Cannabis Initiative Activist Harrassed by Shasta County Deputy – VIDEO

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This incident reportedly occurred in Palo Cedro California Shasta County at the Holiday Market Shopping Center.

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Here’s an account of the incident:

Being discussed here:

and here:

screen capture from beginning of video:


Interview with Aaron Anderson

Exclusive interview with the victim who states he was assaulted by a Shasta County Sheriff deputy (see the incident video: ) while he was legally petitioning for signatures of registered voters to end the ban of growing MMJ. After the incident the victim then went to the home of the man whom he started registering at the tim…e and finished the registration. Is this the sheriff way of trying to stop the referendum?
California Cannabis Coalition along with the patients of Shasta County is fighting the grow ban imposed by the county supervisors. We have started a referendum to end the grow ban. Please stop by your local store and sign the petition. If we reverse this ban it will make the 6th reversal of marijuana bans in California cities and counties that we have completed successfully using the referendums. We the people can make a difference!

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