Chocolate Marijuana Strains

The following strains are reported to have some chocolate or cocoa flavoring or fragrance.  Sadly I have not sampled all of them.  You dear reader must complete that task.

Breeder’s Choice Chocolate Rain (Sannie’s Seeds):

Breeder’s Choice Chocolate Mix:

Flying Dutchmen Thai-tanic:

Thai Tanic

“A very compact Sativa variety, classic chocolate Thai smell and taste. The Skunk father dominates only in fast maturation, high yields and general vigour.

A heavy crystal producer that is extremely potent with a trippy cerebral high. Don’t panic, this one will only take you up and up and up!”

Flowering: 65 – 75 days
Yield: 125 g
Sativa / Indica : Mainly Sativa

10 Seeds / Pack

Samsara Seeds – Punky Lion

Punky Lion is crossed with one of the best sellers, known for it’s productivity and a legendary Indica variety from the North of Alaska. As a result we obtained a very strong plant of chocolate aroma and taste. Punky Lion is a middle-high plant that would give you compact resin, has short inter-node distance with a dense tail rounded by crystal glacier. Sometimes it even has buds in the centre of the leaves. A dark plant that spreads all around a sublime candy fragrance. Perfect synthesis between quality and yield capacity.

Genetics: Matanuska Tundra x Chronic

Flowering time indoor: 8 weeks

Harvesting outdoor: end of Septeber

Yield indoor: 600 gr/m²

Yield outdoor: up to 900 gr/plant

DJ Short’s Cocoa Kush:

Cocoa Kush possesses a complex-yet-subtle palate of a nutty/licorice/chocolate/tobacco blend with a creamy/floral/fruity background. The experience of the finished product is of top-shelf quality; smooth, yet with a bit more intense, `take-your-breath-away` (almost overpowering) initial experience that mellows finally to a sleepy/dreamy finish. Upon final testing, a few individual plants from the Cocoa Kush provided an experience and structural aesthetic very similar to the Blue Velvet; i.e. dense, large calyx, lavender foxtail buds that produce a very exciting-yet-sedate experience.

DNA Genetics Seeds – D-Line Chocolope

Genetics: O.G. Chocolate Thai X Cannalopehaze

Variety: 100% sativa

Harvest Date: October-November

Flowering Period: 10-12 weeks

No. of Seeds Per Packet: 13

Characteristics: Large growing sativa

This plant grows BIG!!! If space issues are a problem might you want to try another strain. This sativa dominate plant will take over. It is very fruity then chocolate in taste.

Sagarmatha’s Matanuska Tundra:

Sagarmatha Seeds – Matanuska Tundra

Cannabis-seed for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

This variety brings back that majestic legendary marijuana from the great Alaskan Northland. Highly recommended by the best fishing and hiking guides in the Matanuska Valley. The buds are huge and rock-hard as Denali “Mt. McKinley” herself. Intense flavor, chocolate aroma and potency have combined to form the most dense variety we have had the pleasure of producing thus far.

A glacier of THC crystals frosts her colas and she packs more power than an icepack polar bear. Medical patients have mentioned that she is very beneficial for persons with pain ailments. The “creeper” quality of the smoke comes on slow and smooth, like a hike up a majestic mountain peak.

Cannacopia’s Chocolate Chunk:


Indoor / Outdoor
‘Chocolate Trip’ is a very rare variety created by the now defunct Dutch Flowers seed company; we have crossed her to our Deep Chunk indica’s in producing the Chocolate. The Chocolate Trip was touted as the ultimate combination of ‘cerebral’ and ‘body’ effect in a huge yielding variety. We didn’t find as much ‘up’ effect as was advertised, but the high is very pleasant with this clone as the effect is meditative and clear. In our minds she’s more than made up for it with her lovely piney/chocolate aroma and plump yield of golden almost amber nuggets. The resulting hybrid seed generation produced plants with a more upright stature suited to support the large, dense floral clusters. Yield is large (375-450 g/ sq m)

Indoor flowering 8-9 weeks.
Harvest outdoors or in greenhouses mid-October.

Bodhi Seeds Head Trip

Genetics: chocolate trip x goohead

Flowering Time: Medium

Outdoor Harvest:

Height: Medium

Characteristics: huge earthy cocoa mind body liberation

The infamous katsu cut of dutch flowers chocolate trip makes the love connection with my proven super lover afgooey (maui haze x afghani) x blockhead male (snowlotus male).

This is a new line that is currently in testing. these are limited pre release packs.

11 seeds per pack

Tom Hill’s Deep Chunk:

Deep Chunk

This unique broadleaf from Afghanistan was introduced to Northern California in the latter part of the 1970’s.
A fast flowering plant with thick stems, short internodes, and excellent resin production of the highest quality.
The smoke is thick and full-bodied. Flavours range from skunk to Hashy pine, from grapefruit, to chocolate, to coffee. Deep Chunk breeds true for many traits and has earned a solid reputation as a valuable tool in many breeding programs.
Yield: low/medium

Flowering time: 8 weeks +/-

BeanHo’s OT1 Haze/DC x Super Silver Haze

This was an unexpected project that turned out remarkably well. OT1 haze (from ace) is a stunning 100% sativa with a extremely long flowering time (16-20 weeks) and psychedelic electric stone. The fastest finishing purple pheno female was crossed with deep chunk pollen. I was expecting the DC to bring down the flowering time to 12 or 13 weeks but i was shocked that it managed to come down to a workable 9-12 weeks. The fastest finishing pheno (the female i used in this cross) was a monster yielding, 9 week, resin soaked mama with low odour but thick chocolate taste and complex high that seems to change every time you smoke it. Always potent it went from relaxing and centred to full on electric. Lots of purple pheno’s this cross will have something for everyone.

Indoor flowering centred at 9-10 weeks

BeanHo’s Afghan Haze 1 x PCK

Afghan haze form Mr Nice is an outstanding haze hybrid that has that perfect balance of sativa and indica. This pheno does it all and surprised me by its incredible yield and superb quality. Thick rich flavour of coffee and chocolate with perfumed undertone and a high that truly stones you to the bone. Cannabiogen’s PCK adds even more hashy goodness and some spectacular colouring. Highly recommended.

Indoor Flowering centred at 8 1/2 weeks.

Blue Chocolate:

Dabney Blue (PNW blueberry) x Chocolate Rain male

Mandala  Seeds Ganesh:

The dense and crystalline buds have a rich, skunky smell that underlines the top quality of the smoke.   A heavy-duty grinder is recommended for these chunky buds!  The taste evokes the times of the finest Himalayan hash in the 1970’s – sweet and earthy with a chocolatey finish.

Green Devil Seeds Margoot

 is a combination of a Mazar Bubblegum genetics and an original Chocolate Thai specimen. Margoot first began to gain popularity after its triumph in the last cup of Highlife BCN as the first outside competitor. Boasting an absolutely astonishing resin production, the taste of Margoot engages one’s entire taste palate and has a very sweet smell of incense.

Eva Seeds TNT Kush:

Cali Connection Pre-98 Bubba BX2 Seeds

Cali Connection’s goal is to lock the Pre98 Bubba Kush clone into seed. She is a solid yielder with no stretch and makes golf ball style nuggets. She smells and tastes like Chocolate Coffee Hash oil. Flowering time 8 weeks.


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  1. Nice List.
    Sad to say I’ve never tried any of these (that I know of).

    Remember to vote this next year for your state’s legalization laws.
    We need the tax revenue.

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