Electric Bill – 2014 – Acoustic/Eclectic/Electric

2014 – Electric Bill

shortlink here:  http://wp.me/pbr9G-3VV

Bill Holmes – singer – songwriter – acoustic/electric/eclectic

I do somewhat obscure covers by great songwriters and I sing and record originals.

Contact Humboldt.organizer@gmail.com

Rise Up (And Raise Our Wages) listen on Box.net:


Rise Up (And Raise Our Wages)

copyright 2014 Bill Holmes

Feb . 8 2014
I can’t make it on what they pay
Get a 2nd job is what they say
I got three jobs and I’ll tell you what
I’m sick and tired I’ve had enough
Rise Up and Raise Our Wages,
Rise Up, Rise Up
Rise Up and Raise Our Wages,
Rise Up, Rise Up
40 hours don’t pay the rent
30 hours don’t make a dent
20 hours its killin me
Aint no hope for my family
They tell you to educate yourself
My degree is sittin on the shelf
These student loans are killin me
My only hope is a Jubilee.
repeat chorus and out.

Upcoming 2014 Appearances:


July 12 Sat Fair Wage Café Outdoors Hammond Park  noon to 5

July 17 Thurs Eureka Farmers Market Henderson Center (Henderson and F St.)  10 am til 1 pm.


Appearances this year so far:

July 5 Arts Alive Gazebo Fair Wage Concert

July 4 Foot of D St.  Fair Wage Concert

June 21 Peace Demo Humboldt Courthouse

June 19 Humboldt Street Life foot of C st. 2 pm to 5 pm with Sarah Torres

June 7 Arts Alive Eureka Gazebo

May 22 Humboldt Streetlife Henderson Center noon to 3 with Sarah Torres, Mother Vine and Turtle from Mad River Rounders.

May 21 Humboldt Streetlife with Sarah Torres, Romano Gabriel 330 pm

May 12, 13, 14, 15 Humboldt Street Life Concerts venue TBA, most likely Clarke Plaza, time noon to four pm approx.  Various performers including me.  Most likely two of the four days will be concerts and depends on weather.

May 17 Fair Wage Café, Sat. noon- 5 Free Food Free Music Electric Bill appears with Mad River Rounders, Sarah Torres, Beth Isbell, Papa Paul.

Eureka Labor Temple (Carpenters Union) corner of 9th and E Eureka.

.May 15 Humboldt Street Life Clarke Plaza

May 13 Humboldt Street Life Clarke Plaza

May 12 Humboldt Street Life Clarke Plaza

May 3 Arts Alive Fair Wage Tent o Gazebo

April 20 420 Boardwalk Stroll for Herbal Freedom

Mar. 23 Unitarian Church

Mar. 22 Fair Wage Cafe

Feb 1 Sat Clarke Plaza

Jan 26 Eureka Coop 10 to 1
Jan . 25 Clarke Plaza 1 to 4

Jan. 24  Storefront Tour  F St. Between 2nd and 3rd.  noon to 3

Jan 23 Clarke Plaza Lunch Outdoors Café Nooner   noon to 3

Jan. 18 Homeless Bill of Rights Demo Carson Park  2 to 5

Jan 17  Homeless Bill of Rights Demo Gazebo Old Town Eureka  noon to 2

Jan. 11 Fair Wage Café Labor Temple Eureka  noon to five

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