Malberry Seeds – Landrace Genetics from Africa and Central Asia


Malberry Seeds
Celebrating 33 years of business in October 2011.

Our seed strains go back 30 + years. Our seeds are 100% organic and lovingly harvested. We are on a mission to rediscover the Sativa. To us it is the Holy Grail. In the past there has been too much cross breeding and the true weed is becoming very rare. We support our patrons experimenting with cross breeding to enjoy the toke. We must plead caution ” Don’t loose the real deal”

Seeing that it is Malberry’s 33rd anniversary in October, the first 33 Preservation Packs sold will contain extra seeds.

Bhutanese Thimphu feminized

Indoor / outdoor
From the mountains of Bhutan for over a thousand years Bhutanese farmers have been using this strain as a aid to fatten their pigs. Has a seriously nice buzz to it. This is something you can smoke all day long and feel good for centuries. It has been known for its amazing medicinal properties.

Variety type Bhutan Thimphu feminized
Yield 750-1000g/m2
Height 1.2-3m
Grow Difficulty moderate
PH adjusted to slightly acidic
Genetics 100% Bhutanese Thimphu!
Ascetics tree Multi branch
Buds branched heavy
Flavor distinct Sweet & sour

Indoor flowering 10 weeks plus.

Bhutanese Thimphu

Mozambiquen Poison

Indoor / outdoor
From the Mozambique side of lake Malawi. This trancy strain is well known to have a psychoactive high for hours. Traditional healers pay biannual pilgrimage to this plant.

Genetics: 100% Mozambique Poison
Variety type: Sativa
Yield: 500 – 575g/m2
Height: 2 m plus
Grow difficulty: experience recommended
Ascetics: medium buds, multi branching.

Indoor flowering 10 to 12 weeks

Mozambiquen Poison

Nepali Rukum

Indoor / outdoor
Go back in time to Nepal to find one of the original strains of Sativas.
This is where it all started. Electric high.

Variety type Sativa
Yield 650-900g/m2
Grow 1.7-3m Indoor/ outdoor
Grow Difficulty easy
Genetics 100% Nepali Rukum
Ascetics Tree
Buds branched Heavy
Flavor Distinct Strong Herbal

Flowering 10 weeks plus

Indoor flowering 10 to 12 weeks

Nepali Rukum

The Preservation Pack

Please note, this pack does not incude the Feminized Bhutanese Thimphu.
8 unique land race strains, with your choice of 6 or 12 seeds of each Malberry strain. This is a great chance to add some land race gems to your collection.
This would also make a great gift for the budding botanist, and or those wanting to preserve these unique genetics.

For the breeder, these genetics are an invaluable tool for making quality hybrids.

Seeing that it is Malberry’s 33rd anniversary in October, the first 33 Preservation Packs sold will contain extra seeds.

Malberry seeds are also available from BCBudDepot: and Highgrade Seeds:

I found this tidbit about Malberry Seeds on the thcfarmer forum:

Malberry seeds


“hey Dudes- I have known Malberry for 20 years and my father another 20years before that it really is the real deal i keep coming back to the roots and nothing beats it … old man Malberry has been supplying vendors for ages and they supply the seed banks long before the internet so it doesn’t surprise me its not that well known – his daughter and partner in the last two years or so are now supplying seedbanks direct to try give a better deal for the real strains like we forgotten the roots – like my ol man says, we have never seen the real thing, with too much cross breeding and we smoke mutations and don’t know the harm it does to us lol -Malberry is not in it for the big bucks ( honest as anything you can imagine) and turn veggie matter into oil supplying cancer hospices around the world for free- so seed produced are from very pure strains only – fricken amazing stuff can toke the whole day and feel amazing buzz without been stoned out of your mind – genuinely happy feeling colorful stuff – enjoy your Mulanje gold its kickarse stuff! -~ I found Mary Jane Malberry on fb – peace hashb”

Here is the breeders site:

About us…

“We must be Amongst the First Commercial seed farmers and seed wholesalers out there. For many years we have been supplying the world top grade seeds! Our strains are classed as indigenous to their geographical locations around the world. It is our attempt to bring back finest quality of cannabis there is. We feel many have lost track what the real deal is.  It takes much dedication and time to achieve our aim. Getting back to the basics is like removing all the different colors in a mixed ball of play dough … well if you understand that then you know where we coming from! Our aim is to give you purest strains! We have a dedicated team at Malberry to make sure of that!

Opportunities ….
We do not sell by the seed the seed or seed by the gram it would take donkeys years to get rid our stock if we had to stop growing now. We provide you with a unique opportunity to make a viable business from selling our seeds. There are approximately 66 000 seeds in a kilogram of seed.  Buying in bulk lets you get them at a super affordable 2cents to 6cents per seed . You get to sell them for more than a dollar each … even if you sell 10% you making a healthy profit! You do the Math. ”

The Malberry Team

3 Responses to “Malberry Seeds – Landrace Genetics from Africa and Central Asia”

  1. Sativas (listed with more than 70% of sativa genetics in a marijuana seeds strain) have higher content of THC than CBD which equals cerebral, soaring type of high, more energetic, creative and active. Note that sativa cannabis seeds strains will grow higher and bud longer.

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