Anchor Audio AN-Mini 30 Watt Battery Powered Speaker

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So this summer I have been trying to step up my game out in the street music scene here.

I started the summer with a Zoom A3 pedal, been great, I use it both in my street rig and my club rig.  I started with a Roland Microcube and I pushed the hell out of it.   It’s 2.5 watts and proud of it.   It really is a remarkable product and though I am about to retire mine I think I will keep it.  It has been a good friend.

The Anchor Audio AN-MINI

I ordered this online on last Thursday, it arrived Monday afternoon.   I have used it twice out in Clarke Plaza for 3 and a half hours each  session.

All I can say is WOW.

I got mine online direct from the manufacturer Anchor Audio in Carlsbad California.

It is available from B & H Photo and Adorama as well, but I suspect they drop ship it from the manufacturer, just a guess.

I paid $183 plus California sales tax.

When you look around for these you will see some scary prices, these are available in some expensive packages/bundles with wireless  mics etc etc.  but the basic 30 watt powered speaker is $183 from the manufacturer.

It comes in basic black, or clear, or red plastic (choices).   It is a plastic case, it is not luggage tough built like a Roland Microcube, I will have to be gentle with it.  I may build a roll cage for it out of some pvc pipe and some foam.

But at a price less than half of a Roland KC 33 or AC 110 (or is it the other way around?) or less than half the cost of a 50 watt Crate Limo (50 watts but 28 pounds)   I can deal with it.   It weighs 3 pounds with batteries and it is half the size of the Roland Microcube I have been using.

What you get is a plain jane powered speaker, runs on 10 AA batteries (I use rechargeables)  they are in a tray so they are easy to change, it has one 1/4 in mic input, a 3.5 mm line in and a line out, I think,   I just use the quarter inch mic input.

I use my Zoom A3 as a preamp/mixer with my guitar and vocal mic running into the Zoom, and the zoom running into the mic input of the Anchor Audio AN-MINI.  I set the Anchor Audio AN-MINI at noon (halfway or 5)  and I haven’t had to push the Zoom A3 past 3.  I am filling the plaza with clear, undistorted musical sound.   🙂  Oh and one set of rechargeables easily lasted the 3 and one half hours, the sound was just as strong at the end.   Beyond that I can’t say, I use NiMH and recharge them every day.

There is a cool factor here too.   It is very tiny sitting on top of the mic stand but it puts out amazing sound, especially with the Zoom A3 preamp.   I use a little slap back echo and some compression and it goes a long way towards making my sound quality on the guitar and vocals.  The extra sustain is wonderful since I am a solo performer the sustain and reverb helps fill a few voids if you know what I mean.  One person can only cover so much ground, or fill so much musical space.

At less than half the cost of an equivalent Roland or Crate Limo this is an awesome choice (so far, depending on durablilty) for the street musician.  No effects here, that’s part of the cost of these guitar amps, and the luggage is not robust.   And to be honest about it, the quality of the effects on the Zoom are far superior to the built in effects on the amps.  The Roland effects are fine for what they are, but the delays and reverbs and choruses on the Zoom are pristine.  Bottom line  it seems like the battery amp power is there.  I think it will work quite well with out the Zoom too, I will try it with the Morely ABY switch (my back up “mixer”) one of these days in place of the Zoom.   but right now I am so happy with the Zoom I am going to use it every chance I get.

UPDATE Today (sat sept 14) I set up and did a sidewalk fundraiser in front of the Humboldt County Library.   I was facing the parking lot with my back to the library, and the parking lot is the size at least of a football field.  People standing at the back of the lot were applauding me.   A guy working in his yard across the street was applauding me.   After an hour and a half the library lady asked me to quit and I did.   She said it was too loud.  My little speaker wasn’t even aimed in their direction.  🙂

2nd update:   Well I got my Crate Limo and I am currently using that so the AN mini is now in reserve.   After using it for a few days I started using it like I was using the Roland Microcube –  and that is facing tilted upwards towards a stone inner corner, using the masonry as a big horn, and shooting  the sound in the air.   It works pretty good.  Using the stone corners of these old buildings in Eureka really boosts the bass response of these little amps, as there is a lot of natural bass resonance outside, you just need the horn to instigate it.   One thing I will say about Old Town Eureka, there are several really lovely outdoor acoustic venues, if you look for them.

have a peaceful day,



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