Memo To Humboldt County Supes: Legalize Pot for One Day in Honor of Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson will be appearing on September 9th, a friday night, at the Humboldt County Fairgrounds.  Just think about the great free publicity Humboldt County would gain by legalizing pot for one day.  After all if the Snoqualmie Tribes can do it, so can we.

“When Willie Nelson arrives at the Snoqualmie reservation on July 30 to perform at the casino, he’ll be able to smoke as much pot as he wants without fear of repercussions. For that day only, marijuana will be legal on the rez in honor of Nelson.”


2 Responses to “Memo To Humboldt County Supes: Legalize Pot for One Day in Honor of Willie Nelson”

  1. While I’m sympathetic and I love Willie (grew up on him), what this tribe is doing smacks of “We’ll make accommodations for celebrities but will continue to prosecute normal people who don’t matter.”

  2. Hi Noble,

    I agree that the Snoqualmies were less than sincere with this, you can see from some of their comments that it was kind of a joke at least to begin with.

    I just used it as a spur for the Hum Co Supes to take it and run with it. I am absolutely certain that any action coming out of the Hum Co supes would be clean as the driven snow, unencumbered by any political or economic interests. Hah!

    have a peaceful day,

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