Simplified Bhang – Simple Cannabis Milk Recipe

OK Here we go.  First of let me say that Bhang is a sacred traditional beverage comprised of milk and cannabis and flavoring ingredients  that is consumed in areas of India and south Asia by various sects.  As such, there are many traditional recipes which contain ingredients that might be essential to spiritual practice in those regions.   I mean no disrespect to those Peoples and cultures by simplifying this recipe for Western use.

I think the future of cannabis is in the edible form, and I don’t like eating that many cookies,  so I have been experimenting with other methods of cooking the herb.

I usually make enough to last me two days, which is a quart.  I use half and half, as it has a higher butter fat content than regular milk and this aids in the extraction of THC into the milk.

So I start with a quart of 1/2 & 1/2 and I add a pint of water to it (I let it simmer back down to the original volume about twice) and start it to simmer on top of the stove.  (update after a year I have just about reversed these ratios, now I use about a quart of water and a pint of half and half, turns out I need a lot less milk.)   This should get the milk hot enough to bubble a bit but not boil.  I let it simmer for 3 to 5 hours. [update again after a year I have reduced cooking time to an hour or so] My friend says that the longer you simmer it the stronger it gets.  She may be right, but I can’t prove it at the moment.  Probably some of you will be reaching for your food thermometers to find the optimum temperature for this process.  I hope you do and when you do come back here and let us know.

Right now I use a handful of decent shake from Sohum to make my bhang.  I just guestimate it but it is around a half cup or so, ground rather finely but loosely packed in the cup.  This part you will have to guestimate on your own, based upon the quality of your herb and your own tolerance.  And of course batches of herb and shake vary in potency and effect from plant to plant.   I haven’t tried this with quality bud but I don’t see why it won’t work, just adjust the quantity downward to reflect the increased potency.   I haven’t tried it with bud because 1) I’m poor and I can’t afford bud, and 2) I do have some shake from SoHum, its decent Kandy Kush shake.

After 3 to 5 hours {update it probably doesn’t need to cook this long, maybe a half hour to an hour is good]   and it looks good I will strain it into another pan, let it cool for 10 minutes or so and then stir it good and pour it into two clean peanut butter jars with lids, then into the fridge for tomorrow morning.  One pint is enough for me for most of the day without a single toke so I can cut way down on my smoking/vaping.

LIke all edibles, I drink about half first, then wait about an hour to see how I feel.

I did try for a while to add a little butter to the mix to increase the butterfat but the results for me were not agreeable.  The butter kind of coagulated when it cooled in the fridge and made it hard to drink.  Also I have added bakers cocoa to make it chocolately and that works pretty good, but I kind of like the taste of hemp milk myself.   I know some people can’t stand it.    Another flavor might be cinnamon, but I haven’t tried it.

No matter what, about ten minutes after you drink some, your tummy says “Thanks!”  “That feels good!”

UPDATE:  I got the following suggestions from a friend on the net:

“It also works great with soy milk and 25% coconut milk, use two grams crystle leaves of shake simmer, not boil for one hour and strain and drink.  Takes away pain and a nice glow also.”

UPDATE 2 :   I came across the following on RollitUp today:

potent weed tea

1.boil 3/4 cup of water

2 . boil a cup of milk

3.melt 1 tbs of butter  with 1 tbs of stems /bud

4. mix the melted butter with boiled milk

5.let it mix till it cool(this makes sure all thc is absorbed ) i tested it letting it sit made it a lot stronger.


3 Responses to “Simplified Bhang – Simple Cannabis Milk Recipe”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    And I’m sure you ONLY drink this for riligious rerasons, right…?

    Well, now we all know what you’re doing with all that hard-earned SSI money… when you’re not loitering outside the courthouse, backing garbage like Measure T, or “fighting” for the poor to get more money (so that you in turn can collect more SSI from their taxes).

    Party on, Bill, you freakin hero, you.

  2. No I don’t drink it normally for religiious experience, if I did I would have to up the amount of thc. to gain that spirituality. I just drink it normally to ease the pain of aging and just to feel better, though I don’t rule out the occasional spiritual journey. It is a non addictive alternative to things like designer opiates. And since I am drinking it, consuming it as food, there is no harmful smoke going into my lungs.

    have a peaceful day,

  3. I find by putting the milk mixture in a double boiler and let it simmer that the temperture stays even at 210 degrees without burning. I also put a dab of rum in my mixture because the alcohol helps release the THC faster under heat.

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