Ludicrous Pro Drug War Propaganda

I can’t believe that the kind of land piracy described in this article is a big problem in California.  Maybe this happens on private land sometimes but it can’t be widespread.  Just think this guy had 300 acres, 80 head of bison, a supposedly illegal marijuana crop that covered one third of his land and he didn’t have a clue. 


When I see something like this, whether it is a large outdoor grow out in the sticks or a grow house in Arcata or Eureka, I think sharecropper.  Deniability, baby.  The folks described in this article could be innocent victims of course, but I think there are lots of landowners who grow by proxy with sharecroppers.

This propaganda  is designed to gin up support for the police/prison/industrial war on drugs complex.  It originated on a site called

have a peaceful day,


“Nearly one-third of [Lake County Supervisor] Brown’s land was covered with the crop. The teams eradicated nearly 5,000 plants that day. A couple of days later, Brown discovered 2,500 more. Brown, who also works as a bail bondsman, acted on his instinct to go after whoever planted the illegal crop.”


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