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Historic Humboldt Free Speech Case Goes to Jury

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On March 30th,three participants in a “Candlelight Vigil for the FirstAmendment” were arrested on the Humboldt County courthouse steps, asserting Constitutional rights in the face of a recently passed“urgency ordinance” that seeks to criminalize every day activity such as sharing food, setting down a bag, or holding a protest between 9:30 pm and 6:00 am.

The courthouse has historically  been the county’sforum for free speech activity in Humboldt County for over 50 years.  The trial of the 3 candlelight vigilers, Peter Camacho, Kimberly Starr, and Amanda Tierney,is the first test of the courthouse curfew, and the jury has been in half-day deliberations since Tuesday.

There have been patient supporters in the courtroom and hallway, and we are super grateful for their presence! 

We will inform you as to the decision(s) coming from the jury when we hear them!

Candlelight vigils every night on the courthouse steps since March 27, 2012 continue.  9:30pm to about 11:30pm.

rights- “Use ’em or lose ’em”


Young Homeless Woman Dies In Eureka, 1 Day After Homeless Chased from Courthouse

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A 26 year old homeless woman named Jennifer Anderson according to the Times Standard was found dead or near death in a grassy area “across from the County Library”.  Of course the article says “suspected overdose.”  They always demonize the poor.

It is very cold and very wet in Eureka right now.  Temps in the high 30s at night, windy 15-25 mph and very wet/ rain squalls.  It is die of exposure weather.

This occurs just 1 day after the poor and the homeless were heartlessly pushed off the courthouse grounds.  An emergency, but no emergency help provided, like food and shelter, or at the minimum a safe campground, running water and portapotties.


update “Jennifer Anderson” may be AKA Jennifer Joan Nelson re this Eureka city press release 2010