Blue Chocolate – Fusion Seeds

A Pacific Northwest blueberry female crossed to an Eskobar Chocolate Rain male.

“Combined , they are a perfect match wich only will bring out more fruity flavors with slight hunches of the chocolate.
In veg they will appear indica, bushtype growth. The more Sativa side will show in flower.
Most pheno’s will finish between 10 to 12 weeks,,giving u flowers with scents like u just opened the candy jar .”

Product Information
Type: Mostly Sativa
Flowering time 10-11 weeks
Harvest: upto 600 gram/m2(indoor)
Taste: Berry, fruit with hunches of chocolate
Effect: Balanced cerebral high and body stone
Flowers: Sativa like dense buds
THC: Percentage up to 20%

4 Responses to “Blue Chocolate – Fusion Seeds”

  1. strainseeker Says:

    Now there is a interesting X
    The dabney is one of my favorite candysmoke and the chcolat rain aswell
    Big up to FUSION

  2. prosmoker Says:

    damn,,finally dabney blu is being worked on!!

  3. I grew two of these out, and they were both fantastic. I had heard that the smell was like “fresh blueberries” which to me sounds like hype. Not at all. Midway through flower there was the most amazing odor. I could shut my eyes and take a whiff and the scent was like I was somewhere in the Swiss Alps on a nice sunny day eating fresh picked blueberries. The scent carried over into the cure. When I crack one of these buds open, a candy blueberry aroma floats up.
    … the high is really nice too.


  4. rangerdanger Says:

    NOT impressed

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