Death of Democracy, Eureka California March 29, 2012

I never thought I would live to see actual NAZI style “law enforcement” in my life but yesterday I witnessed it in person in front of the Humboldt County Courthouse on 5th Street in Eureka California.

I will have lots more to say.

Here is a link for starters but it is far from the whole story.  Sister Verbena is suffering from severe sciatica and cannot stand without pain for more than  a few minutes.  That is why she is in the pictures.  Of course the media never misses a chance to depict Verbena negatively, but there are many of us who understand how deeply she cares for the dispossed and the hopeless.  No she is not God but she is a wonderful human being.  The incident with the occupatriot Pat and the flag speaks for itself.  Or rather it is unspeakable.

Humboldt county “emergency ordinance” trashing 1st amendment:


One Response to “Death of Democracy, Eureka California March 29, 2012”

  1. The word ‘democracy’ does NOT appear in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. Because it is the worst form of government, and our Founders knew this. “We have given you a Republic…if you can keep it” Benjamin Franklin. When democracy trumps liberty, the seeds of tyranny are sown.
    The reason Downey was passing out copies of the ‘Interim Emergency (whatever that is) Ordinance’ changed to ‘urgent’ from the previous Tues., was because the ‘Board’ WAIVED THE READING of the Ordinance. California Government Code Section 25131 …However, an urgency ordinance may be passed immediately upon introduction and either at a regular or special meeting. Except when, after reading the title, further reading is waived by REGULAR MOTION adopted by majority vote, ALL ORDINANCES SHALL BE READ IN FULL AT THE TIME OF INTRODUCTION OR PASSAGE. ‘WAIVE the first reading’ is what the agenda states. Did I miss a ‘vote’ on this? It must be read in its entirety to the public, so that the public understands.

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