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Congratulations to the People of Colorado and Washington!

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Demand Your Rights to Safe Access in Eureka – Deregulate Marijuana – Let the Dispensary Ban Sunset

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The “emergency” ban on medical marijuana dispensaries is about to sunset in early November.  Call every member of the city council and DEMAND that the ban on dispensaries be allowed to sunset, and thereafter that medical marijuana dispensaries be allowed to be licensed in the city like any other legal business without discrimination.
The city council in Los Angeles was FORCED to rescind its ban on dispensaries just this week  because the people down there got ORGANIZED AND GATHERED 40,000 SIGNATURES TO RESCIND THE BAN.
Stand up for your rights!
Besides allowing legal and safe access to needed medicine, deregulation of the medical marijuana business here in Eureka will quickly fill half a dozen empty storefronts and industrial buildings and will provide good employment for 50 or 60 people.
Call every city council person – they all represent you – and demand that they do the right thing for mmj patients and the economic health of Eureka!
Remind them that if they do nothing – and let the dispensary ban sunset – that the Feds can do nothing to them.  They cannot be prosecuted by the Feds for something they haven’t done.
Remind them that they cannot discriminate against legal dispensary businesses – to do so is to invite expensive antidiscrimination lawsuits that WILL  BE LOST just like so many recent lawsuits against the city!
When you contact your city council person be civil, but be firm!
Marian Brady (707) 441-4169
Linda Atkins (707) 441-4168
Mike Newman (707) 441-4170
Melinda Ciarabellini  (707)  441-4167
Lance Madsen (707) 441-4171
have a peaceful day,
please forward
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Marijuana Search Engine –

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Marijuana Search Engine –

this is a custom search engine that searches a bunch of marijuana sites at once for your topic.  Also a forum there.

America’s Internal Economic Refugees Turn to Agriculture to Survive

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Pot is a new cottage industry across the United States.

I know this because a significant amount of search terms that land on this blog are for things like “how to grow pot” and a lot of them are clearly newbies “sexing cannabis” .  Most medium sized U.S. cities have at least one “hydroponic” garden store and many have several.  Most of the customers of these stores are not growing hydroponic tomatoes, though of course it is possible to do so.  It is clear to me that ordinary people of ordinary intelligence who have no prospect of employment but never the less are still expected to pay for items like food, electricity, water, rent , transportation and doctor’s bills or even their mortgage, have made the rational decision to grow some marijuana.  Though some of them will fail, enough of them will succeed to form a new consensus across society that the use of cannabis sativa (and its cultivars) is socially acceptable and economically beneficial to small farmers.

I am sure that there are plenty of honest people in law enforcement right now who have sons or daughters or moms or pops or neices……the list goes on who they know to  be growing pot, it is a matter of survival, of paying the mortgage on an upside down home.  There has to be some humanity shown somewhere.

Adding to the above is the weight of the Baby Boomer generation, where word is rapidly spreading among people like me who have found the relief that this wonderful herb can give us.

Change is in the air, you can smell it.

have a peaceful day,


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Cannomnibus? Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco to Propose “Omnibus Cannabis Bill”

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Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, said he intends to introduce an “omnibus cannabis bill” to create a state oversight program to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries and all aspects of delivering marijuana to legal medicinal users.

Is the IRS Targeting California Dispensaries?

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A disturbing report from Mother Jones:

Marijuana – The Commercial

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Mother Chucker’s Medical Cannabis Seed Co. – California

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This is posted FYI as I know nothing about them except what is on their website.  As always exercise due diligence.  I notice that they have lots of interesting arcata e-32 trainwreck crosses.  I don’t think I’ve ever met a trainwreck cross that I haven’t liked, though some are more “wrecky” than others.  According to the site, these seeds are available at some dispensaries around the state of California.

The following is from the website:

“Based in Southern California, Mother Chucker’s Seeds has been supplying Cannabis growers worldwide with quality medicinal cannabis seeds for MMJ patients and caregivers.

Currently, we offer 8 stabilized strains for your growing pleasure. Please peruse our catalog online and see what we have to offer.

New strains are in always in development, watch to see new releases here on our website.

If you are interested in obtaining Mother Chucker’s seeds, please contact one of our authorized collectives in California.

Thank you!!

Mother Chucker

 In accordance and compliance with CA Prop 215, CA SB 420 and H+S Code #11362.5
For Medical Use Only

Here are a couple of their strains:

Blue Hawaii
(Blue Dream x Elvis) F1 Blue Dream and Elvis are two elite strains that literally have cult followings in the cannabis world. The combination of these genetics has produced a strain that provides a strong head and body high. The trichrome production is very strong and the flower makes great material for concentrates. The plant grows well indoor and outdoor and does well in SOG or SCROG systems too. If you FIM or Top be prepared to provide extra support for the branches. They will get very heavy as the buds grow.

Sugar Magnolia
(OG Bubba x Trainwreck) F1 This is Mother Chucker’s personal OGxBubba cross bred with the e-32 Arcata descendant to create a flat out bomber of an indica. This is a strong flavorful smoke with a mellow high that will lock you on the couch so make sure the remote and munchies are close. The kind of weed that will have you believe that Jerry Lives!

Marijuana Farming in Malawi – VIDEO

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Marijuana Farming in Malawi on the Tanzanian / Kenyan border regions.

Marijuana in Malawi  is rolled into banana leaves resembling corn cobs for market.

“You’ll Probably Never Get Weed this Good Again” Panama Red

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The legend of Panama Red.  Truth or creative fiction?  It’s a fun read anyway.

Panama Red:

Dr. Chronic:


Cinderella 99 x Panama Red: