Cannabis Roots for Medicinal Use

I am intrigued by the part of the cannabis plant that is rarely mentioned except as a topic in a How to Grow book.  I speak of the root of the plant.  Apparently in the distant past, the root of the cannabis plant was used medicinally.  I found mention of it in the wikipedia entry for medical marijuana, where it mentions cannabis root as a diuretic.

I have no idea how cannabis root should be prepared.  Diced, and dried, like onion flakes?  Mashed into some kind of paste?  And then dried nto flour?  A tincture?  Anyway this is an area of the cannabis business that needs to be expanded, after all there are plenty of cannabis roots going into the compost bins aren’t there?  This is  a potential valuable medicinal product that could be produced right now, with presumably different effects than given by the flowers.  Someone needs to collect a bunch of roots and get processing and packaging. Get on it!  🙂

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an interesting recent paper on cannabis roots:

Cannabis Root Topical Oil:

The above two links found at the following discussion:

Cannabis Root Salve:


10 Responses to “Cannabis Roots for Medicinal Use”

  1.  During my ten year research and developement of an organic formula to ease my own pains and swelling, I was introduced to the healing powers of Hemp Root. I learned that it’s painkilling, anti inflammatory properties and deep healing elements were just what I was looking for. Hemp Root has no THC.
    The root is made into a paste with locally milled organic olive and soy oils and is used as the base of my cream. This base is an antiseptic moisturizing shield. I blend herbal tinctures and infusions to make a ‘complete’ healing cream. The herbs I included are tried and true. Comfrey, Burdock, Lobelia and Lavender, are just a few. All are known for their great benefits and are Organically grown. Many locally farmed here in Northern California.
    To bring together the best of quality and the optimum of healing goodness, we plant, harvest, prepare our cream, and bottle by the Lunar Guidelines.
    Hemp-EaZe has undergone years of clinical testing through; Universities,
     local holistic centers and caregivers nationwide. One example; the Therapy Cream, was tested over a year with 28 neuropathy patients. They have reported tremendous success with the way Hemp-EaZe reduces edema, rejuvenates the circulation,ease painful joints & muscles and heals diabetic ulcers.The body care lotion, has been shown to relieve; dry & cracked skin,acne, rash, sunspots and Rosacea. Hemp-EaZe has been reported to relieve psoriasis, radiation rash, MS discomfort and easing the pain of fibromyalgia.
    People are calling all the time to report the great healing after using the cream. Many use it nightly to relieve Arthritis,age spots and eczema. A women, with diabetes, said it helped to heal her fractured toe. I was told diaper rash, went away in an hour! It is a real all purpose solution for so many needs.
    We’re currently have 5 products including Pet Aid, nurturing all family members naturally. Hemp-EaZe is selling worldwide.

    Peace and Hempy Healing
    Darcy Stoddard
    here is a recent interview

    here’s another article I wrote

    “Healing at the ROOT of the Problem” Stoddard

  2. yara mery Says:

    i have read that the root is anti-inflamitory with no effect on brain as it contains no THC but effecting muscles directly. i am curious about roots effects on glaucoma. does THC create the curing effect?

  3. Cannabis root may indeed have medicinal value but until legalization we probably won’t know.

    have a peaceful day,

  4. Just extra weight to some growers.They toss the sun leaves also.I do.

    I can see this being a hit in San Francisco.The humboldt citizens will be perceptive but not pay much.

    FYI Obama created The White House Council for Community solutions and civic participation on Dec 15th.The Cannabis community needs to PARTICIPATE and give input.

  5. I have been eating the roots raw, wash and chew. This has given me a lot of relief from nerve damage pain on my leg stump from where my leg was amputated. My hands had become painful from using crutches and a wheelchair, they appear to be improving.
    I am recommending it to people for many complaints as there is no negative side effects noticed so far. I have been told it can be toxic and it is stingent when I first chew it. After eating it for a while the pain goes and I just do not feel like eating more so I think the body is self regulating.

  6. I wondered of this too, and experimented with a large root ball. It seems the healthier soil ecology produces larger ones. I washed it as well as I could, and peeled the outer part with a veggie peeler. It tastes quite bitter, which is a property often found in herbs specific to the liver. I am curious what plant constituents are present in cannabis root.

  7. Since our fourteen years into the research of the healing benefits of cannabis root. We have learned that the ROOT reduces swelling, eases pain, and helps to rejuvenate the circulation. Current studies from Italy and Hawaii also have shown that the ROOT killed staph infection! The possibilities for healing MSRA and other infections is boundless. Healing with cannabis without the THC factor eases the tension as well, for you don’t have to worry about testing positive.

  8. my bf boiled the roots and made tea of it with a little calamansi juice to flavor it.within a min my headache dissapeared. 🙂

  9. Learning Says:

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I would try to ferment it if I had some to work with.

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