Arcata Medical Marijuana Dispensary Closes Due to DOJ Letter

Safe Access:

“Humboldt Medical Supply is PERMANENTLY CLOSED.

The US Justice Department and US Attorney, Melinda Haag, have determined that our business is located within the prohibited 1000 ft distance from a children’s playground, the Arcata Crabs Ball Park.

Regretfully, we have no plans to reopen.
NO files, information or records were seized or viewed.””

 “Over 100 catastrophically ill patients who received their cannabis for FREE are now left with no truly compassionate source of meds. My heart is so heavy. . .

HMS was first officially permitted collective cultivation in the emerald triangle.

DOJ/USAO considering the Arcata Crabs Baseball Park as a children’s playground is unjust.
It’s open 2-3 months a year when the Crabs summer collegiate baseball team plays, and they serve beer.”

Kevin L. Hoover

Eye Editor

“ARCATA – Arcata’s Humboldt Medical Supply (HMS) cannabis center closed yesterday following receipt of a warning letter from U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag.

The letter, apparently sent in early December, was sent to HMS’s landlord, Danco Group and the bank which hold the loan for financing the property….”

via Arcata Eye


3 Responses to “Arcata Medical Marijuana Dispensary Closes Due to DOJ Letter”

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  2. Too bad banks can’t launder cannabis club money, or this kind of stuff wouldn’t happen.

  3. Wagner went on to make the drama-filled statement: “California’s marijuana industry supplies the nation.” However, the federal attorney failed to note that California has always been the marijuana supplier to the nation – in the context of black market sales – despite his implication that it’s only been the last 15 years (since medical cannabis was legalized) that the Emerald Triangle and other regions of the Golden State have been major epicenters for interstate pot distribution across the U.S. Wagner also ignored the fact that patients now have access to medicine previously denied to them due to the very same medi-pot industry he castigated as one-dimensional.

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