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Humboldt Street Music Tomorrow (Tuesday May 13)

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Join us for an afternoon delight of music. Sarah Torres and I will be playing and singing down at Clarke Plaza, corner of 3rd and E, tomorrow noon til 3 or so. Weather permitting, but its looking good.

I will be rolling my street amp rig down there and Sarah and I will take turns. Bring something to sit on (or join our Bucket Brigade) , something to munch on, wear a hat (avoid sunburn!) and the beverage of your choice.  Please no alcohol there will be children around.

The weather looks good all week, we will see how it goes tomorrow maybe we can do more. If you are a musician who would like to play a half hour or hour set with my rig please email me at and put “street music” in the subject. We plan on doing lots of free street concerts this year.

Free Concert!
Sarah Torres, Electric Bill,

Tuesday May 13
noon til 3, Clarke Plaza, Old Town Eureka, 3rd and E.

have a peaceful day,

Rise Up (And Raise Our Wages) – Electric Bill – Free MP3

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Rise Up (And Raise Our Wages) listen on

Rise Up (And Raise Our Wages)

copyright 2014 Bill Holmes


Feb . 8 2014
I can’t make it on what they pay
Get a 2nd job is what they say
I got three jobs and I’ll tell you what
I’m sick and tired I’ve had enough
Rise Up and Raise Our Wages,
Rise Up, Rise Up
Rise Up and Raise Our Wages,
Rise Up, Rise Up
40 hours don’t pay the rent
30 hours don’t make a dent
20 hours its killin me
Aint no hope for my family
They tell you to educate yourself
My degree is sittin on the shelf
These student loans are killin me
My only hope is a Jubilee.
repeat chorus and out.