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Free 420 Flags and Posters – Share!

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Free Colorado:


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Please come to court tomorrow – Wednesday morning

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Suing Eureka Police for Violating Civil Rights During Occupy Eureka Protest: SUPPORT IN THE COURTROOM IS VITAL!!

Wednesday March 27th  at 9:00am 2nd floor, Humboldt County Courthouse Courtroom #6 with visiting Judge Johnson.

Please support the civil rights lawsuits against the Eureka cops who  intimidated, hurt, stole from, incarcerated, and violated people during  the Occupy Eureka demonstrations!  Verbena is suing the cops in small  claims court for 3 separate arrests, massive theft, huge police attacks, for being arrested and jailed for FILMING, and being jailed for participating  in a demonstration.  One of the trials is likely to finally start on Wednesday.  Your support in the courtroom is vital.  Although lawyers are pretty much prohibited in small claims, the police and City defendants have had a cadre of lawyers with them (on our dime, of course) and  doing unethical things like communicating with me on behalf of the  defendants and writing & filing a motion on the defendants’ behalf. In the courtroom with Murl Harpham, Frank Jager, Officer Guy, Officer Liles, and Officer O’Neill, and the wretched lawyers that defend the police for abusing and killing– your support and lots of good people behind Verbena  in the courtroom makes a huge difference!  Please tell a friend who cares about civil rights, the right to video the police, the right to be FREE from abuse, police theft, incarceration, and INJUSTICE!

Wednesday March 27th  at 9:00am

2nd floor, Humboldt County Courthouse

Courtroom #6 with visiting Judge Johnson.


Please remember that one must pass through a metal detector to come into  court.  No ID is required to enter.  Almost all courtrooms are on the  second floor.

Verbena Teaches on Houseless Issues in Humboldt – Radical Rap – KMUD

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Verbena Teaches on Houseless Issues in Humboldt  – Radical Rap – KMUD

Fascist Anti-Marijuana Crackdown in Santa Rosa – PERSONAL GARDENS RAIDED

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Dozens of combat-clad police officers, deputies and federal agents swarmed a southwest Santa Rosa neighborhood Wednesday morning in the region’s largest-ever operation against residential marijuana gardens.

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“A team of 150 law enforcement officers raided 32 homes on Moorland Avenue, Eddy Drive, Barbara Drive and Neville Way, immediately south of the Corby Auto Mall.

Following the initial raid, officers carrying search warrants went into yards and confiscated a large amount of marijuana plants. Residents, many of them handcuffed, sat in front yards and watched as the pot was piled in great heaps.

The raids began about 9 a.m. when FBI agents in full military gear ordered residents to leave their homes, then rushed into the residences, most of them modest multi-plex units. The neighborhood was punctuated by the sounds of exploding flash grenades at several homes.

The FBI assault team, its large military-type truck and a big-wheeled SWAT vehicle had left the neighborhood, but people still sat handcuffed in their front yards, as a woman who asked not to be identified surveyed the scene from the hood of a parked car.

As pot piles grew in the street, groups of neighbors gathered to watch. Several called the officers’ tactics “overkill” and questioned the value of ripping out the gardens.

“It’s a big bunch of crap,” said one neighbor Lora Wilson. “How much taxpayer money did we just waste doing this?”

The staging ground for the operation was the parking lot of the Santa Rosa’s Veterans Memorial Building. At about 9 a.m., a long line of FBI and sheriff’s SUVs, trucks, patrol cars and large assault vehicles snaked out of the parking lot and onto Highway 12, then southbound 101.

Onlookers said an FBI team dressed in fatigues and helmets and carrying an assortment of battering rams, shields, ladders and weapons first entered a residence on Moorland Avenue at Barbara Drive.

That team then moved to several homes on Barbara Drive. Soon, handcuffed and guarded residents sat in front yards up and down Barbara Drive and the adjoining streets.”

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Egypt? Iran? Syria? No………..

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Just behind the protest over the #Anaheim PD wall. There seems to be a military unit staging. #PoliceState #APDRiot


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more #anaheim cops in camo, planning to get the rest of the crowd


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Anaheim Protests Livestream, Video Stream Sunday July 29, 2012

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update 12 noon livestreamer sky adams banned from Livestream!’

Demos planned for noon @ Disneyland and Anaheim PD

I will add more streams as I find them. or or

and or or or

also monitor #anaheim on twitter:!/search/realtime/%23Anaheim or

Death of Democracy Day 11: Six Arrested for Candlelight Vigil

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Six arrested last night at the Humboldt County Courthouse during an historic protest involving approximately 100 patriots, occupiers, vets for peace and others protesting the NAZI style “urgency ordinance” passed by the fascists Jimmy Smith, Clif Clendenon, Virginia Bass and Ryan Sundberg.