The Best Marijuana Discussions

The Best Marijuana Discussions on the Internet, with keywords.

Yes, there are only a few here now, this is a work in progress.  Come back again.

“Question for Sam the Skunkman on Original Haze”

Sam the Skunkman, Haze, Original Haze, Oldtimer’s Haze, Haze Brothers, Shantibaba, Neville, Skunk #1, Columbian, Afghan, Thai, purple haze, durban poison, Flying Dutchman, Tom Hill, marijuana, medical marijuana, Santa Cruz, oaxaca, acapulco gold, punto rojo, roadkill skunk, RKS, Ace Seeds, Bangui Haze, Amnesia Haze, Seedsman, Sugar Haze.

What does OG mean?

  OG Kush, Original, Original Gangster, Ocean Grown, Chemdog, Bubba Kush, Ice-T, DNA Genetics

How To Boost the Female to Male Ratio in Seedlings

24-0, 18-6, 12-12, lighting, sex ratios, male-female ratio, nutes, seedlings

Tom Hill’s Germination Method:

germination, rapid rooters, pre soak, h2o2, hydrogen peroxide, seeds

Tom Hill’s Original Haze:

Tom Hill, Haze, Haze Bros., Old Timers Haze, OT1 Haze, thai, colombian, south indian, kerala, mexican, sativa, Sam the Skunkman, purple haze

African strains:

Deep Chunk Male

malawi gold, swazi redbeard, swazi roibard, ghana, congo, banghi, durban, africa, south africa, nigerian


panama red, panama purple, panama green, colombian red, colombian punto rojo, colombian highland purple, colombian gold, ace seeds, cannabiogen seeds, sativa, tropical sativa

High-Grade Seeds Purple Cindy Grow:

purple cindy, cinderella 99, cindy 99, c 99, oregon purple thai, chocolate thai, highland oaxacan, aerogarden, hydro, hydroponic

“After 200 grows here are my strain recommendations.”

Mandala, Barney’s Farm, TH Seeds, Attitude, Doc Chronic, Female Seeds, DNA Genetics, Cali Connection, Serious Seeds, bubblegummer, northern lights, cinderella 99, cindy 99, c 99, Greenhouse, Arjan’s Haze, Nevilles Haze, sage and sour, SAGE, hawaiian snow, kali mist, chronic, red dragon, watering with ice to make plants purple, seedboutique, medical seeds, white rhino, medicine man, romulan, the purps, blueberry, grape god, Next Generation Seeds, TGA Subcool, Third Dimension

Uncle Ben’s Topping Technique to Get 2 or 4 Main Colas

topping, trimming, FIMming, sativa, indica, auxin, hormones, soil, nodes, pinching, cloning, scrog, sog, lst, stretch

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