100 people. If people need surgery, I think that would come later.
Please contact PEOPLE PROJECT at, at (707) 442-7465 or comment on this post, so we can see who needs to get eye care.


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